What happens when your world gets turned upside down when you suddenly find out that the creatures in myths and folklore are real?
Ash Green finds himself in the middle of a battle field between creation and destruction, when he gets beaten down by one of the creatures. When he finally wakes up, his eyes are opened into a new world, a world he will see through the Phoenix.


2. Old face, old grudge.

     Ash woke up in a hospital bed, but not in a hospital. His head was throbbing, heart was pounding. What did he just witness? A battle between good and evil? Light and dark? Creation and destruction? Whatever it was, Ash wasn't in a hurry to find out.

    There was a blue, plastic curtain all around his bed restricting Ash's view to his own little space. On the left of his bed was a cabinet. Shining brightly was a lamp; illuminating the room. Underneath it was an ancient, leather bound book with the words 'Ash Green' on the front. It was as if the book wanted him to read it, as if it was for him.

     Ash reached over, grabbed the book and flicked through the pages. The book started off dense with words but trailed of to blank pages. The book was half complete! He went to the middle of the book and turned back a page. It had what just happened in black, smooth calligraphy. The more Ash read, the more he realized that this book had every detail of his life, from the day he was born.

     The curtain whipped open to show a girl. She looked around the same age as Ash. shoulder length black hair with purple highlights hung lifelessly around her head. She was wearing a torn navy tank top with splatters of blood on it. Through the tears, Ash could see deep gashes. She was wearing black ripped jeans, whether that was the intended style, Ash won't ask. Her black ankle boots were stained an off brown, with blood maybe? Was she just fighting those creatures? Ash noticed her eyes. He could never forget them.

     "Raven?" Ash asked.

     "Ash," Raven snarled. "I see you're well and still getting yourself into things that need not concern you."

     "Well, I mean, if you class being stabbed in the back of my neck and becoming paralyzed being well, than yes, I'm well."

     Raven walked round to the side of his bed with a look in her eye like she was about to rip Ash to shreds.

     "Ahh. I see you've met Raven and already got on her bad side." a mysterious voice announced in a very British accent. Raven stopped in her tracks as the figure stepped in the bed space.

     Raven was still glaring at Ash, then spat, "He has a knack for that."

     "I'm sure he does, but of what I have seen he can be quite courageous in times of need." the voice declared.

     "But he's a no good push over who is annoying as heck and has no sense of privacy and can never not put his nose into someone else's business." Raven hissed, "And, if you haven't noticed, he is no good in a fight. He runs. And we can't run away like any normal person would. We have to stand our ground and fight. If he can't do that, then why keep him?"
     "We keep him because he has potential. We keep him because we need him to get Ceri!"

     "Hey!" Ash roared, "I'm right here you know."

     "We will talked about this later," the mysterious man quietly shot to Raven. He turned to face Ash. He had a scar running down the length of his face clearly being seen on his chocolate coloured skin. He seemed to be a wise man, a scientist it seemed by his white lab coat. Underneath his overthrow was a stripped black and grey t-shirt with blue jeans. Though it looked like he hadn't shaved in a while he was always clean, always neat. He spoke softly," I don't suppose Raven did what she was asked to do and tell you who I am but my name is Deaton. You'll be fully recovered in a couple of hours but I don't want you going anywhere."

     As Deaton spoke those words, Ash started towards the end of the bed.

     "Oh no you don't." Raven spat as she pinned him back to where he was, "I'm not finished with you."

     "I didn't want you to start with me in the first place. Now, please tell me, where am I? Why am I here? Why did I just get stabbed in the back of my neck? Why is there a book with my WHOLE life in it and who in hell is CERI?" Ash demanded.

     "All those questions will be answered in due time. For now, all you need to know is that you are safe. Now rest." Deaton said like he was telling a lullaby. As he did he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a pill. Slowly, he reached for Ash's lips to put the pill in his mouth.

     Suddenly, Ash grabbed the man's wrist, "I don't need rest," he spat, "I need answers."




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