What happens when your world gets turned upside down when you suddenly find out that the creatures in myths and folklore are real?
Ash Green finds himself in the middle of a battle field between creation and destruction, when he gets beaten down by one of the creatures. When he finally wakes up, his eyes are opened into a new world, a world he will see through the Phoenix.


3. Excuses, Excuses

     Ash stared directly into the eyes of Deaton, hoping to stare until he caves in. They stared for 3 minutes until Deaton spoke.

     "If you want answers, very well. I suppose you deserve something according that you just got stung from a shadow's stinger."

     Ash paused, his head tilted to the side, his face sinking into confusion, "A what?"

Deaton chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. Ash flinched at the sudden streak of pain running down his back, "You got stung by a shadow Ash," he stated firmly before continuing, "The creature that stung you is called a shadow."

      "Why? 'Cause it comes out of the shadows?" Ash sarcastically stated. Deaton sighed and began walking away, "Hey! I still need my answers!" Ash shouted angrily. Deaton smirked and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Ash huffed and got up slowly, "Great, I suppose I'm going to have to find my own answers now"

Raven laughed and stepped in front of him, "Where do you think you're going, asshole?"

     "To get what I deserve. Answers. Now, could you please move out of my way, or are you gonna be the bitch you were 5 years ago?"

     "We going down that road again? 'Cause my mouth's a gun and I've got plenty of ammo." Raven fired.

    "Seriously? What did I do to you? I can tell you what you did to me. Let's see you filled my locker with dirt, put chewing gum on ALL my seats that I SAT on by the way, you egged my house and broke all my windows with huge rocks." he stated sharply, "What's your excuse to hate me?" Raven scoffed and looked away, she knew she was guilty but there was no pride in admitting that. "No, come on, I'm interested now. What's your excuse?"

     "Because... I just hate you, alright!" Raven sighed and sat down, "Just go," she pointed to the big, black door,"go and find your stupid answers."

   Ash smirked, satisfied with his results, he had finally beaten Raven at her own game. Ash and Raven went far back. They were in the same class throughout middle school, and every year it was the same routine for them. Raven would sabotage his desk, Ash would always get the blame and Raven got the glory she wanted. Ash had done something to her to make her hate him, to Ash it didn't seem like much but to Raven, it seemed like the end of the world.


   All Raven ever wanted to do was to protect her friends, to always be by their sides. She knew she couldn't though.

     "Raven?" Ash said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

     "Yes?" she grumbled, "Look I'm-"

     "Don't even try to apologise Raven, you know I won't forgive you." With that he walked out.



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