The Stripe

Everyone has a stripe on their wrist.

Everyone knows it's the color of their soulmate's hair.

How in the world is Tyler going to find someone with pink hair?


14. Bright Blue

Tyler walks up to the local Starbucks.

It's weird being there so late. It's eight at night, Tyler has never gotten coffee so late, of course, he's not here for coffee.

Despite the time, Starbucks is still open. The only people here are college students, probably finishing last minute essays and are in need of coffee to stay awake.

Tyler promises himself he'll never be like that.

Josh is standing behind the counter. He looks tired. On second thought, maybe Tyler will help him with the dishes.

"Hey, Tyjo. I'm closing up soon so I've got a lot to do." He hands him a coffee. "It'll only be a few minutes but I can't really talk right now. You'll be okay, right?"


All of the tables are full. Tyler goes to stand by the door.


He looks up from his coffee. A girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes is looking at him.

"You can sit here," she says, "Since there's nowhere else."

She's one of the few people here who isn't a college student. In fact, she looks Tyler's age.

She notices the color of his stripe and smiles.

"Is it that boy? Josh?"

She's asking about his soulmate.

He blushes. "Um, yeah. I think so."

"You're lucky. Do you know how many guys I've met with dark brown hair? It's always a different shade. A darker or lighter brown than my stripe."

She reminds him of Brendon.


Brendon's stripe perfectly matches the girl's hair and his hair looks just like her dark brown stripe.

"This might sound crazy," Tyler says, "But I think you should meet my friend Brendon."

She smiles. It's a real smile, not the kind you show to strangers because your too afraid that they'll judge you. She smiles like she doesn't care.

"Here," she takes a pen and a small piece of paper out of her purse and jots something down. "Give this to your friend."

He looks at the paper. It's a phone number with the name "Sarah" written underneath.

Tyler can't wait to see Brendon's reaction.

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