His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


5. chapter 5

Josh's pov

"Who is driving me or you?" I ask

"Could you I have a massive migraine. I don't Want to make it worse. You know how to get there right ?"

"Yes I can drive and did you take Tylenol?"

"No it doesn't help with my migraines anymore my body is immune to that stuff."

"Right took it to much as a child only naproxen helps. Do you want to stop at a the first store we see ?"

"Yes please."

We pull up to a Walmart and Lauren jumps out

"Josh you coming in or staying in here ?"

"I am staying here, I will just draw attention in there."

She nodded her head and went to shut the door then stopped

"Want me to get you a Coke Zero for the drive?"

"That would be awesome of you"

She leaves and I sit here and wait.

After what feels like hours Lauren comes back with Coke Zero viteman water and pain killers.

"That was longer then I thought it would take considering how fast you walk"

"Well that fast walking made me run over another person."

"Your so clumsy hope they weren't to mad at you."

"Nope he wasn't the person happens to be my brother Jonathan. We talked I told him about Mom and that you were waiting in the car. He wants to meet you so when we come back here to leave for home we are going for lunch."

"Cool can't wait hope he isn't as weird as you are. "

"Well he is if not worse ". She giggles "plus your the weirdest person I know so you can't say much there Josh".

"My weirdness is way different then yours tho" I say pulling out of the parking lot and onto the street.

"What ever helps you sleep at night"

"Nothing helps me sleep at night you know this." I say rolling my eyes

"If it helps I never sleep at night either"

Then we both say at the same time

"Damn insomnia"

We giggle and I have the erdge to grab her and kiss her. Then I remember what Amy said is it true do we have something here ? Amy I wonder what she is doing if she is thinking about me ? Is she my true love do you get more then one true love ?

"Josh josh earth to josh"

I snap out of it.

"Yes".i say hoping she can't tell I was thinking of Amy

"I just wanted to know if you minded if I listened to music on my phone"

"Ya go ahead I don't mind"

Lauren nods and puts her ear buds in.

I turn on the radio and listen to nickel back

And continue to drive.

The song makes me think about when 604 records signed us how I called Amy.


"Hey it josh I wondered if we could meet up for coffee or In My case Coke Zero"

"Sure how bout hat cute cafe near my apartment in a half hour?"

"Sounds great I just want to tell you somthing in person"

I hung up and went straight there.

I was going there to tell her that we were signed and at that time we were just friends she had a boyfriend and we didn't start dating till 2007 a little after our first album came out. Then my mind went to when I finally got the nerve to ask her out.

"Amy I’d love to take you on a date this weekend I was thinking about taking you out for dinner and then after that I have something planned but it has to be a surprise"

"A surprise eh".

She said raising an eyebrow she loved surprises, she also knew she wasn't going to find out what it was unless she came. That's how I knew she would say yes to the date.

We went for dinner at the restaurant I met her at. She was mutual friends with Chris and we all hung out together a couple times. This restaurant wasn't extremely fancy but it wasn't a Pizza Hut. After dinner I took her to the art museum she kept telling me she wanted to go too. I don't have much interest in art unless it's music but I went for her. Seeing her smile when we pulled up made it all worth it.

As we fell In love I wrote songs about us and about her. The song good to you was the first one I wrote. I wrote it thinking about are future I started it after our first date and had the lyrics done after our 3rd date the melody came later.

Then there wasn't enough when we broke up and it seemed like it was going to be the end but we got back together and seemed so much stronger.

Then I think about how much she tried to not show how much she misses me when I was gone. She could never come with us because of her job she is a school teacher who loves kids with all her heart. She can't leave for a week here or a week there. She did when it was summer time but we have only had 2 tours in the summer here in Canada and they were near the end by the time she could come.

She asked me once if She was more important then music, I knew she wanted me to say yes but I couldn't her and music are equal in my heart. She didn't like that and we ended up not talking through a tour of 2 months. I went to text her so many times but just couldn't. I should have texted I should have told her she was important to me more than my career but at the time she wasn't.

My thought kept going for what seemed like for ever till I heard Lauren crying. I looked over and saw her trying to hide the fact. All I did was grabbed her hand.

"Lauren it's going to get better, not today not Tomorrow but it will these are going to be rough days ahead but you have your step-dad,your dad, Shae and I here for you. I haven't lost my mother but I know grief and sorrow, I know what it's like to feel so alone even if you have the worlds best support system."

She didn't respond she just nods her head and pulls her legs up on the seat then pulls her knees to her chest. With her doing that I know that she is in so much pain that she needs comfort so hugging herself makes her feel better. I know this because it's the move I do when I am so upset.

I pull over on the highway lean over and hug her as she sobs into my chest for the second time within 24 hours. I start to cry to but I don't let it all out like Lauren is. If I do I am afraid I will never stop. After a couple more minutes Lauren pulls away an I drive off. 20 minutes later we are in brandon and is almost 8 o'clock. I didnt realize I had been driving for so long. I then turn down 1st street an headed to the hospital as I listen to Lauren's directions.

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