Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


7. In Which Roo Gets A Surprise

Pooh and his friends were in awe as they looked around the insides of the mansion. It was massive and beautiful. Everywhere had the cleanest carpets, the shiniest candles, the grandest china and the largest and most interesting looking paintings. Even Rabbit was amazed with how big and healthy the kitchen’s organic vegetables were looking. In fact, he became so jealous of them; he wished his own carrots would grow as well as them.

            “Guys, we are on a mission here,” Goat said. “Stay focused.”

            Everyone returned to focusing on looking for the Honey throughout the mansion.

            “Where could the Honey be?” Piglet asked.

            “I know that it’s not in the kitchen,” Pooh said. “Rabbit and I searched in there. There was lots of yummy food but no honey. Not even sticky parts.”

            “Well, if this Honey is very special,” Rabbit said, “I’m sure it wouldn’t be on show. The Jagular would probably hide it somewhere he doesn’t want us to look for it.”

            “Well, then, let’s search for some unusual places,” Goat said.

            They looked everywhere for unusual places, but they got no different results than the popular ones.

            Pigeon saw Roo was struggling to takes some books from a bookcase. He flew to him. “Need any help, Roo?”

            Roo strained when he tried to lift a heavy book up. “These books are very heavy. I wonder if the Honey is behind the bookcase or if there’s a secret tunnel to it.”

            Pigeon thought Roo could be right so he decided to help. They nearly emptied the bottom shelf. There was one book left and they were nothing behind it.

            “Maybe there’s something behind the higher shelves,” Roo suggested.

            Pigeon looked up and saw that there were nine more shelves of books to look through. He groaned at how much there was to look through. As he started to fly, he accidentally kicked the last book on the bottom shelf. He also noticed it only fell halfway, not completely off. He tried to take it off, but it wouldn’t move.

            Then the whole bookshelf was moving further backwards towards the wall. Then it split in half and revealed a dark hole.

            Roo and Pigeon were joined by the rest of their friends.

            “Well done, Pigeon, Roo,” Goat said.

            Roo and Pigeon blushed as their friends made a fuss of them. Then Goat told everyone to be quiet as he tried to listen to something. Everyone else tried to hear what he was hearing, but all they could hear was footsteps.

            “Quick! We need to get in before the heffalumps and woozels gets back here and see us,” Goat said.

            “But it’s very dark in there,” Tigger protested. “How can we see where we’re going if we don’t have light?”

            “We have a light,” Pigeon said. “Just trust me. Now, get in.”
            Pooh and his friends did as they were told though it was dark as they thought it would be when they went in. It went even darker after Goat and Pigeon shut the bookcase behind them. But then everyone got light when the Forest Protection Rangers shone their bright torches.

            “See? We weren’t lying,” Pigeon said.

            “No, you weren’t,” Kanga said.

            “Now, let’s get moving,” Goat said, leading the way down the wooden stairs.

            Pooh and his friends followed them.



The bottom of the stairs took them into a big room. It was massive, dark with only two lit candles on the wall, wet and smelt like it hadn’t been cleaned out for years.

            “This reminds me of a dungeon,” Owl said. “I remember my Uncle Benedict telling me when he was in a –”

            “Yes, Owl,” Goat said. “There will be another time and place to hear all about your Uncle Benedict. But now we mustn’t lose focus on finding the Honey.” Then he told everyone to searched around the whole room and be as quick as they could.

            “Is this the Honey?” Kanga asked, a few minutes later. She was looking inside a big grey cauldron.

            Everyone gathered around the cauldron and looked inside. They saw inside but a shiny yellow liquid.

            “Hmm,” Pooh said happily. “That looks yummy.” He reached his paw in but was stopped by Kanga.

            “That honey is not for eating, dear,” she told him.

            “Kanga’s right,” Goat said. “This could be the Honey, although I’m not sure how we can find out.”

            “I know a way,” Rabbit said. He went to Owl and plucked one of his feather.

            “Just what are you doing with my feather that you painfully plucked?” Owl demanded angrily.

            “You’ll see,” Rabbit said. He dropped the plucked feather into the liquid. They stared at it for a long time and nothing happened.

            “Maybe it’s not the Honey we were hoping for,” Eeyore said.

            Pooh’s tummy rumbled. “But it could be what I can have for supper.” He reached in the cauldron, but a shiny light stopped him. It was coming from the feather in the cauldron. It started to gleam more.

            Everyone thought that feather turned to be more beautiful than the rest of Owl’s feathers, except Owl himself. “Thank you for making out that the rest of my feathers are ugly.”

            “You’re welcome, Owl,” Piglet said.

            “Piglet, I think Owl was being sarcastic,” Rabbit said.

            “I don’t know what that means,” Piglet said.

            As Rabbit explained what sarcasm was and Piglet and everyone apologised for hurting Owl’s feelings, Goat reached in to pick the shiny feather up. “I think this is the Honey after all.” He turned to Pigeon. “Get the vials out and take a sample.”

            Pigeon got ten vials out and gave half to Goat. Then they got busy filling them up with the Honey.

            “Why would the Jagular want to keep the Honey down here?” Tigger asked.

“I think he wants to stop nature from growing,” Goat said. “We know how he does it, but not why.”

When he and Pigeon finished with the vials, Goat told everyone to find a way out.

“Why not just go back the way we came?” Tigger asked. “Back up those stairs and through the bookcase. It’ll be a lot easier.”

“Easier, but not practical,” Pigeon said. “The heffalumps and woozels will be back in the mansion now and we’ll get spotted if we go back out there.”

“Hey, what about over there?” Roo asked, as he pointed to something.

Everyone saw a dark hole in the middle of the wall. Goat and Pigeon shone their torches in and couldn’t find anything dangerous in it. They told their friends to crawl through and they follow after them. Then their torches shone metal cages around them and the darkness above them was gone when bright light bulbs hung above them.

The Forest Protection Rangers and their friends were confused about how they got into the massive metal cage they were in. Then they heard laughter. Cruel laughter. Cruel laughter coming from a male brown kangaroo wearing a black clothing with a cape behind him. He clapped his hands in a mockingly way.

“Who is this?” Roo asked.

“This is General Boomer,” Pigeon said.

“Hello, guys,” General Boomer said. “This is a real treat.”

“A real treat for what, Boomer?” Goat said, frowning.
            “Well, this is a treat for you because you get a tour of a wonderful mansion,” Boomer said, “and it’s a treat for us because we don’t get visitors very often.”

“Us?” Rabbit said. “I don’t see anyone else except you.”

Boomer looked behind him, sighed and clapped his hands. Behind him came a whole of heffalumps and woozels. He turned to them. “Take them to the boss. He’s going to be delighted. But leave me the kangaroos. I will escort them myself.”

As Kanga and Roo fearfully watched the heffalumps and woozels take their friends away, they were worried as Boomer approached them.

“Well, guys, it’s been a long time,” he said cheerily. “I wonder how we’re going to make this a wonderful family reunion.”

Roo was confused. “Family reunion? Mama, he’s not –”

Kanga sighed. “I’m afraid so, dear. He’s your papa."

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