Papillon Cover Store [Semi-Hiatus]

A cover store for my lovelies <3


4. Premade Shop (Open!!)


1. Just be nice y'all

2. MINOR changes can be made, but I won't be redoing any of the covers. That's the point of a premade. It's pre made.

3. Give me credit if you use the cover

-Just a little shout out in a chapter or the description of your story

-A comment on one of my stories would also be appreciated 

4. If you decide not to use the premade, please return it.

-By this I mean: Leave a comment saying I can add the premade back to the premade shop. Someone else may want to use it! 


Premade #:

New Title:

New Tagline*:

New Author:

Changes (if any):

Anything Else?:

The Premades


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