His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Lauren's pov.

As we go through security the line is long and some of Josh's fans recognize him

"Is that you josh Ramsay?"

One girl asked

"Were is Amy? Who is this girl?" Another girl asked

"You idiot it Lauren Josh's best friend".

Said the first girl.

" you should awnser them Josh it's not like we are moving." I say

"I don't want to but I probably should."

He takes a breath and raises his voice.

"Hey girls. This is my friend Lauren and we are going to her home town together because her sister was in a bad car accident and is in a coma. I am going so she has some one with her there as her mom passed away in the accident. As for Amy she was very busy with personal stuff and couldn't come but wanted to be here for Lauren. Did you guys have any other questions?"

"Um no. Sorry about being so nosy Josh it's just rare to see some one famous."

Said one girl.

"I am sorry for your loss Lauren. Are you not the bands hair and makeup lady?"

"Yes I am. I am the one who makes Joshes hair blue and blond with out routes showing. I bug him about it when it gets bad and make him sit there well I do it."

I say giggling

"I call it her hair OCD. Josh your hair need done. Josh your blue is turning green"

"Hey I don't sound like that." I say defensively.

"Chill lauren i am only joking."

"I know but it's not fair."

"It's not fair you are easy to pick on".

Then were inturpted by the same girls.

"Hey Josh can we get are picture with you?"

"We won't bug you again"

And Josh agreed, I took the picture and they left with a huge smile on there faces.

"I wish I could make some one happy by taking a picture with them."

"No you don't it gets annoying at times".

"What ever weirdo".

"Were next in line lets go"

When we are through security we sit at Starbucks. Me drinking sprite and josh his Coke Zero. Him and I are not much into coffee. I only drink it when I can't get a hold of a soda or tea and josh likes to stick to Coke Zero for some reason.

"So what happened it obviously can be good from what you said earlier."

"She said she didn't love me like I love her that at first she thought it was just cold feet.she also said that I was never there when she needed me and if I was I was with you. she tried making me feel bad about being friends with you, saying that you have feelings for me and that you would never act on them because you never wanted to break Amy and I up. I find it ridiculous" he said rolling his eyes.

Well It's not ridiculous because it's true. But I would never make a move on him even know that they are broken up, I don't want to l wreck our friendship.

"Then I asked how she new if it was cold feet and she told me she cheated on me"

"How long ?" I ask even tho i had my suspicions.

"Off and on for a year."

" can we put this on hold we have to get to our plane"

Josh looks at the time and sees it's 1:00 o'clock.

"Yes we should head to the gate."

We get up and start walking.

" So of and on for a year that's a long time"

" yes she said they stopped when ever I came back to town".

"Ouch that hurts I am sorry josh you know if you need me I am here."

"Thanks." He said giving me a hug

"Your all the girl I need in my life. Haveing a best friend like you is better then sex right ?" He asked joking


I say giggling.

"It's nice to hear your laugh it's so girly"

"That's because I am a girl, your jokes are very lame today."

"So are your come backs so it doesn't matter". He said sticking out his tongue at me. I just roll my eyes.

"Flight 23 to Winnipeg Manitoba now departing."

We get in line. As the line moves we are quiet. Once we are through we find our seats and Josh takes my bag and puts it above me and sits down.

"How is your dad you don't talk about him much. I know why but your relationship might be better since then right?" Josh asked

I don't talk about my biological father because he left my 19 year old mom and 3 year old me and never looked back he came back when I was 14 and that's about the time I started doing drugs. He messed me up coming back saying he never wanted to leave but he had to to support us he did originally leave for that reason but once he fell in love with his now wife the child support stopped coming in. My mom didn't hear back from him till I was 12 when he moved back to Canada.

"You know the only reason I let him into my life was because of my brother and 2 other younger sisters. If he didn't have them I would have never talked to him. He tried way to hard to get to know me. Came up with excuses why he never came back but I knew he forgot about me and that hurt and you know that's how I started drugs. Then I stole that car, I never got caught by the police but I did by my mom and step dad I was then sent to live with Chris." Chris is joshes childhood friend and my step dads nephew.

"Well after I moved back and went to rehab at 18 my mom made me live with him for 3 months before I started school back in Brandon. I got to know him and learned his side of the story with out getting emotional and upset. when we became closer and since my grandma died when I was 20,he has been my shoulder to cry on when I know you or my mom won't understand he didn't judge"

"I don't judge." Josh said defensively

"No you don't but it's different. my step dad is my dad because he has been there since I was 8, but with John we have a understanding and a connection now and he is there and when.I told him Mom died he volunteered to come."

"I can't wait to meet him he is the only parent I haven't met of yours. I also haven't met his other children."

"I know it's just so complicated with him."

"Will your other siblings be there too ?"

"Katie will be she works in Brandon as a hairstylist. Jonathen is in Winnipeg he is in law school and Gracie is still in high school. Shaeryn and Katie are best friends and live together so I think you will definitely meet her."

"So Katie followed in her big sisters foot steps eh ?"

"Yes but she only likes doing hair not makeup or the Esthetician


" Esthetician? Like the facials and stuff you do?"

"You didn't know that's was what it's called."

"No but if I asked you the names of all my equipment for a show you can only name a couple of them and It would be a microphone and a guitar."

"Aren't those the most important things?"

"I am not important to the show ? I am truly hurt."

"Well the stage would look pretty goofy with out you."

"Haha thanks" he says rolling his eyes.

The plane takes of and we are in the air for what seams like forever but really it's only 2 hours and 45 minutes and we are in Winnipeg.

We leave the plane and get our bags. And head to rent a car because my dad was working late and would meet us in Brandon.

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