The Good Girl's Vampire Bad Boy

You have your typical bad boy.

Well, I have my typical vampire bad boy.

My name is Desiree Johanns and I am going to tell you about the good girl's vampire bad boy.

Author's Note: There will be some mature (*coughs) scenes in this story. But nothing too extreme, trust me. That's a promise.


2. Chapter One: Meeting Brahms Cavallo


I watched as the bad boys of Willowdale high school walked down the hallway. Kyle Newman was the baddest of the bad boys in Willowdale. He noticed me and winked. I glared at him. Bad boys weren't my type. I collected my books from my locker and walked to Math. Heck, why does math have to be so complicated? I got into class and sat at the very back. Miss Jones walked and smiled. Then, a boy with dark brown hair, intense brown eyes walked in. All the girls gasped. He was the hottest boy I have ever seen in my life. He was tall and muscular, even though he was wearing a long sleeve, black turtle neck. 

Miss Jones smiled at the new boy and said, "Why don't you introduce yourself to class?"

He cleared his throat and said, "My name is Brahms Cavallo." We all waited for him to say something more, but he didn't. 

That's it?

I knew that all the girls were disappointed at the so-little information about him. Miss Jones nodded and said, "Thank you, Brahms. Why don't you find a seat?" I watched as Brahms walked to the seat next to me. I sucked in a sharp breath and prayed that none of the girls claw my eyeballs out after math. I found Brahms to be a man of little words. He always kept a scowl on his face, but no one could deny that he was sure attractive. Kyle Newman better be prepared for getting dumped by his so-called girlfriend, Jenny.

When the bell rang, everyone walked out. But Miss Jones stopped me from walking out. She tucked a strain of her hair behind her ear and said, "Desiree, I'd like you to help Brahms around the school today." My eyes averted to Brahms as he walked out of the classroom. I was not thrilled at this request. Brahms was a great looking guy, but the scowl on his face makes me want to run into a wall.

I nodded and said, "Yes, Miss Jones."

I walked out of class and looked for the tallest boy I have ever seen in my life. I caught a glimpse of his back in the parking lot of the school. I ran through the crowded hallway and reached the parking lot. I groaned and turned around gasping in panic. 

There stood Brahms with his eternal scowl glaring down at me. I crossed my arms and said, "Miss Jones told me to help you around."

"Well, you can tell her that I'll be fine without you're help," he said bitterly. I was already disgusted by his rudeness. 

I glared back at him and said, "Sorry to break this out to you, but we're not going anywhere with your attitude. Just accept my help for today and we'll never have to speak to each other again. And that's a promise I'm more than willing to keep."

Brahms looked at me as if I grew a second head. He sighed and said, "I need to get to the science lab and pick up some school books from the library." I nodded and walked ahead of him. I knew that he was following me. I took him to the science lab, and to add to my bad mood, Jenny was there batting her fake eyelashes at Brahms. When did she start to have science as the second period? I remember correctly that she had science as her third period. I wonder what she did to switch periods? Brahms must've have inspired her to be interested in science.


I fell on to my bed with a tired sigh. I took out my phone and opened a long text from my older sister, Destanie. 

Des, I hope you are doing well with school. Please don't forget to wear a sweater every time you go out. It's chilly outside. I am still looking for mom, but I know I will find her. Don't cry, Desiree. I am sure she is not like our dad. 

A tear slipped down my face. Dad.........he is such a distant, painful memory. He left my mom and took all of her money leaving us starving. He told me that he loved me and Destanie. He was such a liar. Mom has been heartbroken ever since. She got a job and had to move out of Willowdale town. But suddenly she went missing a few weeks ago. Destanie was eager to go and find her. I wanted to go, but Destanie told me to stay here and go to school. I protested at first and thought of the very worst that could happen. But whatever happens, I know that Destanie will never leave me.

I am working with the police, and they have not found a single trace on mom's whereabouts. I am worried about her. I went to her workplace yesterday, and her boss said that she did not show up for work for at least a week. Desiree, you are all I have now. Please be strong for me and take care of yourself. Do tell me if your money is running out, I'll be glad to transfer some money to you. I promise I will do my best to find mom. I know she will never leave us forever. She loves you more than anything. As your older sister, I must tell you that you are the only thing that made mom smile in her saddest moment. 

Don't skip school. Are there any boys interested in you? Don't let secrets come between us. I love you very much, Desiree. 

I wiped my tears away and typed on my phone to reply.

Come home, Destanie. Mom will come back if she really loves us. You have done more than enough. You've been gone for too long. I want you here. School is still the same. No one is interested in me, especially boys. Today, Miss Jones asked me to help a new boy around school. His name is Brahms Cavallo and he always has a scowl on his face. I seriously don't like him. I don't want to speak to him and I know he doesn't want to speak to me. We don't get along at all. All the girls at school are talking about him, and I am so sick of hearing them talk. It's so annoying. Oh, Dessie, please come home so I have a sister to talk to and vent out my problems.

I hit the send button and rolled to my side. But was one thing for sure; I won't even have to speak to Brahms Cavallo ever again.


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