basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


4. The break ups


"W-what’s the matter…” Mark asks sheepishly.

“S-Singe...Amy...we can’t do this to them…” I said and looked down at the floor.

“Jack..we can always just..tell them” Mark said and lifted my chin up.

“But I don’t want to hurt her...I don’t want to hurt them..” I said quietly.

“We’ll do it together then...” He said. “I know you, Jack..I know how you are...You won’t be happy till you get what you want.”

Mark said gently and smiled at me I looked at him my mind racing in a million different directions do I want to leave Singe? Do I want to hurt her and Amy...Do I want to be with mark? I sat there asking myself these questions of course I want to be with Mark.. I looked back at him

“F-fine...let’s get this over with “ I said and got out my laptop to call Singe on skype I looked up at mark and sighed

“It’ll be okay jack we can do this..Together” mark said and grabbed my hand.

    I logged onto skype and called Singe my hands were shaking and my heart was beating out of my chest.she answered.

“Hey Babe! Hey Mark!” She said and the fact that she called me babe made my heart skip a beat

“H-Hey..”I said holding my breath

“Hello Singe” Mark said with a soft smile. His smile calmed me. I took a deep breath ready to break it to her

“We….We need to talk…” I said squeezing marks hand that still rested in mine

“About?” She asked and her voice started shaking

“Us…” I said and looked down at the keyboard

“What about us Sean…” she asked I winced at the sound of my real name

“I...I can’t be with you anymore..” I said holding back tears. Singe looked from me to mark and back at me

“I know what’s going on here and Mark realised you're gay or what ever right” she said I nodded  I couldn’t speak I couldn’t even think straight.

“Finally! I knew this day would come!” She said and smiled I looked at her in shock

“Y-you're not upset..?” I questioned she’s ok with us being together

“Yes Sean I do love you very much but you and mark are just so damn cute” she said

“W-wha…” I started then she cut me off

“All I need is a pint or two of ice cream and the notebook” she looks at me smiling with tears in her eyes

“I-I’m sorry…” I said. I had nothing else to say,I had nothing else I could say to make this better for her

“Don’t be Sean.Don’t apologize for loving someone.” She tells me I sighed and smiled grimly at her

“Thank you Singe.Stay at the house..I’ll come back and get my stuff..and help pay rent if you need” I said “It’s the least I can do after this”

“Sean don’t worry about me please,but if I ever need help with anything i’ll be sure to tell you alright” She smiled widely

“Alright…” I sighed

“I’ll talk to you soon Sean..I assume you two need to straighten thing up with Amy and each other

“Thank you Singe” Mark said and smiled at her

“Talk to you later” I said and ended the call. I layed back on mark’s bed and sighed in frustration

“We’ll wait a while to tell Amy..she’s suppose to come over today anyways..we’ll tell her then” Mark said and ran his hand through his hair

“Is it bad I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs?” I asked him hoping he’d say yes

“No I know how you feel I’ve felt that way with some games, but you're probably on a different level of frustrated” Mark said and smiled at me

“Oh you have no idea” I replied Marks smile softened  and grabbed my hand to pull me up into a hug I obviously hugged him back not willing to let go but I was interrupted by the door bell ringing

“Shit..thats Amy” Mark said and ran to the door I walked out of his room taking my time when I walk into the living room where Mark and Amy are she jumps up off the couch and hugs me

“Hi Jack!” She exclaimed squeezing me tightly

“Hey Amy…” I said hugging back

“I’m so excited you're here!” She cried well you won't be for long… I glanced over at Mark and he seemed to be thinking the same thing because he looked at me and frowned

“ that we’re all here we need to talk to you..” I said and released her hug

“Oh alright..”She said and sat down in the chair I sat next to Mark to comfort him if he needed

“Look Amy…” He said

“What you're leavin me for Jack aren’t you..” she asked with one eye brow raised

“Actually..Yea it’s nothing against you..It’s just….” he said

“No need to explain I understand I assume you’ve already told Singe right?”She said and looked at me

“Yea..we already told her” I said and let out a big sigh

“She texted me and told me something would happen” Amy replied

“I’m sorry to cut off our relationship like this..” mark trailed off

“Again no problem don’t apologise to me..If anything apologies to Jack.I knew you felt something for him and that you were just hiding it from everyone”She tells mark

“Y-you did?” He asked her shocked

“Who doesn’t know you two have a thing for each other..if you didn't  know there's this ship and it’s called Septiplier...and if it’s about you two” She said and smiled brightly

“Yea,we know Septiplier alright..” I said and chuckled softly

“Septiplier away!” mark exclaimed “I’ve been waiting to say that since you got here”

Mark smiles and looks at me

“Alright you big goof that's enough for now” I tell him and look back at Amy

“Sorry..He’s...Well you should already know” I smile at her

“What do you mean.An idiot? Immature? Cute?” she askes me and laughs

“All of the above,But are you okay? Like do I need to buy you ice cream?” I asked sounding slightly concerned

“We’ll you can buy me ice cream but no I don’t need you to” She said and smiled softly so I took out my wallet and gave her a few bucks to buy ice cream  

“You know you really don’t have to give me this” She said taking the money

“No I want to..really it’s the least I can to..I hate breaking people's hearts like that..” I explained

“Jack stop it’s fine i’m literal Septiplier trash” she said and fangirled I looked at Mark

“Since when does everyone ship is besides our fans without us knowing” I asked

“Uh I have no idea..Apparently since we finally came out to each other” He replied

“We all have shipped you together for way too long Jack” Amy says and laughs she stood up and smiled

“Thank you Jack,And Mark thank you for telling me and not keeping it a secret,But now I have to go and get my ice cream and go edit some videos” she gave us both a hug and left

“I hate doing this..” I said and sighed

“Well atleast it’s the last time we have to dump people” Mark replied and scruffed my hair

“Yea thank god..I’m going to break down the next time I have to do something like that” I replied and fixed my hair Mark hugged me I took a deep breath. Mark calmed me down

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