Papillon Cover Store [Closing Soon!]

A cover store for my lovelies <3


1. Rules

Hey, all! Welcome to Papillon, my first ever cover shop. First things first, let's go over a few rules...

1. No NSFW 

- this means no smut, no R rated covers, nothing like that. I will not accept these requests. 

2. Just be nice y'all. 

3. I am a college student with very little time on my hands, so please allow a few days to a week for delivery

-as it is currently finals season, please allow one to two weeks for delivery. It's a very busy time for me, so I won't be able to get to requests as quickly as I could in the past. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

4. I will not be able to take every request. I will do my best, but unfortunately, time and resources are limited 

- If I do not take your request, you can still request again with a different novel, or apply for a premade (if there are some available)

5. Give me credit if you use my cover! 

-Cover making takes a lot of time, so if you use the cover I make for you, just give me a little shout-out in the story description or a chapter or something. 

-A comment on one of my stories would also be much appreciated!! 

6. If you read the rules, please add your favorite book character in the Password section of the form!

7. If you don't use the cover, no worries! Just let me know in the comments so your cover can be turned into a premade. Someone else may want to use it :)

8. I will only do 1 (one) re-do 

-I can make all the little tweaks you want (color changes, font style change, etc) but to make an entirely new cover takes (again) more time and more resources. I will allow one total redo per request. Beyond that, just ask for little tweaks.

9. Making covers takes a lot of time and resources, so please, cancel your request if you are going to use someone else's cover. 

10. If you have a question, please check the FAQ first.  If you don't see your question (or a similar question that may provide an answer to your question) then comment on the story and I'll answer as soon as I can :)


When your cover is finished, I will publish a new chapter with the title of your book. If you like the cover and want to use it, comment on the chapter, and I will send you a link to the full quality image! If you decide not to use the cover after delivery, no worries! Just comment again saying you've changed your mind, and I will add the un-used cover to the premade shop :)

Examples are in the next chapter

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