basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


1. Realisation


Jacks P.O.V

“Waboosh Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and I’m here today with Markiplier!” I said

“Hello everybody!” He said, smiling.

“Today, we’re playing Prop hunt, Bob and Wade couldn’t be here today sadly, so we’re playing alone.” I said, slightly excited.

    “Boohoo,” Mark said. “That’s their loss. Now I have you all to myself,” He said creepily, but obviously joking. I laughed slightly.

    We start playing. “God damn it Mark! Where the fok are ya hidin’?” I exclaimed

“You’ll never find me mwahaha!” Mark says.

“C’mon, gimme a hint, would ya?” I said, enjoying my time with him.

“Blub blub blub,” Mark acted like he was drowning

“Are yer in the water?” I asked, bringing my character towards the pond.

“Maybeeee..” Mark replied, giggling. All of a sudden his torment went off, I started laughing.

“Where are yer, ya bastard?!” I exclaimed, basically diving my character into the water. I looked around and saw a tiny box scurry around.

“I found ya!” I screamed and shot at him.

“Ahh no!!!” He screamed as I killed him.

“That wasn’t fair! What the hell...” Mark pouted.

“Shut up, ya big baby!” I laughed.

“You're a meany butt head mister, you know that!?” Mark replied to me.

“Yup, so mean I’m canceling my flight to America to come see you.” I said obviously not meaning it

“You're doing what….you were gonna come see me?” he sounded disappointed

“Yea I was but you know what now i’m not” I said feeling slightly bad

“But..Jack-a-boy...pwease” Mark begged. I’m so cutting this out in editing.

I sigh, “Yes Mark, I’m still gonna buy plane tickets to come see you.”

“Jack...I love you..” Mark states.

“Wait...what..” I stuttered and shut my camera off, as I’m sure Mark did the same.

“Sean...I love you.” He said in his deep voice... I didn’t know what to say, I felt love for Mark too,

But did I want to tell him? Absolutely not. We both have girlfriends..and Pewdiepie to deal with.

“Mark...look..let’s talk more about this when I come to see you...there’s too much on our plates right now to be talking about this…” I said.

“Alright, I understand completely. I can go a week and wait to talk..” he said, sounding disappointed



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