breath in the air

I could feel eyes glued on me and little children saying: Why does that girl have a dog in the shopping centre? I smiled and shrugged because this was my every day life.


2. Chapter 2

I decided I should walk to the grocery store because that was my favourite place to go. Well, I've never seen it before but I have an image in my head of a ginormous room, covered with food in packages against the walls. Every time someone explains it to me, a whole new image appears in my head.

As I entered the shops, I could hear Lucy's claws on marble floor and that was the first sign that we entered the supermarket. I don't know, but I could sense people's eyes on me. It felt weird because I didn't know if they were actually staring at me or the dog, so I just acted cool like everything was normal.

"Uh... Excuse me" a male voice hovered in the air.

I stopped in my tracks and gave a sharp tug on Lucy.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"I'm a person who works here and I'm responsible for taking care of..."

I felt sorry for him because he didn't know if I was blind or not.

"Blind" I finished him of and gave him a smile.

"Uh- thanks" he stuttered the words out quickly.

"No need to" I said.

I could feel he's eyes glued on Lucy and me holding the straps firmly in my hands the up at me. I know that my eyes were open but I had dark shades on because I didn't want people thinking that I could see. Or that they would see my eyes because I didn't have a clue what my eyes looked like, or even what I looked like.

"So, do you need any help with shopping?" He asked gently. I tried to imagine he's face, but what like I said before, I never saw a human before.

"Oh...uh yes please"

I felt a hand grab my arm. 

"So what do you want first?"

I thought for a while and tried to imagine how much food I had eaten recently.

"One loaf of whole grain bread"

I could feel us both going down a series of aisles and I felt a bit dizzy. I could hear some muffling sounds of plastic and a thump as the loaf of bread landed in a basket. 

"That's three dollars fifty" he said. "The cheapest"


We both shopped for a while and it was so much easier.  I wondered what it was like to see. What colours looked like, humans, trees, animals... I had this whole imagination in my head but I wanted to be sure that it was real. I wanted to see things everyone else see's. I wanted to see myself. 

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