Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


3. In Which Pooh And His Friends Decide What To Do

The first night in the One Rocky Mountain for Pooh and his friends had been very rough. They barely slept and the food they were offered for breakfast didn’t look very tasty.

            “I’ve grown better carrots and tomatoes than these tiny ones,” Rabbit muttered, as he looked at them on his cracked plate.

            “Would you rather starve and live out in the open where you could easily be captured by those mean heffalumps and woozels?” Kanga pointed out.

            Her friends had completely forgotten that their present situation could have been much worse than it was now, so they reminded themselves to be grateful as they had their breakfast.

            “Tasty as my thistles,” Eeyore said, as he had his broccoli stark and cauliflower leaves. “Though I do hope I’ll have some more of my favourite plant in the future.”

            Pooh tried to enjoy his apple and melon slices, but they were just not honey.

            Roo and Owl were eating their vegetables and tried their very best to be grateful as they could be for having something to eat.

            Tigger was the one who was enjoying his food because none of his vegetables had honey on it, which Tiggers didn’t like.



They tried to spend the whole day trying to make a day out of it, but all attempts failed. Rabbit tried to fix the mountain’s garden plots, but he couldn’t do better as the ground for growing couldn’t be improved and the weather conditions were out of his control. There wasn’t enough room for Tigger to bounce in, but he still didn’t feel like it. Owl tried to find something to read, but there were only two books and most of the pages had fallen out. Today was no better than yesterday, no matter how hard they tried.

            When late afternoon arrived, Pooh and his friends were summoned along with the other refugees into a large massive room in the mountain. Some rangers escorted them to the rocks where they sat them down like seats. When everyone was settled down, they looked to see a huge piece of stone as high as a tower. At the very top, President Cat stood and addressed his audience. Below him was the entire army of Forest Protection Rangers with Master Goat and Apprentice Pigeon in the middle. They waved to Pooh and his friends.

            “Ladies and gentlemen,” President Cat said, after everyone settled down. “Everyone has been summoned here this morning to hear the important news. First of all, the food and water supply is okay. We got plenty of it. We won’t go hungry or thirsty again.”

            The crowd thought that wasn’t too bad.

            “The next news is that last night, a squad of rangers went out in the night to see how close the heffalumps and woozels are getting closer to us. Last time they were eleven miles away.”

            The crowd were starting to feel hopeful.

“I am sorry to say that they are now only ten miles away from us,” Cat said sadly. “That means they are getting closer every one mile.”

            Those words made the whole crowd panic and fear the worst, but they immediately stopped when the president’s hammer banged on its stand.

            “However, all is not lost,” Cat went on. “After they found the heffalump and woozel squad retreating, while the rest of the Forest Protection Rangers went to report this, Goat and Pigeon followed the enemy squad. I will let them tell you all what they told me when they reported to me an hour later than the rest.”

            The audience murmured as Goat and Pigeon stepped closer to them.

            “We have more good news and more bad news,” Goat said.

            “More good news and more bad news?” Rabbit groaned. “When will more be no more?”

            Goat seemed to ignore Rabbit’s outburst. “The good news is that thanks to Pigeon’s idea to follow them, they led us to where their base is. It’s under the Thirty-Two Glacier.”

            Pooh and his friends looked confused. “What’s a glacier?”

            “A glacier is a huge layer of thick ice,” Owl explained.

            “Why would heffalumps and woozels put their base under thick ice?” Rabbit pondered.

            “Why they would put their base under thick ice, we don’t know,” Goat explained. “The only thing else I could tell you is that we couldn’t go in any further to explore more, because the whole glacier is guarded by heffalumps and woozels, armed with bows and arrows and swords and wearing winter coats.”

            “So what are we going to do now, President Cat?” Kanga asked. “Now that we have more information.”

            “I’ve been thinking about what we have to do,” President Cat replied. “And I’m afraid that all we can do now is look after this mountain and not leave.”

            “How are we going to stop the invasion while we’re stuck in this mountain?” Rabbit demanded.

            “Well, if you have any bright ideas or the weapons to stop this war, then please share it with us,” President Cat said.

            Of course, Rabbit didn’t have any ideas or weapons, so he just went quiet again.

            “So today’s conclusion is that we have more information and we can use it to work out more problems,” Cat said. “Thank you for your time. Rangers, with me.”

            As the rangers followed Cat out and the crowd started going back to their rooms, Pooh and his friends stood where they were, as they were too confused to move.

            “I don’t know whether this meeting was productive or not,” Piglet said.



As he followed his friends to their rooms, something caught Roo. He saw his new friend Pigeon coming out of President Cat’s room. The bird was looking very exhausted.

            “Are you all right, Pigeon?” Roo asked.

            “I’m fine, Roo,” Pigeon said. “I’m just tired, that’s all. It’s been a tough meeting with the president.”

            “You come up with anything good?”

            “I wish I could say ‘yes’, Roo, but no.” Pigeon sighed. “We still have no new ideas. Well, we have ideas, but none are good enough for the president to take action. If we could get in that glacier, we might get more information.”

            “So why can’t you go?” Roo asked.

            “I can’t go without a partner. No one wants to go and help me. Not even Master Goat believes in that idea.”

            “I believe in it. I’d come with you.”
            “I’d appreciate your most helpful offer, but you’re not a trained ranger,” Pigeon told him.

            “Well, you can train me during the mission,” Roo told him. “I’m very quick and I can jump very high.”

            “Those are great qualities,” Pigeon said. “But I’m still not sure – ”

            “If we don’t take action now,” Roo said, “it might be too late afterwards.”

            That made Pigeon think. Times were getting very desperate and not a lot of action was being taken. No one with the exception of Roo was willing to help him. What was he to do? What was the right and sensible decision to make?

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