The Three Jusketeer’s

This is a boyxboy book, don't like don't read.


4. Chapter 3

*Jasper’s P.O.V.*

    I decided that since I was done with midterms, and I didn’t have class today, I was going to go out. ‘Why not?’ I thought, smiling. ‘’Cause you’re a gay fag no one likes.’ ‘True,’ I thought, smiling. He wasn’t expecting that answer. I headed to my dresser and dug through it for my “party” clothes. The other two were gone for the day (god only know’s where)- I wasn’t hiding it for them, but they were just never here when I got dressed to go out. I picked a cute blue dress with a starry design on the bottom of it, with two crescent moons facing opposite each other. I set it aside, along a pair of matching shoes. Then, I headed to the bathroom to shower.

‘Yay! We’re going out!’ Naibu said excitedly. ‘Yeah, this will be fun!’ ‘Finally! It’s been forever!’ Chusei said, drawing out ‘forever.’ Frickin girls…’ I chuckled to myself as I showered. ‘They need some time too…’ Shai mumbled softly. ‘…I  guess so…’ ‘Awww, Goman, are you being nice to the girls?’ ‘Shut up!’ I chuckled again and finished showering. I stepped out and dried my hair. After it was dry, I dug through my top drawer, looking for my hair extensions. I put them in and headed for the dress I had laid out. Slipping it and the shoes on, I looked in the mirror. ‘Hmm… Other than the makeup… It’s missing something…’ ‘Accessories!’ All of the girls shouted at once. “Of course!” I shouted out loud, smiling. I dug through my drawers again, pulling out some ribbons and a blue choker. Once I put those on, I headed back for the bathroom. I pulled my makeup box out from under the sink. Once I finished, I studied myself in the mirror once more. ‘Perfect!’ Kosho-sha said. “Aw, thanks Kosho.” ‘Yeah, I agree.’ ‘Me too!’ Goman surprised me when he spoke up. ‘I suppose you look nice…’ ‘Mm-Mm!’ Shai agreed silently. I chuckled a smiled, sighing. I was ready to head out.

I grabbed my keys from my dresser, grabbing my for-show purse, slipping the keys in. Also inside of it was a stash of rainy day money, lipstick, other feminine products (all for show of course. I am still a GUY, even if I dress as a girl *huff*), and my wallet. Of course, I placed the wallet in the bottom of the purse, hiding it from view. I headed out the dorm, locking the door behind me. “Who’s that girl…?” I heard somebody whisper in the hallway as I walked past. “She came out of the Three Jusketeer’s room…” I mentally laughed at the nickname the other students had given us because of our names. “Do you think one of them is dating her…?” “But aren’t they all gay?” “No, only one of them is…” “She looks pretty similar to that serious nerdy one…” I turned to them and smiled, walking towards them. “Hey guys! Do you happen to know where my brother went? He told me he was going to be here today, and he even gave me his keys, but he wasn’t in his dorm…” The three other boys stared at me, and one of them was blushing. “Uh, no. We don’t know where they went… sorry…” I smiled and waved. “It’s no biggie! Thanks for your time!” I said cheerfully, before turning and walking down the hall to the stairs. “I didn’t know he had a sister…” “Yeah, neither did I…” “Well, she was pretty cute…” ‘Ha, idiots…’ I waited until I walked off of campus to put my glasses on. Even if I wasn’t hiding it from the other two, I knew damn well shit would come up if anyone else was smart enough to figure out who I was. So, my excuse was I was my own sister. ‘Weird, right?’ ‘Well, when you put it like that… Yeah...

I walked down the street, heading for my favorite bar, the Lily. It was a jazz themed bar, an easy place to pick people of all types of sexualities. ‘Oh Jasper… if your parents saw you like this…’ ‘Yeah, yeah, I know… Right now, I really don’t give a fuck… People are a lot nicer to you when you’re a girl anyways…’ ‘That’s true.’ ‘Hey, free drinks too!’ ‘Hell yeah!’ I laughed at the three of them, smiling. ‘You know sometimes you guys are like siblings- sometimes a pain in the ass, sometimes really fun company…’ ‘Well, when you go out like a girl, you become a lot nice too…’ ‘Yeah… more… what’s the word…’ ‘Confident,  I think. Yeah that… Because, as Jasper, you’re hardworking and serious, so you can get shit done in school and get a degree. Also so your bullshit parents won’t disown you. But as “Josephine,” you’re not scared. You don’t have the pressure of behaving and acting like Jasper. Know what I mean?’ I smiled and looked up to the sky.“Yeah, I know what you mean…”

Soft jazz music was playing in the background when I entered the bar. Technically, I wasn’t allowed to be in here drinking anything for another two years, but people in this town rarely followed the age restriction. “Hey Liam,” I said to the man behind the counter as I took a seat at the bar. “Hey little miss, you’re not suppose to be over here,” he said with a wink, chuckling. Liam and I had know each other for years. We grew up together for some extent of our childhood. I raised my eyebrows at him, smiling. We had a stare off until he crossed his arms, and sighed. “Fiiiiiinnnneee.” I raised my eyebrows at him again, and he gave me another wink with a smile, before walking off to go take someone’s order. I pulled my phone out and sent a text to Justine and Jayden. ‘Hey, I’m out at the moment, so I won’t be at the dorm when you guys get back.’ As I was finishing, someone came up to me and gently touched my shoulder, smiling.

“Hi there,” he said, sitting next to me. ‘Ooooh, he’s handsome…’ I smiled and gave a small wave. “Hi.” “I saw you sitting over here, and I couldn’t help myself…and uh…” ‘Awwww, he’s nervous!’ “Could I buy you a drink?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled a nodded. “That would be great…’ He seemed relieved and smiled, nodding and heading to the side Liam was on. My phone dinged, and I looked down to see a text from Jayden. “Hey, I’m not going to be home this weekend. Could you do something for me?” I looked up at who he sent it to, and it was just my number. I texted him back, “Depends on what you need me to do.” He didn’t respond, so I wasn’t sure if he got the text. The other man was back now, holding two drinks. “Thanks,” I told him with a smile. “Do you mind if I take a call real quick? I think something’s wrong with my friend…” “Yeah, sure, no problem,” he said, sitting down next to me. “Thank you.” I stepped outside and dialed Jayden’s number, putting the phone up to my ear.

*Ring… ring… ring…ri-*


“Hey, Jayden. Is everything alright?”

.Yeah, everything is fine-”

“Why aren’t you going to be at the dorm this weekend?”

“I just have things to do.”

“Where are you right now?

“Why does it matter?”

“Well… I guess it doesn’t really, but I was just kind of worried…”

    “I’m fine, i’m just hanging out with some friends that's all.”

“For the whole weekend?

“Yeah, why?”

    “Sorry, I don’t mean to sound nosey!” I chuckled nervously. “I just… I was kinda curious…”

“I’m fine- shit- I-I got to go!”

“Jayden? What’s wrong?”


    “……I don’t believe you”

‘I’ve- i’ve just got to go!”

“Jayden, what’s wrong?” At this point, I could tell something was wrong. His voice sounded… hurt, or something along those lines… There was a lot of noise in the background. If I stopped pestering him, he would hang up. Me, being the worrisome friend I was sometimes, wanted to know for sure that he was alright. So, I kept trying to ask him questions. “Are you mad at me? Did I do something?”

“I’m just FUCK-ing fine. Bye!”

    “Wait! What did I do? Please tell me!”

“You did nothing.”

    “Then why are you trying to hang up on me? I don’t mean to pester, truly. I’m just worried that I did something to make you mad…”

”I’m just doing something right now that needs my attention.”

    “Then what are you doing? What’s all that noise? And you sound out of breath…”

“I told you I’m doing somethi-…”




I heard a small beep and looked down at my phone to see that the call had ended. I cussed angrily, throwing my phone into my bag and sighing, I walked back into the bar and headed over to the man who had bought me a drink. “Hey, I really appreciate the drink, but something really important came up.” I dug into my purse and pulled out some money to pay the man back. “No need,” the man smiled, pushing the money back to me. “Are you sure? I feel really bad…” He smiled and nodded. “Thank you so much…” I said, smiling back at him. “Here, here’s my number.” I pulled out a card from my purse that had my number on it. “Maybe we can try this again some other time?” I asked, shrugging. “Sure, sounds great,” he said happily, with a grin plastered on his face. I smiled cheerfully and waved, before turning to leave. “Until then!”

    I broke into a sprint the minute I was out of the bar, heading for campus. ‘What the fuck did you do this time Jayden…?’ I thought, grumbling angrily. Once I reached the dorms, I ran up the stairs, keys already out so I could unlock my door. The dorm was empty when I entered. “Justine! Jayden!” Where the fuck were they? ‘I wonder if Justine’s with Jayden…?’ ‘I highly doubt it. That dumbfuck isn’t smart enough to watch out for Jayden…’ ‘Well, it isn’t really his job to… He isn’t Jayden personal babysitter or anything… I mean, he has his own things to deal with too…’  ‘That’s true…’ “Can all of you just shut the fuck up!” I yelled, yanking out the hair extensions. I grabbed some clothes and headed into the bathroom, washing off my face and switching to some normal clothes. I then ran back into the room and grabbed my phone. I immediately dial for Jayden, but it went straight to voicemail.

I was about to dial Justine, when he suddenly walked into the dorm room. “Oh, hey Jasper. I thought you weren’t going to be here t-” “Where’s Jayden?!” I asked anxiously grabbing his shoulders. “Not with me, I thought he was with you.” “Dammit!” I yelled angrily, clenching my fist. “So you have no idea of where he could be?” I asked, frustrated, grabbing a fistful of my hair. “Okay, calm down and explain first.”

    I groaned, before taking a deep breath. “I got a text from Jayden saying that he wouldn’t be here this weekend. I was curious, so I asked where he was, but he was acting strange. I think something’s wrong, but he wouldn’t tell me what. I kept asking him, because something was obviously wrong, but he wouldn’t answer, and it pisses me off. He got cut off, before his line ended. And I don’t know where the fucker is! Ugh!” I paced anxiously back and forth, as Justine stood and listen. He remained silent until I finished, before speaking. “I’m sure he is fine. Now, I have to pack.”  

    I stared at him in disbelief, before turning and heading for the door. I walked out of the dorm, slamming the door shut behind me as I headed down the hall. “Maybe you’re just looking to far into this… I’m sure Jayden is alright…’ Naibu suddenly said. ‘Stay out of this!’ I hissed mentally. ‘Hey, calm your shit! She was just trying to help!’ Goman butted in. ‘Yeah, that was a little harsh…’ I wiped at my eyes sharply, upset, trying to keep myself from crying. ‘I know, I just- I’m sorry, but I’m freaking out…’ I headed down the streets, one destination in mind. I reached the park that held the tall pine tree. When I reached it’s base, I grabbed the first low hanging branch, pulling myself up.

    I began to climb, higher and higher, away from the ground below. Once I reached the highest branches that were still capable of holding me, I sat down with my back against the trunk. I rested my head back against it, looking up through the remaining branches at the top and sighing. Maybe I was looking too far into it. But I was still worried as hell. ‘What if something is wrong…?’  ‘God damnit Shai, you’re not helping!’ ‘Well, he could be right…’ ‘No! I’m sure Jayden’s fine! He’s a capable young man!’ ‘You guy all just need to shut the fuck up! Please! You aren’t making Jasper’s life any easier!’ ‘Since when have we?’ ........

    Their voices, mixed with my own thoughts, raced through my mind, as I pulled my knees up to my chest, burying my face. ‘Shai could be right. Something could be really wrong- and here you are, sitting here, doing absolutely nothing…’ This was another one of the other voices that I had in my head. One that contributed to the majority of thoughts that I had. This voice was the one that scared me the most. The one that basically controlled my life. This voice was the voice of my conscious, Jiko. The one that couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to be hopeful and naive, like Naibu. Or whether to be worried all the time like Shai. Or maybe angry like Goman. Rather be any of those, more often than not, he was evil. Cruel. Filled my mind with terrifying thoughts. Ones that stuck.

    “Jayden could be in big trouble. Or maybe he’s perfectly fine, and you’re just over exaggerating like some drama queen. But then again, he sounded pretty troubled…’ “Shut up!” I screamed, grabbing fistfuls of my hair, my eyes watering. ‘You could be here throwing a pity party with yourself while Jayden stands all alone by himself, enduring who know what…’

    “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up…’ I kept screaming before they became choked with sobs. ‘…shut up… shut up…” I whispered, tears streaming down my face. “Just shut up… please… I can’t take it anymore…” ‘Oh, but Jayden… I’ll never shut up… NEver…’

*Justine's P.O.V.*

    I stared at the door where Jasper stormed out. What is up with him? Jayden has to be fine, right? I shook the thought out of my head and grabbed a bag to pack. Throwing random clothes into the red duffle bag, I pulled out my phone to text a special someone.


From me: ‘Hey pumpkin, I’m sorry I can’t come home for break, but I hope you like the gift I got you 😜’


From Madilyn: ‘The only gift I want is you 😞’


    I chuckled at his text and texted back a sorry again. I put my phone away and zipped up my bag. I headed out the dorm room, making sure to lock the door behind me. I stopped to think for a moment. “Why did Jasper get so mad?” I said to myself. Once again, I shook the thought away and put my mind to Madilyn. He was the important one right now.

    I made my way down the stairs, to the parking lot, and into my car with a sigh. I put my car into drive and made my way to the airport. I walked in, got my ticket, and made my way to the gate to wait. As I waited my mind, once again, went back to how Jasper was acting. “Really Justine? You hate him stop thinking about him.” I said to myself and the person next to me gave me a look. I gave him a look back and moved over a couple of seats, still staring at him.

    I thought about texting him, then I remembered how mad he was at me. So, I decided not to shoot him a text, mainly for the health of me. Just then my plane was called and the gate was opened. I got up and boarded my plane, happy to be going back home for a few days.



    After the long seven and a half hour flight back home, I texted my mom to come pick me up. I was sitting in her car listening to her go on and on about what I have missed, when she caught me off guard with a question. “So, why are you back home so sudden, I thought you were chilling with friends?” She asked. I sunk down in my seat a little. “Mom, no one talks like that anymore, and I am back for…..” “Madilyn? Oh you two are so cute and so in love. What did you get him for the holidays? Oh I bet it’s something pretty, or something cute.” She cooed. I smiled and rolled my eyes at my mom. She hadn’t changed one bit.

    “Mom, calm down.” I chuckled. She gave me a big smile. “So you are here for him?” She asked and I nodded. Her smile seemed to grow. “Then, maybe you can finally give him a ring, I mean you two have been engaged for awhile now, so he deserves a ring as a reminder.” She pointed out. Nodded knowing that if I didn’t agree or say tomorrow or something like that, I would get my ass kicked. “Good...Now how is school? How are your roommates? Are they nice? Are they calling you mean words like Faggot or anything? Because if they are then I’m gonna drop kick them into space.” She said using her hands why she talked. That was one thing I loved about her, she couldn’t talk unless she was able to move her hands. “Mom, the school is amazing. My roommates are nice. And no, they aren’t calling me any names so there is no need to drop kick anyone.” I chuckled.

    She gave me a look and then faced the road again. “What is with the look on your face, Justine?” She questioned. I dropped my smile and stared out the window. “Well, they haven’t given me any shit because they don’t know I am engaged, and that the person I am engaged too is a male.” I stated. My mom stomped on the breaks and I went face first into the car's dash. “WHAT!” She yelled. I covered my nose with my hand. “Ow.” Was all I could say. “WHY WOULD YOU KEEP SOMEONE LIKE MADILYN A SECRET!?” I turned to see her angry face. “Why are you getting all mad all of the sudden, I just haven’t gotten around to talking about my home life.” I stated, still covering my bleeding nose. “And that hurt.” I cried. She took a deep breath and relaxed a little. “Sorry, it’s just that, why would you keep someone you love so much a secret? I mean your father couldn’t keep his mouth shut about me, he told even strangers how amazing I was...So, what makes you different?” She asked putting the car back into drive. I let out a sigh and grabbed a tissue for my bleeding nose. “I don’t know, I just, I don’t know.” I couldn’t think of a reason for my actions.

    We drove in silence for a few minutes. Once we were almost home, my mom spoke. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break your nose. But who knows, you probably deserved it.” She said pulling into the driveway. I gave her a look, but she ignored me and got out. I let out sigh and did the same. How come everytime I come home, I get beat up?

    I made my way into the house and was met by a big bear hug. “Aw, look how big you are getting. You are as cute as the day you were born.” The female squealed. I pried her off of me and stared at my older sister. “No, I’m not cute, I am handsome.” I state throwing my bag on the floor. “No you’re cute.” I heard another voice. I looked behind my sister to see my dad standing in the kitchen door frame. “It sounds creepy coming from you.” I told him as I gave him a big hug. He chuckled and hugged me back. Then he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Now, go get’em tiger.” He said. I felt my face heat up as I backed away from him. My mom and sister disappeared into the kitchen, so I made my way out the door.

    I stepped outside, it was getting a little dark, but that was fine. I walked two houses down. Then I made my way up to the porch of the last house on the block. It was as peaceful as I remembered it. I let out a sigh, mainly because I haven’t seen Madilyn in awhile. I rang the doorbell. I heard shuffling, then the door opened. Madilyn’s brother was at the door. “Oh, hello Justine, hang on.” He said and let me in. Then he went over to the stairs. “Madilyn! Someone is here to see you!” He yelled up. He turned and smiled at me, then he went into the other room. “Who the hell is here at this time…..” Madilyn stopped talking when he saw me standing there. His blonde hair was all messy, my guess he was taking a nap, and his purple and gray eye stare at me.

    I smiled at him and he frowned. Well shit. “You jackass!” He snapped. “Nice to see you too, pumpkin.” I state and frown. Every single time I visit, he is mad at me for the first day. “I thought you weren’t coming.” He huffed out and came down the stairs. “I told you that you would like your gift, so I got you what you always ask for when I am gone….” I paused as he stared at me with confusion. I let out another sigh and walked over to him kissing him on his soft lips. “I got you me.” I said with a smile on my face. He rolled his eyes and smacked me, then pulled me in for another kiss.

    Now it was my turn to be confused. “Why did you hit me?” I asked. He crossed his arms over his chest. “You deserved it for something.” He stated. I frowned again. “Both you and my mom.” I said. Then he smiled, showing off his cute dimples and his white teeth. That was the smile I missed so much. Who knew being in America for college would be so hard when you are from France.


*Jayden’s P.O.V.*

    My legs shook as I tried to stand. “Damn…” I cursed as I made my way to the bathroom. Every step was filled with hot pain. Normally I would have just laid there, on the floor, and waited for Brandon to come. Today was his day off though, and I didn’t want to bother him. He was finally seeing his boyfriend. You see, Brandon has to look after me while his boyfriend is a model. Because of this they never got to see each other often. I guess that it doesn’t help that his boyfriend was also French so, the gap widens there. Thankfully I convinced Brandon to see him while he is in America.

    Stumbling into the bathroom, I tried to ignore my reflection in the mirror. It didn’t work and I focused on my dreadful reflection. I had dry blood under my nose and a large cut my cheek. There was a large bruise on my other cheek, forehead, and at the corners of my mouth. A large hand print was wrapped around my neck and more dried blood flecked my chest. “Fuck.” That was the only word that processed in my mind. “How am I going to hide this?” I questioned myself. Examining the wounds closer. I slowly shook my head and just tried to keep the tears back. Stepping away from the mirror, I try to clean myself up as best as I could.


*blackout- Skip*

    I snuggled into a warm blanket. Wait- I froze for a second before slowly opening my eyes. When I saw no one I shot up. Where are they? For some reason it made me more scared that they weren’t there then when they are. A little white note caught my eye. I carefully picked it up.


Dear Prince,

Since you have been good we have given you your own room. Also there is more medical supplies in the bathroom, and food will be brought to you twice a day. There is some booze in the cabinet below the TV and some sweets. Hope you have a good day resting.


The note was unsigned but, I already knew who they were. I think his name was Adam. Out of all of them he is one of the sweetest. Don’t let that fool you, he is also one of the most dangerous out of all of them. He had light brown hair and soft caramel eyes. No girl, or man, could resist him. I turned the note over and found that Adam had written a name of a show and the time it was on. My only guess was that this was his show he was talking about last time. I didn’t care about that. What I did care about was a little message written to Brandon. It said something I didn’t quite understand. The only thing I understood was the beginning. It read ‘I hope you like the show you cold hearted son of a bitc-’’ I didn’t read the rest. I was too panicked at the sound of footsteps.

The door unlocked and slowly opened. Setting the note card down I prepare to try not to throw up at the site of one of them. To my surprise, it was Adam behind the door. “Hey,” he started softly. “You’re awake already? I figured it would be a couple more hours before you would wake.” I smiled softly at him. “Trust me, I want to go back to sleep for a couple more hours.” My fear was slowly fading revealing a huge headache. "Yeah." He kicks the door close and walks over to me. I pushed myself up and layed my head on my headboard. I pulled up my legs as Adam sat down a silver tray. Silver trays either held something really good or really bad.

Adam sat down next to me. He didn't say a word for a while. It was begging to make me nervous until he suddenly pulled me into his chest. Neither of us said anything. I felt him slowly mess with my hair. "If only I could snatch you away from them." Adam admitted after a while. "I know." was all I could muster. "A lot of people want me out of this already." Adam laughed and held me closer. "Who? Brandon?" He continued to laugh. "That little bitch couldn't even take care of a rock!" His grip tightened further. "He doesn't even deserve to lick the dirt off your shoes." Now his hug was less loving and more suffocating. "Adam." I breathed out, hoping he would get the hint. He didn't, of course. "Adam." I breathed out again. "Can't breath." This time he got the hint and lessened his grip. "I'm sorry Jay." I shook my head and just smiled at him.. I already had enough bruises, I didn’t need more.

“Hey,” Adam started. “I’m going to Greece in a couple of weeks. Do you want to come with me? I know this really good restaurant there.” In a couple of weeks. I guess that would be fine and I wouldn’t have to entirely lie to the guys. “Sure. I guess I can spare some time.” I answered slowly. The look on his face made me forget for a second my situation. “Awsome!” He yelled. Grabbing my shoulders his mouth opened before his phone started to ring. His eye twitched before he answered his phone. “Yes!” He yelled into his phone. Even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying, the look on Adam's face told me all that I need to know. “Fine.” Adam replied through clenched teeth. “I’ll be there in a few.”

“Did something go wrong on set?” I asked. He looked at me and his rage slowly calming down. “Yeah, they want me to come in and sub for a little bit. Nothing major; I should be done in an hour or two but, still. Today was supposed to be my day off. I was going to spend it with you!” His entire body started to shake with rage. I placed my hand on his arm and quietly said. “It’s alright, we are going to Greece in a couple weeks.” I reminded him. Slowly his body calmed down once more. “You’re right.” He stated before standing up. “Before I leave.” He pointed to the silver tray. “There’s lunch and some pain meds for your headache.” All I did was nod my head in thanks. He smiled at me and left without saying another word.

This is what I like about Adam and the others like him. They actually treated me like a person and not just like an object. ‘Lets see what he got me.’ I thought to myself. Opening the silver lid I gasped. It was filled with eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. A small cup of tea was on the side with a small piece of toast. “They weren’t kidding when ever they said I would get two meals a day.” I breathed out astonished at all of the food. Of course it was like any other meal to a person but to me this was a lot of food compared to what they used to give me.

I ate in silence and stared out my large window. I was about six or seven stories high with a wonderful view of the lake nearby my collage. “I wonder what Justin and Jasper are doing right now?” I questioned aloud before it hit me. I left them in the same dorm room for the entire winter break. I have learned really fast not to leave them alone together for long periods of time. At least twenty things will be broken whenever I get back.. Just thinking about all the trouble they probably will cause made my headache get substantially worse. When I was done with my food I closed the curtains, electronically of course, and popped the pills into my mouth. ‘I vote for a cat nap while I still can.’ I thought to myself. Pulling the soft blankets over my head I let the pills take effect. ‘When will this be over?’ I asked myself before letting the abyss consume my thoughts.

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