basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


7. FIght

I opened my eyes to see Mark sitting on the floor crying..ANTI?! My body filled with anger

“Mark Are you okay...I-i’m sorry I-I couldn’t I-I can’t..stop him” I cried to him

“I-I’m okay Jack now that I get to be with you for the little time we have I’m fine..” He said and pulled me closer to him

“You can’t let Anti get to you...And why...why would you give in to him like that...Do you know what he’s going to do to you!” I held him

“I just had to see you...I know he’ll only let you out now to torture me..I just had to see you once more before he does.It’ll keep me sane knowing you’ll be okay..” He told me his eyes watering again

“Mark...The fucked thing is..I have to watch him I have to sit and watch him torture you...and threaten you..I have to watch..I’ll be the one to go insane before you do..” I said choking on my words He looked at me his eyes soft

“I love you Jack..stay strong” He said and kissed me His kiss was soft but fierce it was the type of kiss that says “I love you...don’t give up”

“I love you too” I said and held him for the little time we had left

    We held each other dreading the next 3 minutes,Dreading Anti’s return

“I’d tell you to run,but then he’d come back instantly and stop you..” I whispered trying to hold him closer but I couldn’t Times up Sean I heard in the back of my head I went into a slight panic “I love you Mark” I said kissed him then shoved him away from me.He looked at me his eyes filled with sorrow I sat there helplessly letting Anti take control. I looked at Mark through Anti’s eyes He looked so scared,so helpless.

I screamed and swore and fought

Let me out right now antisepticeye!” I screamed Mark couldn’t hear me,I’m sure he didn’t want to

“Shut up in there!” Anti said and hit his head Mark looked up at Anti with hope in his eyes

“What’s he doing?” Mark asked

“He’s being annoying” Anti replied

“I’m sorry to hear that” Mark said and smiled softly does he have a plan? Anti smiled at Mark wickedly

“So you’ve decided to cooperate with me?”  Anti asked

“Yes,We’ll for now until the torture starts.” Mark said

“Well it depends on how you act and how you treat me” Anti replied Mark nodded sweetly that little bastard has a plan! Thank god I continued to look at Mark through Anti’s eyes Mark’s eyes grew soft. He was staring at Anti. I let out a gasp he’s not looking at Anti..hes looking at me He stared through Anti at me and I stared back

“Now that you’re mine,I must figure out what I want to do with you…” Anti rambled on but it didn’t matter to either of us,what mattered was that we’ll be okay. Mark nodded slightly so Anti wouldn’t notice What do you want me to do Mark? I stared at him trying to get any hint of what he meant.I looked into his eyes which were filled with fire and determination You want me to fight..Don’t you… He nodded again as if he heard me. So I did..


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