Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


6. In Which Our Heroes Successfully Break Into The Jagular's Mansion


It had been two hours since Pooh and his friends had followed the woozels and they were getting tired. Goat insisted that they kept on going until they were closer to the Jagular’s Mansion. He also told Owl and Pigeon not to fly on any account in case their stealth following got ruined.

            The Jagular’s Mansion was soon in their sight.

            “Can we have a rest while we make our plan to break in, Goat?” Rabbit asked quietly as he could.

            Goat pointed his finger. “You see that big tree about fifteen minutes away?”

            Rabbit saw it.

            “When we reach it, that’s when we’ll rest and make our plans of breaking into the Jagular’s mansion,” Goat told him.

            Then they heard a loud sneeze. They all turned to see it was Piglet who sneezed, as he was rubbing his nose. He was standing next to the edge of a field of tall dried grass.

Goat turned ahead to see the woozels had stopped, which meant only one thing: they’ve heard Piglet’s sneeze. He turned back to look at the field and ran towards it. “Everyone, follow me, pronto.” He quickly ran in.

Pooh and his friends were very worried about going in there. If Piglet sneezed on the outside of the field, that meant it could only be dustier in the middle of the field.

“If we get spotted by those woozels,” Pigeon told them, “we’ve failed our mission and the Jagular has already won the war. Now, do you guys want that?”

“No,” they all said, shaking their heads.

“Then go on through the field.”

Pooh and his friends ran into the field quickly as they could. Pigeon was the last to check that everyone was inside.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered. “Keep moving. They could come in and find us.”
“But why would they do that?” Tigger asked.

“Quiet, Tigger!” Pigeon ordered. But from all the grass cutting he heard coming from behind him, he knew it was too late. He turned to see it was what he feared: the woozels cutting the grass and catching up to them. He was about to tell them to run, but when he saw the cut grass falling down towards them, it gave them an idea. “Stop moving and lie down.”

Pooh and his friends were confused. “What?” they cried.

“Just trust me,” Pigeon insisted. “They’ll pass us without seeing us and it’ll be a lot quicker and easier.”

Despite still being unsure about why he wanted them to lie down and be still, they did as they were told.

After checking they all lied down, Pigeon joined them. “Don’t move and don’t sneeze.”

Pooh and his friends held their breath as the tall cut grass covered them up. They were dusty and they would have sneezed if the feet of the woozels weren’t very close to them. All they could do was hold their sneezes and kept staring at the woozels’ feet until they finally moved away.

Even though they couldn’t see any more woozels, nobody dared moved or get up because they were waiting for Pigeon’s instructions to get up.

After waiting for five minutes, Pigeon got up to check that their enemies have completely gone. He saw daylight at the far end which meant the woozels had left the field. “Okay, guys, get up.”

Pooh and his friends got up and stretched. They didn’t enjoy lying on the ground for too long.

“Well, you guys have handled lying down better than most of the rangers during our ranger training sessions,” Pigeon told them. “Well done.” He clapped his wings together.

“Thank you, Pigeon,” Pooh said.

“Yes, well done, everyone.”

Everyone looked ahead to see Goat approaching them. “Yes, well done. Now, come on. I found the perfect spot to rest.”

Before they could ask what it was or what it was for, he was way ahead. So everyone followed him. He led them out of the field and took them to the dug hole. Goat told everyone to sit down and listen to him.

“We are only five minutes from the Jagluar’s Mansion over there.” He pointed to it.

Pooh and his friends looked up and saw in front of the tall mountains was a grand building that was made entirely out of gold and was about five floors. It was protected by a metal fence and heffalump and woozel guards patrolling around its beautiful two hundred acre garden. Aside from the enemy guards, they thought it was so beautiful.

“I have heard that the Jagular sleeps at nine o’clock at night,” Goat told them. “That will be the perfect time to break into his mansion.”

Kanga held her hand up. “Including the night guards?”

Goat smiled. “I’m glad you asked me that because here is my idea…”

Pooh and his friends gathered around and listened to Goat’s whispering. The more they heard, the more they liked it.



Nine o’clock at night had arrived. Pooh and his friends had slept very early so they could focus on tonight’s mission. Goat, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo were walking towards the mansion. As they walked, they looked up to the trees above them checking that the rest of the gang were where they should be which they were.

            They went to the golden gate and pressed the intercom.

            “Who is it?” the voice on the intercom demanded.

            “We are diggers,” Goat said. “We have found a huge piece of solid gold. It’s about twenty four – No, forty eight carats. And I thought the mighty Jagular would like it for his gain.”

            “We are opening the gate. Do not move.”

            But that was what they did. They ran to the nearest tree and watched a woozel walk out. He looked around but couldn’t find anything. Just when he was about to go back in, he was hit by an acorn. Then another acorn. Then another acorn. Then a whole wave of acorns. He got out his radio and called for reinforcements.

            Goat looked up to see Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit and Owl on the tree branches doing their job and very well too. They kept their job up well when more reinforcements of heffalumps and woozels arrived. They managed to hide behind the trees before the enemies on the ground spotted them.

            “Let’s check the trees over there!” the woozel who went out first. “They got to be somewhere in there!”

            They all followed him deep into the trees.

            After checking they were all gone, Goat led his recruits with him past the gate and they saw Tigger helping Pooh and Rabbit down while Owl helped Piglet down.

            Pigeon was on the top of the roof and he was fiddling with something. His friends down below saw that he was fiddling with the mansion’s security panel. After a while, he turned around and gave a feather up. That meant everyone could go into the mansion now without trouble.

            “Come on, let’s go,” Goat said to his recruits.

In they walked.

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