Horrors of The Past

When Michael finally decides to return to Fazbear's Fright, he expects things to be simple, and easy. He didn't consider that maybe, just maybe, HE, was back.


2. Two

    Chapter Two


    Ignoring the voice, I continue down the hall. I turn the corner into the office, or should I say, what remains of the office. Most of the room is taken up by a massive pile of rubble, due to the roof collapsing in on itself. Wind blows in through the gaping hole in the ceiling, bare wires and piping protruding from the cracks. I sigh, stepping into the room carefully, as to not trip over the debris. I slowly make my way over to large mound of stone refuse, towards the desk of the office. ‘C’mon, it’s gotta work.!’ I think to myself, making my way towards what looks like a small tablet lying atop the buckled desk. It’s been crushed and torn in half by a piece of rubble falling onto it, the moss taking it back into nature, Amidst the wreckage, the maintenance tablet has been torn from it’s hinges. I pick it up, sighing once more at the shattered screen.

‘No vents I guess…’ I think to myself, picking up the camera tablet.

I smile to myself as the tablet brightens up, illuminating the small room with the company logo flashing across the screen. “Yes! It works!” I shout to myself, flicking through the cameras.

The P.A crackles as it speaks again.

“Y-y-you think you can avenge her, d-d-d-d-don’t you? Well, hate to break your heart- wait, no I don’t. But, it won’t work. You’d best get running now little Mikey. Lest I take my proposition into a literal sense” Ending the message, it laughs, it’s raspy voice echoing throughout the decrepit building.

The P.A clicks off.

“Stupid hunk of junk….” I mutter to myself under my breath.

Flicking through the cameras, I turn to the camera right outside the office.

Having set it, I then power it down, shoving it into my backpack, and making my way to the room’s exit. Slowly looking around the corner, I duck out of the office. Heading towards the stage area, I sling my pack off my shoulder, and begin digging around in it for something.

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