The Three Jusketeer’s

This is a boyxboy book, don't like don't read.


2. Chapter 1

*Jasper’s P.O.V.*

    I walked to my dorm, sighing. It had been a long day, and I had just finished my midterm exams. “Justine! Jayden! Are you guys here?” I called out as I unlocked the door to my dorm, peeking inside. It was awfully silent… I stepped in, closing the door behind me. “Hello?” Nothing. I didn’t like the feeling of this… They were suppose to be back by now… Shrugging, I walked over to my bed and layed down, turning on the T.V. I flipped through the channels, until I found one that seemed somewhat interesting. Halfway through, I felt my eyelids getting heavy. ‘I sure probably call and make sure they’re okay…’ I thought, yawning. ‘I’m sure they’re fine.’ But they’re idiots. They could have easily done something stupid.’ Yeah, I guess you’re right…’ I sat up and dug through my pockets for my phone.

I was beginning to think Justine wasn’t going to answer, when the ringing stopped and someone picked up. “Hello?” “Jayden?” I ask, laying back down. “Yeah?” “Hey, where are you guys at?” I could hear Justine yelling in the background. “We went out to eat.” I made a pouty face, even though he couldn’t see it. “Without me? Assholes.” I said, somewhat jokingly, and somewhat angrily, hanging up and tossing my phone next to me. A few minutes later, I received a message. It was from Jayden. ‘Sorry! We were hungry! I’ll bring you back something. What do you want to eat?’ I sighed and smiled, shaking my head. Those dorks… I put my phone back down before turning onto my side and curling up. ‘Eating without us… how could they?’ ‘They said they were hungry…’ Yeah, but still. They could’ve waited for us and invited us.’ Well maybe they didn’t want you with them.’ That’s true.’ “Oh shut up all of you…” I mumbled softly to the voices, yawing and closing my eyes and letting sleep consume me.


*Jayden’s P.O.V.*


    Setting down my pencil, I check the clock.. I somehow finished with two minutes to spare.. Man that math midterm was kinda hard. Getting up, I see some people look up with surprise. Even the teacher seemed surprised. Of course she is; she gave me almost unsolvable questions. I know she just hates me because I don’t have to be paying attention to her to get an A in her class. “Here you go Miss. Diamond.” I say while handing her the paper. “T-thanks.” Miss. Diamond replied before going back to her usual attitude. “You can go now.” All I did was nod my head in agreement before heading out the door.

    When I closed the door, softly, behind me I let out a long sigh. “That was the longest hour in my life.” Chuckling to myself, I push off the door. “I vote that I take a long cat nap.” Oup, better check my messages first. Digging through my bag I panic. ‘Where is my phone?!’ Just then I felt my cold phone case. ‘Thank god…’ Pulling out my phone I unlock it. Lets see; a couple missed messages from my sister, and one missed call from Brandon. ‘Great what does he want now?’ I thought bitterly to myself. Splash. Splash. I’ma taking a bath. My ring tone echos through the empty hallway. All I could do was stare at the phone. speak of the bitchy devil. “Hello.” I answer, trying not to show my annoyance.

    Right before Brandon could say a word, Justine came barreling down the hallway. Grabbing the collar of my jacket, he started to drag me. Poor Brandon, he probably thought I was being kidnapped When Justine finally let go, we were at his car. “What?” I asked Justine tiredly. “Aren't you supposed to still be in your English midterm? “Oh, I’m already done with that. It’s really easy.” Justine said without a second thought. ‘Yeah for you..’ I thought with despair. Then both Justine and Brandon asked in unison.  “Who’s that you talking to?” I froze and quickly answered with “No one.” Before hanging up on Brandon. “Anyways.” I started putting my phone into my pocket. “What did you want?” I ask.. “It’s a secret.” Justine responded before opening the passenger door.

    Get kidnapped by Justine, or running and waiting for Jasper to get done with his midterm? Getting in the car, I sigh. I hope there is at least food where we are going. All Justine did was smile before getting into the car himself. By the look on his face something tells me that what ever he is doing might not end well… Oh well, it would be better than trying to find Jasper’s class and waiting there awkwardly..

*Justine's P.O.V.*

    “Justine? Where are you taking me?” Jayden asked me. I ignored his question and continued to drag him to my car. He kept on complaining. Man, he was getting annoying. “I am taking you out to eat, so you can shut up now.” I said in annoyance. He didn’t reply, and that worried me. Jay is the only roommate that I like, and when I can’t read him, it worries me. “What about Jasper?” He asked. I wanted to turn and scream at him. Who needs a Jasper? I know I don’t.

    We made it to my truck and I unlocked it. Jay silently got in and didn’t say anything. I wonder what he is thinking about? I put the car into drive and we started the short drive to the cafe. “Don’t you think we should at least invit Jasper… He is getting out of his class soon.” He said more than asked, “No.” I growled. I felt his eyes on me.

    “Why not?” He asked. I ignored him once again. I was hoping that he would understand my hint. I didn’t want Jasper to go with us. I just wanted to talk to my friend alone for once. It’s like Jasper and Jayden are always together. Finally, I parked at the cafe and turned off the truck. “Are you going to answer me?” Jay asked. Okay, maybe he won’t get my hint. “Because, I have to ask you something.” I stated. He nodded. We got out and made our way into the building.

    We got seated and waited on. I was starving and couldn’t wait until the food got here. I felt like I was going to die. I was about to open my mouth and talk, when my phone started ringing. I didn’t see who it was from, but Justine immediately picked it up. “Hello?” he asked, but I couldn’t hear who he was talking to. “Yeah?” He said into the phone and I was getting annoyed. I wanted to ask him something and this happens. I let out a sigh. Then I heard a small voice come from the phone asking where we were. I knew it was Jasper. “We went out to eat!” I yelled so the phone could pick it up. Then that was it, before Jayden opened his mouth, he pulled the phone from his ear. I gave him a questioning look. “He hung up.” Jay said and started typing on his phone. I knew that he was texting Jasper now. Great, now I am going to have to pay for three people. My lucky day- not.

    Finally he put his phone on the table when the food came. I started to dig into my pancakes right away. I mean, why not? They were a amazing in this place. “Anyway, Justine? What was your question you had for me?” He asked out of nowhere. I looked up at him with a mouth full of the amazing food. I swallowed what was in my mouth to answer him. “Just forget about it.” I told him. He gave me yet another one of his looks. He opened his mouth, but I beat him to it. “It was stupid and not a very good question, so forget about it.” I said hoping he would get the hint. He never brought it back up again. Not while we finished eating, not on the car drive home. But, he did have me get Jasper something. I have no idea what food he got him. All I knew, was that I paid for it.

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