The Good Girl's Vampire Bad Boy

You have your typical bad boy.

Well, I have my typical vampire bad boy.

My name is Desiree Johanns and I am going to tell you about the good girl's vampire bad boy.

Author's Note: There will be some mature (*coughs) scenes in this story. But nothing too extreme, trust me. That's a promise.


13. Chapter Nine: A Slave to Brahms Cavallo

I knocked on the dark brown wooden door and waited for the door to open. I was at the Cavallo Residence. I got the address from the school's information system. I knew I was no longer a good girl, nor worthy of the title 'good girl'. For peach's sake! I hacked into the school's computer system! I was proud, but also ashamed. 

I scowled and knocked again. It was getting dark and I knew that someone had to be inside of this big house. Feeling angry at what he did to me, I shouted, "OPEN THE DARN DOOR, BRAHMS!!" I was panting. I have been out here for at least 15 minutes. He was not getting away with this!

I lifted my hand up to knock once more, but the door opened and I almost knocked Brahms in the face. I glared at him and asked, "Why did you erase my memory, you stupid, dumb, idiotic vampire?!" He frowned and moved aside for me to come in. I went inside and turned to him.

"Answer my question," I said. I was going to do everything to get the answer outta him.

He cupped my face, to my surprise, and looked at me in the eyes. He looked like he was searching for something.

"Impossible," he muttered and walked away into a room. I scoffed and followed him.

"Brahms," I called out. "Tell me what's going on." I needed the truth. Destanie was dead and I knew that, I saw that. Her death created a great hatred for vampire in my heart. Vampires killed my sister. For all I know is my mom could be in danger as well. I could not lose her, my only family.

Brahms took a deep breath and said, "Desiree, it's better if you just stay out of this. Stay away from me. Stay away from Lerwick. I was hoping that erasing your memory would keep you away from the vampire world." How dare he just ask me to give up? Anger surged through my body making me shake. I glared at him and asked, "And give up on my mother? You're demented to think that I would give up so easily."

He frowned and asked, "Did a witch help you to remember?" Oh, great, witches exist too?! Yeah, sure, why not? I shook my head and said, "I didn't even know witches exist until you mention one." He came closer to me and leaned into my neck sniffing my scent. I scrunched up my nose in disgust and asked, "What are you doing?"

"How did you get your memory back?" he asked, coming in even closer. I took small steps back until I hit the wall. I swallowed and answered, "I just remembered. It hit me hard like a train." He had this look in his eyes making me curious. Why did it matter how I remembered? He looked confused like I was some kind of a puzzle he couldn't solve.

"Please tell me what's going," I asked, my voice more gentler this time. He ran his hands through his hair and said, "We'll find your mother, but after that, you and your mother stay out of Lerwick. You will not entangle yourself in this world. It's too dangerous." I was overwhelmed with joy. He was going to help me find mom. I threw my arms around him and said, "Thank you." I was going to have my family back.


I fiddled with my fingers as Brahms drove us into Lerwick. The memories of that man trying to rape me was vivid as ever. I swallowed my fear and tried to remind myself that Brahms was here. He was not going to let anyone hurt me, right?

We stopped right in front of a liquor bar. "Destanie sent me a message about finding my mom's underclothes in a liquor bar outside of Lerwick. You think someone in there knows about my mom?" I asked, looking at him. My heart was beating at an abnormal pace not knowing what awaited us behind those doors. Brahms held my hand giving another reason for my heart to beat even faster. I loved it when he touches me. His touch made me yearn for more. It was addicting. 

"Yes, I know someone in there. I think he could help us," he said. He brought his lips to the back of my hand and planted a light feathery kiss on it. He let go of my hand and got out of his car. I looked at the back of my hand and still felt his kiss on it. As crazy as I sounded, I wanted his kiss to be on my lips, and not just on the back of my hand.

He opened the door for me and I got out. At the sight of the liquor bar, I instantly stood behind Brahms. He looked at me and said, "Do not say anything, even if you're spoken to. Stay close to me. They will think your my slave and you're gonna have to act like it." I nodded feeling goosebumps spread all over my skin.

I followed Brahms inside and the second I stepped in, I felt like vomiting. The place smelled of blood, liquor, and cigarettes. There were many almost-naked girls and a lot of men. I looked around and saw a man sucking blood out of a girl's neck. My eyes widened at the sight and I turned to Brahms. He turned his head slightly to me and said, "They can feel your fear. I won't let them hurt you." I swallowed and followed him as we walked in deeper.

Then I felt a cold hand grabbing me. I was yanked away from Brahms. I realized that a vampire man had me and was ready to bite me. Brahms turned around sharply glaring at the vampire man. His eyes darkened so much that it was pitch black. 

"She is my slave. Let her go," he snarled. 

The vampire man who smelled like blood and liquor let out a laugh. His hand was on my neck and his grip was tightening. I started to lose oxygen and choked for air. "You haven't marked her," the vampire man said. Mark me? What did that mean? Brahms moved at lightning speed and had the vampire man by his neck. His feet was dangling in the air as he gasped for air. I fell on to the floor coughing. I looked at Brahms who looked like death. He cocked his head to his side and said, "You shouldn't have touched her." Before the vampire man could beg for forgiveness, Brahms snapped his neck with one hand and dropped his body on the floor. I watched as his body turned to ash and disappeared. All the other vampires backed away and kept their eyes on Brahms. He looked at me and started to walk away. Then I remembered that I was his slave. I quickly got up to my feet and caught up with him.

We reached the end and Brahms talked in hush tones with the bulky man. He nodded at Brahms and guided us to a room that looked exactly like a VIP hotel room, but the lights were too dim to my liking. Once the door was closed and I was left alone with Brahms, I turned to him and asked, "What was all of that about?"

He ran his hands through his hair and said, "Most slaves have been marked by their masters, except for you." I still did not get the point. I was not actually his slave, right? He did buy me, yeah, I got that point, but he was not going to really make me his slave, right? I frowned at him. He sighed and muttered, "You don't understand."

I nodded and crossed my arms. "That's right. I don't understand," I said, waiting for an explanation. He looked at me and said, "Slaves are marked by their masters, like marking a territory- a possession. It is the law that we,vampires, must mark our slaves."

"And how do you mark a slave?" I asked, curiosity getting the better of me. 

He licked his lips and said, "A vampire marks his slave by biting her, leaving a faint bite mark." I remembered that one painful bite I got from that vampire. It hurt like hell. I winced that the thought. That bite was something I swore to never go through again. But what it was a must? What if I had to do this to get mom back? She was everything to me and I would do everything to save her.

"D-do you have to mark me?" I asked, feeling fear crawl under my skin.

Brahms looked down and turned away facing the wall. "Our situation is different, Desiree," he said.

I frowned and asked, "Different? How?" I couldn't understand why it was different. He could bite me, mark me as his slave and when I get mom back, I would no longer be his slave. I'll be a free woman in the human world. That was good enough.

"You're not just some human girl, Desiree. You're my beloved, my soulmate. If I mark you, you'll have a bond with me. I will be able to hear your thoughts, feel your fears and know your desires. You'll be mine forever," he said, walking closer to me. His words knocked the winds out of my lungs. It couldn't be true. I couldn't be his beloved, his soulmate. True, I had these feelings and desires for Brahms, but I didn't want to be tied down like this. I didn't want to spend my forever in this treacherous world of vampires. I wanted to be free and happy with my family. I didn't want to get involved this place than I already was. The second I have my mom, I'll be out of this place fast as a lightning.

I was speechless and somewhat scared. I didn't know what I was scared of, but I was. Maybe I was scared of what my heart wanted? Maybe I wanted both. But I knew I could only choose one. I shook my head and said, "I can't. I can't be with you."

He nodded and quietly said, "I know. But I can't really protect you, physically and lawfully. In this world, you're just a human girl to every vampire, but if you're someone's beloved- you're as good as a vampire. Respected and honored."

I looked at him and asked, "How did you find out that I'm your soulmate?" He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his black slacks and started to pace around the room. 

"I erased your memory, but you remembered without any help from the witches. It's impossible to break a vampire's compulsion unless you're a vampire's beloved," he explained.  

It was too much, overwhelming to be exact. I was tired, emotionally exhausted. I put my face into my hands and dropped down onto the carpeted floor. I stared at the floor and asked myself many questions.

Do I love Brahms?

Is my normal human life worth giving up?

How about mom?

I shook my head and said, "I am so tired."

"Get some rest. Aquilla and Tidus are not here at the moment. They will be here in the morning. We'll stay the night," Brahms said, slipping off his black coat and putting it over a chair. I stood up and took off my jean jacket. I sighed and noticed that there was only a queen-sized bed. 

"I'll take the couch," he said, situated himself there like he said. I nodded and thanked him. I got into the bed and pulled the covers over me. I reached over and turned the nightlight off. The room became dark and filled with silence. The only thing I heard was my own breathing. Putting my complete trust in Brahms, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I saw mom standing there in the woods. Filled with happiness, I ran to her. Less than a blink of an eye, I was far from her. There was a man who looked exactly like dad. He was there behind mom. His hands wrapped around mom's waist and he opened his mouth, revealing fangs. I screamed as he suck his fangs into her. She looked at me through her glossy eyes. Her arms and hands stretched out, reaching for me.

"No! Nooooooooo! Please stop!!!!!" I screamed as I cried. Blood ran down mom's white gown. 

Dad lifted his head up and mom's red blood covered his mouth. He smiled and let go of mom. She fell onto the ground lifeless, just like Destanie. I closed my eyes and opened them. I saw Destanie and mom next to each other. They were both dead. Feeling so much pain, I screamed and fell down.



"Wake up!"

I opened my eyes and found Brahms hovering over me. My face was wet from my tears. I couldn't really see Brahms' face in the dark, but I knew it was him. I let out a sob and said, "Please help me find my mom!"

His hands came to my face, wiping my tears away. "I will. I promise," he said softly. His voice calmed me down in a miraculous way. I felt his lips pressed against my forehead. I closed my eyes and said something I never thought I would say.

"Hold me."

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