basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


2. Arival

The week went by slow and painfully Mark didn’t talk to me at all until I got to LA. My plane landed and I got off. I called Mark and asked where he was.

“I’m at the airport,” Mark said.

“Yeah, thanks smart ass. But where in the airport?” I asked

“Outside the airport in a red car.” He said bluntly.

“Thanks, I’ll see you in a minute..” I said and started to walk outside and saw his car. He saw me too, apparently, because he got out of the car and gave me a side hug. I hugged back, shrugging off any awkwardness that lingered. We got in the car and he drove, since his house is only fifteen minutes away from the airport. We sat in silence the whole way there. I sat, looking out the window. I was kinda scared about what would happen this two weeks I’m here. Mark pulls into his driveway and gets out of his car. I sigh and follow. He grabs my bags and brings them to the living room.

“Do you want to sleep in my room and I’ll take the couch?” Mark asked me

“It doesn’t matter honestly” I said. Mark brings my stuff into the bedroom.

“Fine, my room it is then.” He says, plopping my things on the bed

“Thanks…” I said.

“I’ll leave you alone for a while. You probably want to take a nap and get rid of the jet lag.” Mark said with a soft smile

“Yeah, thanks.” I said and Mark left the room. I shoved my stuff off his bed and plopped down on it, happy to find a bed again. I got under the covers and fell asleep. I was awaken about a hour later by a knock on the door

“Yah, come in.” I said groggy.

“Hi..” Mark said shyly. “Sorry to wake you..”

“No, it’s fine. I should be getting up anyways,” I said.

“ said we needed to talk..maybe we could talk now and maybe go to get a drink or two after?” Mark asked me.

“Yeah...Yeah sure.” I said and sat up.

“Mind if I sit..”He asks awkwardly.

“No! No, not at all...” I exclaimed, feeling bad that I didn’t offer he sat down next to me and looked down at his feet.

“Look.” He started “You obviously know my feelings for you..but I’m clueless on your feelings for me,” he said softly.

“Mark, I do like you, really I do...Like a lot..But Mark, you have Amy...and I have Singe. We can’t just leave them. And we can’t just cheat on them. I’m sure you love Amy just as much as I love singe. It would break their hearts if we told them we...yea…” I said, rubbing the back of my neck.

“ how about that drink now?” Mark asked with a warm smile “It’s on me, Sean.”

“Are ya sure, Mark? I can pay for myself if ya like?” I said, feeling bad that he wants to pay for my drink

“No, Sean, it’s on me.” Mark said stubbornly.

“Alright Mark..and please call me Jack. I like the name better...” I said.

“Fine, I like Sean better.” Mark muttered.

“How about we go to the pub now?” I ask.

“You mean bar..right?” Mark looked puzzled.

“’s a British/Irish thing we do over there..” I say, a bit embarrassed.Mark laughs as we walk to the car

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