A Spark Of Hope

This story is about vhope and how there love grows after Taehyung's mom dies Taehyung gets all the responsibility Taehyung will have a lot to deal with in this story read and hope you enjoy.
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1. chapter one

Taehyung had a friendly personality everyone in the neighbourhood loved talking to him, he made even the grumpy ones like him. Besides that he had a family who he loved deeply. He had two siblings, one sister, one brother, he was the oldest meaning all the responsibilities especially because his mother is not around. Taehyung's mother passed away 2 years ago, his father still grieves but tries not to show it, not that Taehyung doesn't notice. Now 2 years later Taehyung goes to college he had the top marks in all his classes it made him wonder if his mom would have been proud, she did want him to be successful in everything he did. Walking into his usual hang out 'The rocky's' Taehyung noticed his friend Jimin talking to an unfamiliar someone. He walked past a group of people making eye contact and waving. "Hey Taehyung!!" Called out one of them "hey hyung how have you been?" he didn't want to sound like he was in a hurry he sounded some how not as he wanted "my mother says to thank your father for fixing our door and wanted to have lunch with your family" the boy that looked scary but somehow friendly says. "it's not a problem I'll tell him as you said" Taehyung responds and leaves to go and see who Jimin was talking to but as he turns around they were no where to be seen. He wasn't that eager to find out so it didn't bother him. Taehyung's phone rings as he was about to sit at his usual spot that he felt was made for him, a spot where his mom and him came and sat everyday after school to have what they usually ordered 'strawberry mango smoothie'

"Mom I don't like her that way why are you embarrassing me" Taehyung and his mom sit to enjoy there mother-son time "you know Taehyung you have to take good care of your siblings I could have never asked for an amazing son as you" as she said that Taehyung noticed how she looked serious it was as if she was leaving like giving him all her responsibilities. "Mom I always take care of them you don't need to worry" he says and looks out the window. "Yo, man your phone is ringing" his mom says "what?" Taehyung snapped out of the memory that keeps him up all night. Taehyung looked up to see a strange looking man over him. "Oh your Taehyung I didn't notice you you looked lost in you thoughts I just wanted to inform you that your phone is ringing" says the man "oh thank you so much" Taehyung stands up right away and starts bowing to the man standing. "No problem man but you should pick it up" Taehyung looks at his phone and realized it was his father. The man left making Taehyung feel bad for not at least asking what his name was. "Hello, dad"

|Phone call conversation|

"Taehyung we're having lunch with Lee song's mother"

"Ya I know I just saw Lee song he told me his mom said to thank you"

"Ok, Taehyung come home early today so we can go together"

"Ok dad bye"

|Phone conversation end|

After he hung up the phone he still couldn't stop thinking about what his mom had said, the thought made his head hurt he didn't want to over think it. Taehyung grabbed his backpack and the book he was about to read, he left without even having a cup of water.

As Taehyung was walking out he heard someone calling his name, he wasn't sure if they were calling him so he ignored and started to head to the bus stop. "Hyung" Taehyung felt a hand on his shoulder he tuned as fast as he could to see a pink haired Jimin standing there. "Jimin I thought you left?" Taehyung asked "no I was out with a friend" his checks turned red saying those words. "Oh ya I saw you with a guy a few minutes ago who was that he looked unfamiliar?" Even though Taehyung wasn't eager to find out he was curious and nothing can go past his curiosity about anything. "Oh he was just a friend I met a few years back" he answered. The answer didn't seem to satisfy Taehyung he wanted more, he wanted to ask what his name was he wanted more information about that guy.

"Dad I'm home" as Jimin dropped Taehyung at home he had left with his black Mercedes.

"Taehyung your just in time go get ready Lee song's mother is coming"

"Ok dad Just give me 10 minutes"

(10 minutes later)

As Lee song's mother and Lee Song arrived they all headed to the hotel they had received.

"Man you don't look so good are you okay?" Asked Lee song "I'm fine it's because I haven't had anything today I was busy" Taehyung didn't want to worry anyone but he knew something wasn't right.

Every one ordered and sit as Taehyung's youngster shillings were fighting as usual Lee song's mother and Taehyung's father were having there own conversation, leaving Taehyung and Lee song's to talk. "You should eat what you ordered you said you didn't have anything to eat all day" said Lee song "I-I don't feel like eating" as he says that Taehyung stood up to went to the bathroom. As he was entering the bathroom Taehyung stood there beside the entrance. "Are you okay?" a woman with a lot of jewelries on asked. Taehyung failing to answer falling on the ground holding his stomach tightly. The woman scared, screams while running to him calling for help.

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