Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


4. In Which Roo and Pigeon Are Missing

Pooh and his friends woke up the next morning to hear screaming. It was coming from Kanga.

            “ROO’S MISSING!” she screamed.

            Pooh and his friends were shocked to hear that. They helped her look around the whole One Rocky Mountain to find Roo, but they had no success.

            Master Goat bumped into them. “What’s going on?”

            “MY BABY’S MISSING!” Kanga screamed, before she broke down to tears.

            “Take a deep breath, Miss Kanga.” After she did so, Master Goat took her to the nearest rock and sat her down. “Now, when was the last time you saw Roo?”

            Kanga took a few more deep breaths to help her remember. “The meeting yesterday. It was so long, tiring and stressful that I just had to go back to my bed and crash out.”

            “You didn’t so much step on a stone, let alone fall over and bump into walls or knock anything over,” Tigger said.

            “Crash out is a figure of speech for wanting to go to sleep straight away, Tigger,” Owl told him.

            “A f-f-ig-g-g-ure of s-s-speec-c-h-h?” Piglet said. “How can speeches have figures? What are the figures made out of?”

            While Owl explained about figures of speech, Kanga continued talking to Goat. “That was when I was lost track of Roo,” she finished.

            “You mean you didn’t even have anything to eat last night?” Owl asked.

            “No,” she said. “I wasn’t up for it and I still am not now; not while I don’t know where Roo is.”

“I’ve been looking for Pigeon in this mountain this morning as well,” Goat told them. Then he had an alarmed thought. “Roo is missing. Pigeon is missing. What if they left together?”
            “To do what?” Piglet asked.

            “What happened in that meeting yesterday?” Rabbit asked.

            Goat told everyone that he and the other rangers had been trying to work out a plan with President Cat to stop the heffalumps and woozels, but none of the ideas ever convinced him to take action. Pigeon had an idea he kept on insisting. It was to sneak into the Thirty Two Ice Cap to get more information about the enemies’ plans. Then another thought came into his head. “What if Pigeon has gone without authorisation and permission and has taken Roo as his partner-in-training?”

            Pooh and his friends gasped at that shocking idea.

            “If he has done this, I will punish him,” Goat said. “Come on, let’s go.”
            “All of us?” Owl asked.

            “I know I’m asking you all to risk your lives,” Goat said, “but I don’t know Roo very well. Kanga, you’re his mother and the rest of you are his friends. If you come with me, we might have a better chance of finding Roo and Pigeon quicker and easier.”

            “I vote for going,” Tigger said, holding his hand up.

            “Tigger, don’t you at least want to think about it first?” Rabbit said. “Consider the dangers and the risks?”

            “The only risk I’m thinking about is our tiny buddy in danger and needing our help,” Tigger said.

            Kanga held her hand up quickly as well.

            Pooh was the next to hold his hand up. “I might find some honey on the way.”

            To everyone’s surprise, Piglet held his hand up. “I always say there will be a time for a very small animal like myself to confront big things like this.”

            “I never heard you say that, Piglet,” Pooh said.

            “Well, I was thinking it,” Piglet said.

            Then Owl held his wing up. “I agree with Piglet. Nothing’s going to get better if we don’t do everything we can do in our control.”

            That left only Rabbit and Eeyore to decide. The donkey couldn’t lift his legs up, but he flicked his tail over. Everyone took that as a vote.

            Seeing as everyone was voting to go out, Rabbit decided to vote for it.

            “Then let’s go,” Goat said. He led the way.



Pooh and his friends had been searching near the One Rocky Mountain for four hours and they couldn’t find either Roo or Pigeon. The longer the search kept going, the more anxious Kanga kept on getting and the harder it got for her friends to calm her down and reassure her they will find him.

            “How much snow do you guys get?” Tigger asked, as he looked through a big hole in a big green hedge.

            “It is rather chilly here,” Eeyore said.

            Goat went to the bush and looked through the hole in the hedge. What he saw wasn’t snow, but heavy thick ice. He quickly recognised it. It was the Thirty-Two Ice Cap and it had more heffalumps and woozels guarding it than yesterday. “Pigeon and Roo must be in there.”

            “So how are we going to get in there?” Piglet asked.

            “We could disguise ourselves as inspectors,” Owl suggested. “Like health inspectors or military inspectors. We could say their leader, the Jagular, sent us.”

            “Good idea, Owl,” Goat said, “that has been tried loads of times and failed. These heffalumps and woozels aren’t the most easiest to be fool. And even if we give them a piece of paper with the Jagular’s signature, they would be able to tell the difference between our fake one and a real one.”

            “Am I correct in assuming that, if we disguise ourselves as deliverers of weapons or food or whatever, it wouldn’t work?” Rabbit asked.

            “You are correct,” Goat said.

            “What about a diversion?” Kanga asked.

            “That’s a very good idea,” Goat said.

            “A d-d-d-iv-e-e - what?” Piglet asked.

            “A diversion,” Kanga told him. “All we have to do give the heffalumps and woozels a reason leave the ice cap like looking for something. Then, once they’ve left, we can sneak in and find Roo and Pigeon before they get back.”

            “And I know the perfection diversion,” Tigger said.

            “What?” asked Piglet.

            “Me. Diversions are what Tiggers do best.” Before anyone can stop him, he bounced up to the trees above the ice cap. He jumped up and down on the tall branches on the tree. That was all he kept doing for ten minutes.

            Rabbit was about to yell to him to come back down from the tree, but Goat pointed out that heffalumps and woozels were climbing up the tree Tigger was on. He ran back to the hole and looked through it. The ice cap didn’t have any heffalumps or woozels left standing outside. He started to wonder if there was any still inside the cap, but he knew there was no time to waste because the ones on the trees would be down anytime soon. So he ordered everyone into the ice cap.



It was very quiet for a large and cramped ice cap. They tried to find Roo and Pigeon, but only discovered ice and the sounds of it dripping on the walls. Goat told them not to make say a single word, because there could be a heffalump or woozel still under the ice cap and they didn’t want to alert them to him or her.

            “Mama, where are you?”

            Kanga recognised that voice. It was coming from Roo. She tried to follow it, but Goat stopped her.

            “It could be a trick,” he told her. “I’ll go first to be sure.”

            Goat poked his head around the corner and saw a prison cell made out of icicles. Behind them were Roo and Pigeon. He also found in front of the cell was a woozel sleeping in his chair and snoring. He noticed he had the key on his trousers belt.

            He went back to his friends and reported everyone he saw. Kanga was delighted that Roo was found and alive.

            “We must send a very quiet and small animal to get the keys off the guard,” Goat said.

            Everyone looked at Piglet.

            “M-m-me-e? I don’t think I can.”

            “Your friend needs you, Piglet,” Goat said. “My apprentice, Pigeon, needs you. The whole world needs you. Now, go and prove a very small animal’s worth!”

            Pooh and his friends cheered quietly as they could as Piglet moved forward. He was nervous, but Goat’s motivational speech made him determine to help Roo and Pigeon. He tip-toed over to the guards as quietly as he could. He checked the guard was still asleep and snoring, which he was. He touched the keys and slowly slid them towards the belt buckle. Then he stopped when the guard yawned and started to lift his arms up.

            Piglet was starting to panic. “What shall I do?” he asked his friends.

            “Sing him to sleep,” Rabbit suggested.

            Piglet turned to the guard. “Go to sleep,” he sang. “Go to sleep.” He sang his best, but the guard was still waking up.

            “Rock a bye baby on the tree top.”

            Piglet and his friends were surprised to see Roo sing Rock a Bye Baby. And it worked as the guard fell back to sleep and snored louder than before.

            Piglet managed to undo the belt and took the keys off. He went to the prison cell and freed Roo and Pigeon. The little kangaroo hopped over to his mama and hugged her.

           “Well done for singing that guard to sleep, young lad,” Goat said to Roo. Then he angrily turned to Pigeon. “What do you mean by leaving the One Rocky Mountain without letting us know? And taking a baby kangaroo with you?”

           “I have a good explanation,” Pigeon said. But before he could begin, Tigger came back.

           “They’re coming back!” he warned. “Those heffalumps and woozels that we lured out are coming back here!”

           Goat looked around and saw a wooden door. He went to it, opened it and looked out. He saw trees, bushes and hedges. Plenty of places to hide. He turned to his friends. “Get out quick!”

           Everyone ran out and Goat closed the door after him.

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