Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


5. In Which Roo and Pigeon Tell Everyone What They Know

Pooh and his friends had managed to hide inside a small dark cave. Tigger and Eeyore were hiding behind the walls near the entrance to keep an eye out for heffalumps or woozels. While they were doing that, Pigeon and Roo were telling the rest what they learned about the Jagular’s plan before they got locked up as spies.

            “After we left the One Rocky Mountain,” Pigeon said, “we went to the Thirty Two Ice Cap. I flew myself and Roo to the icy roof and we jumped in from a big hole. We stood on a tall ice cap and we listened to the Jagular’s plans from his heffalump and woozel messengers.

            “The Jagular had finally found the long lost power that had been thought to be a myth – The Honey.”

            Pooh and his friends were amazed.

            “Did you say ‘Honey’?” Pooh asked.

            “I did say honey,” Pigeon said. “But it’s not honey that’s been made by bees or manuka honey. It’s not even a food. This Honey is the name of a magic source that was created by whom no one knows, but it was created to rule the world.”

            “Well, we’re too late, aren’t we?” Rabbit said. “I mean if the Jagular has this so-called Honey, he had already won and we lost.”

            “Not necessary,” Pigeon said. “He has just found the jar that contains the Honey. He can’t open it or unleash out in the open… yet. That’s all the messengers told the soldiers at the Thirty Two Ice Cap before they left to tell all the other soldiers at the other posts.”

            “Don’t think just because you found more clues about this mystery you’re not going to get into trouble,” Goat told him.

            “Yes, sir,” Pigeon said.

            “So we’ve got to go to the Jagular’s home and find this honey before he gets it open,” Roo said.

            His friends couldn’t think of anything better so they seemed to agree with what he suggested. The only ones who didn’t seem to agree were Kanga and Goat.

            “The mansion is the most heavily guarded place as it’s where the Jagular lives and works,” Goat told them. “We have only been able to find it. No one has ever had the strength or the intelligence to sneak in at all.”

            “So?” Pigeon said. “We’ll just go to the mansion and decide what to do while we’re on the job.”

            “Including revealing where the One Rocky Mountain is,” Goat said moodily.

            Everyone turned to face him.

            “Why would we do that?” Tigger asked. “It makes no sense.”
            “We know where the mountain is,” Goat said. “If we get captured, they will make us tell them where it if we don’t wanted to be hurt. Not only will we put ourselves at risk, we will put everyone at the mountain. Whatever action we take will affect others.”

            Everyone turned to Kanga. She seemed so worried.

            “What’s up, Mama?” Roo asked. “Don’t you think it’s great that we finally have new hope?”

            “Yes, dear, I do,” Kanga said, without looking at him and not sounding too hopeful.

            “Seems like she’s keeping a secret from us,” Eeyore said.

            “What secrets are you keeping from us, Kanga?” Piglet said.

            She still didn’t reply.

            “You know, bottling things up won’t do you any good, Kanga,” Owl told her. “It will only make things worse.”

            Kanga took a deep breath and turned back to her friends. “Okay, here is what’s worrying me. Years ago – ”

            “Everyone, shh!” Tigger whispered, as he looked out. “Woozels approaching.”

            “Hide!” Goat ordered. They hid behind the entrance and watched the woozels passing by.

            “That’s the same messengers that report the Jagular’s news,” Pigeon told them. “If we follow them, they could take them to the mansion.”
            “And maybe we could get disguised as them and enter the mansion,” Roo added.

            “Well done, rookie ranger,” Pigeon told him.

            “Don’t get any ideas,” Goat warned them. “He is not a rookie ranger until he starts his training. And he’s too young to join the rangers. Just ten years too young.” Then he turned to the woozel messengers who were nearly out of my sight. “Okay, let’s go.” And he and Pigeon led their friends as they followed their enemies to their headquarters.

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