The Stripe

Everyone has a stripe on their wrist.

Everyone knows it's the color of their soulmate's hair.

How in the world is Tyler going to find someone with pink hair?


15. Dishes and Kisses

Sarah gets up.

"Starbucks is closing now," she says, "Thank you, good luck on your date."

Tyler wants to tell her that it's not a date, but it kinda is.

"Bye, thanks for letting me sit with you."

She smiles like before. "You're welcome, bye!"

Tyler didn't notice that while he and Sarah were talking everyone else had left.

Now that Sarah is gone, it's just him and Josh.

Josh comes out from the back and locks the door. He turns the lights off in the main room so that the only light is coming from the back.

He smiles at Tyler. "Do you see now why I don't like being here alone?"

Tyler nods and slips out of his chair.

He follows Josh into the back.

The kitchen is a small room with dim, bluish lights. Josh turns the sink on and begins rinsing plates.

"So who were you talking to back there?"

"A girl named Sarah. I think I helped her find her soulmate."

Josh widens his eyes. "Really?"

"Yeah, I think it's my friend, Brendon."

"What's he like?"

"I don't really know how to describe him. I guess he's strong and cool. He's all about equality, which is nice,"

Josh nods.

"He's always telling me how lucky I am for having bright colors on my stripe. His is brown."

Tyler grins. "But so is Sarah's hair."

Josh laughs. "You sound really excited about this."

"I am. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I can't help it."

Josh smiles and puts the plate he's washing down so he can approach Tyler.

"I think you're cute when you're excited."

Tyler blushes. "Y-Yeah?"

Josh is blushing too. His cheeks are the same color his hair was when he met Tyler.

His lips are the same color that Tyler had on his wrist until the day he met Josh when they touch Tyler's.

It takes Tyler a moment to realize what's happening. When he does, he kisses back and holds Josh's face in his hands.

They both open their eyes for a second. Josh's eyes look even cuter up close. They have to cross to look Tyler in the eyes. He kinda looks like a fish. In a good way, of course.

Tyler pulls away.

"That was really, um, nice."

Josh smiles. "You wanna do it again?"

Tyler doesn't think Josh ended up cleaning the dishes that night.

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