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Girl-17-Bullied-Shy-Hated-Called names-everything in the book


2. Day 2.

I grabbed my laptop on my way out the door. Forgetting the charger, I ran to my car. Too scared to look back, or think about later on, I jumped into the front seat, and pulled away. I'd talked to my aunt to see if I could come stay with her for at least a week. On the way there I stopped at a gas station, doing the best I could to cover the bruises, with makeup and clothing. I wore a short sleeve just because it was now spring and I didn't want to look like I was trying to cover anything. I even threw on a skirt, just for fun. Smiling the whole way, I was so proud of myself. So proud that I finally left the hell hole I called home for so many years. But my mind still taunted me about everything that I've been through, all of it just a mess in my mind. I felt like the universe was trying to make me sad. In some way. But I drove all the way to my aunts. She's short and very fat. She eats so much everyday. She eats what I eat in a week, in one day. But she keeps herself active and all the things she eats, are vegan, and healthy. Yet she's put on pounds since, she got pregnant with my sixth cousin. All of her kids, are thin as hell, with six packs and giant arms. All of them, are boys. They know about what my dad says to me, and what he does to me. Because I told them. My aunt, knows nothing. 

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