Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


2. In Which We See The One Rocky Mountain

Pooh and his friends had been following Goat and Pigeon for four hours. It was when they reached the top of a big grass-covered hill that they finally stopped to rest. The Forest Protection rangers gave them plastic bottles of water for them to drink, while Rabbit offer everyone the last little vegetables he had grown in his garden before the heffalumps and woozels dug it all up with their infernal machines.

            “What is this place, Mr. Goat?” Pooh asked.

            “You’re on a hill,” Goat explained. “The Twelve Hilly Hill, to be precise. And you’re outside the Hundred Acre Wood.”

            Pooh and his friends gasped. Neither of them had ever left the Hundred Acre Wood in their whole lives.

            “When can we go back to it?” Piglet asked.

            “I don’t think you can,” Goat said sadly. He explained that those huffalumps and woozels have by now nearly seized the whole of the forest. He went on to say that was not the only evil deed they did, they have been doing it to others forest and lands to build cities onto them for their own pleasure. They have been doing it for seven years. Many Forest Protection Rangers have tried to stop them, but have failed. But they did manage to rescue all the other animals before their lands were taken away from them. Refugees is what the Forest Protection rangers called them. Roo couldn’t understand, but Kanga explained it in a way she knew only he would understand.

            “So where are we heading to now?” Tigger asked.

“We’re making our way to the One Rocky Mountain,” Pigeon explained. “That’s where our home is and where the other refugees live.”

            “I just hope that this mountain will have areas to grow vegetables,” Rabbit said, as he and the rest continued their journey.



Two more hours later, Pooh and his friends were finally brought to the One Rocky Mountain. It was bigger than they thought and any mountain they have ever seen in the Hundred Acre Wood. It looked tall enough to reach the sky. It was covered with nothing but green moss and loose stones.

            Goat and Pigeon took Pooh and his friends to a massive hole at the mountain base. This was the entrance to the One Rocky Mountain. They were approached by three Forest Protection Rangers. It was a newt, a mole and a sparrow. Goat and Pigeon showed them their badgers and reported that Pooh and his friends were new refugees. Then the rangers escorted the new refugees inside the mountain.

            Pooh and his friends weren’t too impressed with what they saw. As if there was not a lot to look at besides damp rocks, it was so chilly that Tigger couldn’t even bounce hard or long enough to warm up.

            Then something caught the eyes of the new refugees. They could see more animals – birds, foxes, badgers, frogs and lizards among others. There was a massive pool filled with lots of water where the fish and the aquatic creatures lived. They all looked tired, ill, hungry and very sad. They were all wearing very thin clothes full of big holes. Goat and Pigeon told the new refugees that these animals were among the first refugees that they collected seven years ago.

            Seven years ago was when the heffalumps and woozels had started to take their animals’ homes and build their empires. They had never stopped since and Goat and Pigeon said it was highly unlikely they would ever stop.

            Owl started his story of how his Great Uncle Isambard fought in the war against the Invading Magpies.

            “Oh, I knew your Great Uncle Isambard, Owl,” Goat told him. “He was a very inspiring owl. In fact, he inspired me to join the Forest Protection Rangers.”
            That was the first good news Owl had heard all day. Sadly, the same could not be said for the rest of his friends.

            They were taken to a big desk where a big black cat with shiny whiskers and green eyes was writing on paper with a feather and ink.

            “Welcome, my new friends,” he said warmly. “I am President Cat. I’m the one who is in charge of this whole mountain. Just state your names so I can mark them down and then we’ll sort you out to your new homes.”

            After Pooh and his friends told President Cat their names, he signed them onto the paper. Then he gave them the last clothing and bedding they could offer.

“The last? Piglet asked.

“Yes, you guys are the lucky ones to get this last stuff,” Goat told them. “If we find any more refugees, we might struggle to help them.”

“Are there any more mountains for future refugees?” Rabbit suggested.

“Not for another twenty miles,” Goat sadly told him. “Not to mention that those heffalumps and woozels will have captured most of them now. We must focus on protecting this mountain.”

Then President Cat took them down to their new homes which were merely rooms – stone cold rooms. They were grateful for having somewhere to sleep, but they couldn’t help but think it was too gloomy. The bed was only a piece of cardboard and there was no window. Tigger’s room didn’t have much space for him to bounce up and down. And Rabbit’s room didn’t have any space to grow except for wild mushrooms.

Pooh was the saddest and worrying out of all of the new refugees. Not because he wasn’t in his house or a bee to make honey for him, but because he was wondering where Christopher Robin was and if he would ever see him again.

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