The Three Jusketeer’s

This is a boyxboy book, don't like don't read.


5. Chapter 4

*Justine's P.O.V.*

    I sat down and Madilyn sat down next to me on my bed. We walked back to my house together. “Did you seriously come all the way back just to see me?” He asked. I kissed his cheek and smiled. “Yes, I did. I didn’t like how sad you seemed, so I decided on coming anyway.” I told him. “You didn’t have to do that, I know you were busy with classes and everything.” He said looking anywhere but me. I let out a sigh, which got his attention. “You’re more important than my classes.” I state. He opened his mouth to say something, when my mom came barging into the room. “Do I hear Madilyn?” She asked with a big smile. She walked over and gave my fiance a big hug. “Mrs. Bryce I see you everyday.” Madilyn stated. My mom pulled away from him. “Oh I know dear, I just like you better then my Lexie.” She told him.

    I let out a sigh and fell back into my bed. “Mom.” I whinned. “Stop calling me that.” I felt her eyes on me and I didn’t want to look at her. “I will call you what I want Justine Lexie Bryce.” She stated in a firm voice. I sat up to see my mom’s death glare. I gave Madilyn a look that said help me, but he ignored me. “Fine.” I huffed. A smile found its way back onto her face. “Good.” She cheered. “Now, Lexie, I was thinking me and you could go shopping for gifts tomorrow.” She said with a wink. Madilyn gave a questioning look. Shit he is onto us. “Sure mom.” I chuckled nervously. “Shopping for what kind of gifts?” Madilyn asked my mom.

    My mom froze and dropped her smile. “Nothing!” She yelled and ran over to the window. Once she made it there, she took a dive through the glass. I turned back to Madilyn, who had the cutest confused look on his face. “Why did she jump out the window?” He asked pointing at the broken glass. I didn’t feel like answering so I ran to the window. “Nothing!” I yelled before following my mom head first out the window.

    I landed on my back in the bushes, when I felt someone pull me to my feet. “Get up Lexie and run. I thought I taught you to act faster.” My mom said. She took off running. I rolled my eyes at her and took off after her.

*Jasper’s P.O.V.*

    I looked around the room full of elderly people, searching for one in particular. “May I help you with anything sir?” One of the health-care assistants asked me. “Uhm, yes… Do you know where Daniel Christopher is?” “Let me see real quick, okay?” I nodded and she walked off, checking a roster. She came back, clicking her tongue. “Ah, room number 1107. Would you like me to take you there?” “No thank you. I think I can manage. But thank you for the offer.” I gave her a small bow of gratitude, and turned to leave. ‘They moved him again…’ I thought, as I hummed softly, heading for the designated room. Once I reached the door with the numbers ‘1107,’ I knocked on the door softly. “Come in…” a soft voice replies. I open the door slowly and peaked in, spotting my grandfather sitting in his wheelchair by the window.

    He turned around to see who it was, and his face immediately lit up. “Jasper…” his soft, somewhat raspy voice said. “Hey grandpa… it’s been awhile,” I said, heading over and sitting down on the bed next to him. “It sure has…” he said with a wide smile, patting my knee tenderly. “What have you been up to?” he asked. I chuckled and rested my hand on top of his. “Well, I’m in college now. I have two awesome roommates- although, they can both be a little irritating at times…” He looked over at me, smiling. “That sounds nice…” I nodded and patted his hand softly.

The door suddenly opened and a nurse walked in. “Mr. Christopher, it’s time for your med-” The nurse stopped when she saw me. “Oh, pardon me. I didn’t realize you had a visitor.” Grandpa just waved his hand at him. “I’ll take them in a little bit. I want to spend time with my grandson right now…” The nurse seemed to think about for a moment, before grabbing two of the 5 different pills he had with him. “Well, you do have to take these ones. Doctors orders.” I saw my grandpa look over at me, rolling his eyes, as the nurse handed him the pills. I had seen those drugs before. They were the ones they used for our “voices.”

He slipped the pills into his mouth and drank his water. Once the nurse was satisfied that he had swallowed them, he left. I looked at my grandfather, confused, as he reached into his mouth. “Grandpa, what are you…?” The pills. “After all these years, I learned how to fake it,” grandpa said with a cheesy grin. I laughed, raising my eyebrows. “They don’t help- they just make me sick an-” “Don’t worry grandpa, I know. My parents sent me somewhere where they forced me to take those same damn pills…” I grumbled. Grandpa just patted my knee again, as if to say ‘sorry.’

The thing was, I had the same disorder as my grandfather. It seemed to skip my father’s generation, because he never had an issue with it. But I got it. And my parents were to proud. They didn’t want to believe that they had messed up, even though what I had might be a real mental problem. They felt that if someone found out what was wrong with me, they would be looked down upon as parents. People would think they raised a psychotic kid. So, they sent me away to a mental ward. Claiming I was behaving crazy and saying strange things. Even though all I told them was that I heard other voices. But they had to make up something so I would be put in. So, I was locked away for 3 years. I nearly went insane at that place. At first, I didn’t deny the fact that I heard voices. Bad idea. For the first part of my stay, they put me through certain… therapies. At some point, I finally began to learn that it was just better to say I didn’t hear them anymore. That was when I was 11.

They kept me another year just to make sure I was “sane.” Needless to say, at age 12, when I saw my parents again, they weren’t the prim perfect parents I had use to think of. They even lied about where I went. ‘Schooling abroad,’ that was their excuse. They begged me to forgive them, that they just did what they thought was best for me. I never truly forgave them- and I made sure they knew too. I know, ‘it’s bad to keep grudges,’ or  ‘it was unhealthy,’ but it was always the ‘you don’t hate them! They’re your parents!,’ shit that made me laugh. Who the fuck would love they parents after they sent you to that damned place? After that, I had already grown up. I wasn’t a 12 year old anymore. People complimented my parents on that one- ‘Oh, what a good child he is! You raised him well!’ or ‘He’s so grown up. He doesn’t even act like a child!’  ‘Maybe that’s why you hate Justine so much…’ ‘Because he got to act like a child…’ ‘Not got to. He still gets to…’ I chuckled, looking out of the window. ‘I never thought about it that way… but, yeah, maybe that’s why…’

My grandpa was watching me, studying my face. “Sorry I went quiet on you grandpa,” I chuckled, smiling at him. “Oh, no, I understand…” He looked out of the window as well. “Sometimes you get some interesting thoughts from them, huh?” I looked at him a smiled. “Yeah…” My grandfather and I continued to talk with one another, how are lives had been going. “Who’s paying for your tuition?” This question caught me off guard. “Oh, my parents still are.” “That’s a surprise,” Grandpa said with a scoff. Originally, my parents had told me that they wouldn’t be paying for my college tuition, and that I would have to get the money on my own. It’s not like they were short on cash or anything- in fact, I think they have too much. And since I took schooling very seriously, I played dirty. I threatened to tell everyone where I really went for those 3 years. Their decision changed immediately.

And, welllll… since they were paying, I decided to go to a college overseas. I come from Japan, but since grandpa was here (father sent him away because he was ashamed of him, like he was with me), and it was away from my parents, I decided to come here to America. So long as I keep my grades up, and behave in class, my parents will continue to pay for tuition. Not only that, but when I finish college, I am to find a suitable spouse, preferably a rich one (according to my parents), and to take over my father’s place as heir of his profiting business. Those were the rules of the agreement. Father ran a big corporation, something I didn’t really care about, but those were the agreements of paying my tuition. Plus, it would help me with finances in the future.

“You know, you don’t have to take that shit from them…” my grandfather said, glancing at me. I smiled, shaking my head. “Language, grandpa…” Grandpa always insisted that he would pay for my tuition, and for any necessities that I needed. I rejected the offer. “It makes me feel like I have some sense of control over them… as childish as it may seem…” My grandfather shook his head, “Nonsense. What’s childish is sending away your own son because you’re too proud to admit that he’s different. They sent you to a psych ward for insane people! We aren’t insane! We’re just different, that’s all…” he grumbled. I stood and hugged my grandfather, smiling. “You’re right grandpa. Not insane- just… different.”

A few hours passed, and by the time I left the nursing home for “special elders,” it was dark outside. I had been made to leave because it was curfew for grandpa, and he had to take his other medicines, some which were for sleeping. I got into my car and headed back to my hotel. It was nearly a twenty hour drive back to the university. Grandpa use to reside in an elderly home close to my college. But once my parents found out where I was going to school, and how close it was to him, they moved him. ‘Yeah, because they’re fucking pussies…’ Goman suddenly spoke up. ‘Yup…’ Chusei replied. “Shhh, guys. You know I don’t like thinking of my parents. Especially when I’m driving.” I heard Goman grumbling, talking about how he was ‘just sayin’.’

I reached the hotel, getting out and walking inside the fancy hotel. The hotel wasn’t an over-the-top kinda hotel, but it was really nice, and from what I’ve noticed, all the even numbered floors have balconies. The lobby was quiet, with only the woman at the counter. I gave her a small smile before heading up to my room on the 12th floor. At first, I had intended to lay down and go to sleep. But the night was so nice, and I walked out onto the balcony. ‘What a beautiful night…’ Kosho-sha suddenly said. ‘I agree…’ Naibu replied. ‘Yeah, I like it…’ Shai piped in. ‘Hmm… I suppose it does feel good…’ ‘Definitely…’

Everything seemed to be going well. The five of them were in a good mood, the night was calm, and everything felt peaceful. ‘Is that happiness I hear? How fun! I hate it. You know, here you are, relaxing in a town twenty hours away from where Jayden is. What if something happens to him and you aren’t there? You know, I could be wrong, but what if?’ ‘Will you just fuck off?!’ Goman suddenly shouted. Usually the other voices didn’t like to bother with Jiko. So it cut me off guard when Goman suddenly shouted. ‘No, but what if something is w-’ ‘Shhhh…’ Kosho-sha cut Shai off from saying anything else. ‘Hey, Goman’s right. Why don’t you just fucking leave?’ ‘Ah, ah, ah… you don’t get to tell me what to do!’ Jiko said joyfully. ‘I created all of you, remember? I could just make more, and get rid of you guys!’ ‘No, don’t do that!’ Naibu said timidly. ‘We love Jasper…’ ‘Then shut your mouths, all of you!’ ‘..........’ ‘Thank you…

‘Now, Jasper- why in the hell would you leave Jayden all alone at home? You know something was wrong, and you still left! Although, I guess he could be alright… ha, nah! Something was definitely wrong! And you left! Foolish Jasper!’ I slid down against the back of the balcony, clutching my head. “Please, stop…” I mumbled, grinding my teeth together. ‘You know, if something happens to Jayden, you’ll have done nothing to stop it. Because you’re a worthless piece of shit! An insignificant, meaningless, piece of-’ “Stop it…” I whimpered, pulling my knees up to my chest and burying my face in my arms.

‘You should just go die in a hole where no one will ever fi-’ ‘ENOUGH!!’ Four of my five friends shouted. I grabbed fistfuls of my hair as an argument rage on back and forth between Goman, Kosho-sha, Naibu, and Chusei, against Jiko. Shai was standing back, trying to say something that would make me feel better. But I could barely hear him. The war raged on and on, and I felt my head begin to ache. I took me a moment to realize I had been hitting it against the wall of the balcony. But I didn’t care. The pain made it harder for the voices to speak. “I just want to sleep…” I whimpered softly. Thunk… thunk… thunk… Gradually, as the pain began to build in the back of my head, the voice dulled. ‘Thank you for trying to help guys…’ was my last thought, before I fell into the dark abyss of oblivion.

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