The enchanted chapstick

this about a girls life being changed just from a some chapstick she bought at the dollar store.


3. the chapstick's secret power

once I got home I went to my room and plopped right on my bed "hmm I think I will try my new chapstick " I applied my new lip balm, at first I thought I was hallucinating when I herd a female voice-dam was I wrong- say"hello I am your personal wish making chapstick " said the eos " what so you will grant me wish when ever I want" I replied. "no once every day you get 1 wish granted to activate it you must apply me and then say wish of the day, oh also no one can see me unless they put me on too so you know" "well I have put you on but I don't need anything at the moment" "ok well you havn't said wish of the day yet so byee" "um ok bye"

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