The Good Girl's Vampire Bad Boy

You have your typical bad boy.

Well, I have my typical vampire bad boy.

My name is Desiree Johanns and I am going to tell you about the good girl's vampire bad boy.

Author's Note: There will be some mature (*coughs) scenes in this story. But nothing too extreme, trust me. That's a promise.


1. Cast: Desiree & Brahms

Bridget Satterlee as Desiree Yvonette Johanns

"I wrote a book called The Good Girl's Vampire Bad Boy. Thanks to you, now, I'm famous."

Samuele Doveri as Brahms Marcello Cavallo

"Saying your name brings me pleasure and pain. Pleasure of knowing that I can feel your skin just by reaching out, and the pain of knowing that I can not truly have you, my lovely Desiree."

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