basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


5. Down hill

He’s always been the person I’d go to when I needed someone to help me get through something..well besides the few times I had to go to felix because Mark couldn’t talk because he was busy

“Well..I do hate to break it to you but we are going to have to tell everyone sooner or later..I doubt Singe or Amy would bother to tell anyone except maybe their parents and we all know how older people are with technology they won’t go spreading the word about us” Mark said to me frowning slightly

“Oh yea great more fire to feed the fans and their fanfictions” I replied still flustered

“Hey some of them aren’t that bad...Just saying” Mark said smiling

“You read them on your free time don’t you” I asked and chuckled

“Don’t go there I know you do too you Irish bean” Mark shot back and I laughed

“I am just as guilty.I just said it because it made me laugh”  I said.

    Suddenly I felt my eye twitch I rubbed it and blinked trying to get whatever was in my eye out I looked at Mark and blinked a few more times, He looked scared

“What’s the matter Mark?” I asked and rubbed my eye again

“Y-your eye..It’s turning green!” He stuttered

“Shit..” I muttered and got up “i’ll be right back..”

“Okay…” he said “Do you need anything?” he asked

“All I need right now is for you to stay the hell away from me!” I snapped at mark and ran out of the room. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door

“Damn it Anti don’t do this now.. Please don’t do this now” I cried and looked at my eye in the mirror.

I sat on the toilet sobbing trying to fight him off. After about a half hour of me crying and trying to fight Anti off I gave up

“FINE!” I shouted “I’ll let you out,but if you even lay a finger on Mark I will make your life a living hell!” I sighed and sat back down letting Anti takeover



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