toxic love


1. chapter one


I woke up exceptionally early this morning since it's my first day at my new highschool, I have to change schools almost twice a year, my mum is a single parent and works her butt off when i rolled over my stomach was tightening and turning, i put a hand up to my forehead and it was sweating.

I could hear my mum calling my name from down stairs, i bet most of the neighbour hood could too.

"Kat get up!" she yelled as i walked into the bathroom to have a shower and i chose not to respond to her.

The shower feels really nice, i was thinking about school and what it would be like, i'm not going to get involved in any drama and i'm not going to drink or go to parties i'm going to just focus on studying and my grades, i know i sound a bit boring but i like it that way.

When i got out of the shower i wrapped a towel around my body, i know that i move schools pretty often but this school is very serious on education so i'm more nervous than when i was getting ready to go to the other schools.

I walked in front of the mirror and my thoughts took over as my deep blue eyes locked into the reflection of them.

I drifted away from my thoughts when my mum repeated my name.

"Kat come down here." i could hear her try to make breakfast.

I walked to my closet and pulled out my favourite long skirt and button up shirt.

I happen to like the way i dress actually, i don't care about the way i look like most girls i just want to feel comfortable.

When i was dressed i walked back into the bathroom and brushed my long blonde hair it went all the way down to my lower back, i pulled it up into a ponytail like usual.

After a while of lying on my bed i decide to meet my mother downstairs she took one look at me at smiled.

"Hey Kat breakfast is ready." My mother said to me while putting a plate down with bacon where i sit on the table.

"Thanks, I'm really nervous for today." i said while sitting down in my seat.

"Don't be your a great student and you will ace everything." she said while sitting down next to me but with salad not bacon like me.

After about an hour we left, the school was half an hour away from where we lived so i was going to stay with a family friend for the week then the weekend at my house.

Except for today because of first day, In the car all i could think about was who was i going to meet and if they'd like me but i want to focus on my studies more.

We got to the school in no time and of course we were late, i could see everyone walking to there class so i quickly jumped out of the car and hugged my mum goodbye, when i pulled out my schedule they sent me it said i was in room R5 so i went to find it, i walked over to the sign saying R Block and it was the last one there and i speed walked over there.

When i walked in there it was quiet, have you ever had that feeling where someone is staring at you? well that happened to me about twenty times right now, i sat in one of the seats up the front and then the teacher walked in.

"Hello class now by the looks of it we have a new student, Kat Smith?" She said in an accent so thick you could just understand it.

i raised my hand and she smiled at me with her pearl white teeth and said " well hello my name is ms. james, i hope you like our school."

I was so shy i barely spoke i just nodded, After ms. James marked the roll a boy walked in, he look almost six feet tall and he had the curliest locks i've ever seen.

"Late again styles?" she said and he ignored her.

I can't afford to get involved with these type of people at school they will just be a distraction.

He walked over and took the seat next to me and i nudged over secretly so he got the memo and wouldn't talk to me.

But in the corner of my eye i saw his mouth open and he said.

"hey, i haven't seen you around here, i'm Harry."


hey guys here's a tip so i'm publishing this book on movella and wattpad so if you think someone is taking it it's probably my other account.

Also quick note, if you want an idea of how i see the characters here it is

Kat: amelia gething (youtube/

Kats mum: meryl streep

Ms. James: zooey deschanel

when any new characters come in i'll put them down okay?

i'm also just gonna put down my account names so you can follow me

MOVELLAS: larrysidehoe

WATTPAD: Larrysmallbean

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