The enchanted chapstick

this about a girls life being changed just from a some chapstick she bought at the dollar store.


2. the chapstick mishap

"todays breaking news-bellowed the news anchor-a dangous chapstick has been sent out by eos so if you see a rainbow gemed eos immediately call emergency services who will take it and destroy it". "wow mom you here this crap they must really be desperate for views" "you know it" "oh mom that reminds me I need more chapstick canwe go pick some up latter" "sure".


"ok as your grabbing you stuff at the dollar store I will be right next door at victorious secret ok" '' k mom"


"omg the news has taken stuff way to far they really made rainbow chapstick with weird little jems, whatever i'm buying it"


"this one please" i said to the cashier, and sure enough  he said "are you sure  I here there is a roomer going around about chap stick like this" "well that is all it is one big roomer"

"Amanda lets go" my mom shouted though the store "be right there" "here is $2 have to go byee".




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