The Stripe

Everyone has a stripe on their wrist.

Everyone knows it's the color of their soulmate's hair.

How in the world is Tyler going to find someone with pink hair?


13. Coffee

"Josh!" Tyler says when he walks into Starbucks.

Josh is standing behind the counter smiling. Sure enough, he has yellow hair.

Tyler leans on the counter.

"You dyed your hair for me."

Josh's smiles grows. "Yep, I thought you'd like it."

"I do," Tyler says, looking into Josh's chocolate eyes.

"Um, so, later tonight," Josh says, "I'll have to stay after and clean dishes but I'll be alone."

"Are you asking me to clean dishes?"

Josh laughs. "No, I just want some company. I hate being here alone."

"Oh," Tyler says, laughing, "Yeah, I'll come."

Josh smiles. "Did you come here for coffee? You know there's a line behind you."

Tyler's eyes widen. "Oh, um..."

He can't think of anything.

"I'll make something for you," Josh says.

Tyler doesn't pay attention to what Josh puts in the coffee, but he knows that whatever it was tastes good.

"Thanks, Jishwa."



Josh smiles. "You're welcome, Tyjo."

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