The Stripe

Everyone has a stripe on their wrist.

Everyone knows it's the color of their soulmate's hair.

How in the world is Tyler going to find someone with pink hair?


24. Dodie

When Tyler goes to Starbucks the next day a woman stops him at the door.

She's a Starbucks employee. She has short brown hair and light brown eyes.

"You're Tyler, right?" She has a soft British accent.

Tyler nods.

"Right, I'm the manger here. You know Josh Dun, right?"

He nods, realizing he didn't even know Josh's last name. He really is a bad soulmate, a bad boyfriend.

"He told me to tell you that he's fine but he's in the hospital and he wants you to visit him."

So he wasn't just sick. Or maybe he was and it got worse.

"I don't know the details," she says, handing him a piece of paper, "But this is his phone number. I'm sure he can tell you."

"Right, thanks," he reads her name tag, "Dodie."

She nods and walks away.

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