basically jack goes to to marks house and everything goes balistic from there


6. Antiseptic

Anti’s POV

I heard a knock on the bathroom door

“Jack are you ok?!” Mark called from the other side of the door I chuckled quietly and made myself sound and look like Sean did

“I-I’m...I’ll be fine” I said grinning

“Can you come out..please” He asked sounding very concerned for the pathetic human

“Y-yea” I said and opened the door, He practically tackled me in a hug

“You're ok…” He stated

“Yea I’m fine Mark” I replied rolling my eyes he pulled away and smiled at me I smiled back biting back the snarky comment I had

“H-hey Jack...We should go and relax in the living room..” Mark said and blushed

I smiled at him “Sure” You won’t be relaxing much He grabbed my hand and walked into the living room he sat down on the couch and I sat next to him

“Is there something you’d want to watch?” He asked me Think like Sean

“Uh...Steven Universe?” I asked almost cringing at the name

“Oh! I’ve been meaning to watch that!” Mark said and smiled widely

    He turned the TV on and put netflix up and played the first episode. I watched in horror. How did Sean watch this shit. I looked over at Mark who was smiling stupidly at the show He looked at me and his smile softened, he put his hand in mine perfect time I took advantage of his actions and pulled him close to me

“H-hey Mark” I said prepared to show myself at any moment

“Jack..w-what are you doing” I’m doing something you’ll regret

“I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time” I giggled and smiled showing off my teeth. His eyes softened and he kissed me.I jumped back slightly huh..not bad  I kissed back and smiled evilly

I grabbed his shirt by the collar and released the kiss showing myself

“It’s cute you think Sean would dare to bother with you like that” I said and laughed

“J-jack? Why are you talking in third person? What the hell’s going on!?” He asked

“I’m not Sean you moron. Are you that stupid you haven’t figured it out?” I replied

“A-antisepticeye? Y-you mean..Your real!” Mark said in shocked  I let out a loud wicked laugh

“You are a fool” I said and pulled him closer “I’m your worst fucking nightmare”

“W-where's Jack?!” Mark asked with horror in his eyes

“He’s right here” I said and pointed to my chest “He can see,hear,and feel everything that’s going on so if you were planning on hurting me I wouldn’t he can feel it” I smiled wickedly.he looked at me with horror in his eyes

“J-jack” Mark whimpered softly I let go of his shirt and shoved him down

“So if you were thinking of trying to stop me,I wouldn’t Unless you want to hurt little Sean..Then be my guest” I chuckled “Actually Sean said he’s gonna kill me if I hurt you, and I don’t know how he can hurt something that lives inside him?” I said

“Let Jack back out!” Mark cried sounding slightly flustered I laughed at his pity

“What if I don’t feel like letting him back out..What if I feel like keeping you locked up? Away from him. Hmm? Did you ever think that I’m a little more fucked up than you could ever imagine?” I asked getting worked up with each question I shot at him

“Fucked up,yes..definitely..But please just let me see Jack...even if it’s for just a minute…Just let me tell him I love him then you can do whatever you want to me.” Mark said and sobbed

“Fine I’ll give you 5 minutes,no more,no less” I said and Laughed Mark looked down disappointedly

“ ‘And I’ll give you me…” I crouched down next to Mark and let Sean take control

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