What happens when your world gets turned upside down when you suddenly find out that the creatures in myths and folklore are real?
Ash Green finds himself in the middle of a battle field between creation and destruction, when he gets beaten down by one of the creatures. When he finally wakes up, his eyes are opened into a new world, a world he will see through the Phoenix.


4. The Real Reason

     The building Ash was in was huge. Everywhere you looked there was a door leading to a hallway that led to more doors. Ash swore he had passed this one door more than once, more than ten times actually.

     "I'm going in circles!" he puffed, "Why cant there be a goddam map!"

     "I can see your lost." Deaton's voice said. Ash's eyes darted around the corridor, searching for someone, though he could not see anyone.

     "I'm not lost, just having difficulty finding an exit."

     "Well, you might want to walk the way you came. We're not finished with you."

     "What do you mean we're not finished with you? Is there someone else?"

     "That question can be answered as long as you TURN AROUND!" Deaton's shout echoed inside Ash's mind piercing through his head, a pain so great that it brought Ash to his knees and his hand over his ears. "That pain you feel can stop you know."

     "What is it?" Ash said through his teeth.

     "It is me. That pain isn't actually pain, I'm just telling your brain that you are feeling pain. I could stop telling your brain if you just go back to the infirmary."

     "Fine. I'll go," Ash said as he slowly stood up. Left leg. Right leg. Now that he was standing up the pain started to ease off.

     "Good." Deaton spoke.

     This time it wasn't in Ash's head. It was coming from somewhere else, somewhere close, one of these rooms maybe?

     "So tell me, now that I'm up, why do you need me? I know it's to get this Ceri girl, but why me?"

     "You have a high amount of potential. That's all"

     Ash followed the sound of Deaton's voice to a small room opposite where he was originally standing.

     "Well that can't be the only reason," Ash said to try and check where Deaton was really in this room. "Why can't you do what needs to be done to get Ceri?"

     "Because I'm not part of the Trilane."

     At that moment, Ash barged through the door, but found himself sat up in the bed he just crawled out of.

     "So your awake again." Raven spat.

     "What just happened?" Ash grunted as he rubbed the back of his head. "Didn't I walk out of this room?"

     "Well, yeah you did but I was under strict instructions not to let you leave this room."

     "And how did I get back in bed?"

     "Did I leave out the part that said I had permission to do whatever was necessary to keep you in here?" Raven said innocently.

     "So you decided to knock me out."
     "Sounds about right."

     "Alright, can't blame you for your misinterpretation of 'any means necessary' but you were always bad at reading between the lines."

     "Ugh!I could kill you right now!"

     "Well why don't you?" Ash asked. Raven looked down at the floor, "Oh, you're also under strict instruction not to let any harm come to me. Well you've already blown that instruction."

     With one movement and a swift blow to the head, Ash was sent back into a deep, dark slumber.





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