His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


3. chapter 3

Josh's pov

I get in my car and drive to Amy's .

I knock on the door but she didn't awnser

"Babe I know your in there I heard your foot steps before I knocked. We need to talk. Please let me in"

She opens the door

"There is nothing to talk about we said it all last night."

"No you said it all last night I didn't get to speak."

"then speak" she gestures do me to come in and I do closing the door behind me.

" I don't want this to be over we are perfect together and I don't fully understand what the problem between us is maybe if you told me I could fix it."

" well I don't think I love you like you love me. I also feel like your never around when I need you and if you are around your with Lauren"

she what?Didn't think she loved me.

"What when did you start thinking this and why didn't you come to me about this. Also I thought you loved Lauren."

" I started thinking this when we were arguing about how many guests we were going to have at our wedding,you and I are so different. I didn't come to you because I thought maybe it was cold feet or commitment issues but it's not. As for

I interrupt her.

"How do you know it's not just cold feet?"

"Because I have been cheating on you. I am sorry I never wanted to be that girl who cheats but it just happened."

When I hear those words my heart breaks


" it didn't matter it's over".


"Off and on for a year"

"A year ? But your always with me. When I am home or with Lauren and I."

"We only were together when you were gone"

"That way you wouldn't get caught right"


"And you tried to make me feel bad for being close to Lauren."

"Well I think there is something in between you guys that is pure and raw and real"

"I have never done anything to make you think I have feelings for her."

"No but the way you are around her your different with her then when your with me. Lauren is never going to act on those feelings because she knows how much you love me and I am her friend she doesn't want to ruin a great relationship. Well what she sees as a great relationship. But like I said last night I think we are done for good this time josh. I need to be happy and you deserve to be with some one who can love you with all your heart, unfortunately I don't think that can be me."

"I love you please don't do this we can work on it I know your lonely when I am gone I can make it so you come see me more and I take breaks to come see you. The cheating can be part of at past if we work on it. "

"Josh I"

I cut her off

" you will regret it and when you want me back I won't be here i won't be able to put myself through it again. This is the last time you break my heart. We won't be back together you do this we are done"

She Inturups me this time

"We are over josh I hate breaking your heart but we can't keep doing this to each other. I am sorry".

I go in and give her a good by kiss

And I could tell she really meant it this time.

I walk to my car get in and think

What could I have done to make this different? What if I was there more would she not have cheated ?

I slam my hands on the steering wheel and scream,this can't be happening my life was perfect. It's falling apart.

After my mini melt down I go home and pack I Text my sister Sara and ask her to take care of my animals and explain we're I am going. I don't tell her about Amy and I. I will tell them all at once.

I then text Lauren to know when we need to be at the airport

Me: hey what time are we to be at the airport?

Lauren: 1:30 meet you there at 11:30 ?

I look at the time and see that is in a half hour.

Me: yep I will see you there

I get my stuff and call a cab.

When I walk in to the airport and hear her call my name and I smile

"Josh over hear over hear"

I walk up to her

"Hey you seem happy considering why we are going to you home town".

"Well Shae woke up she is going to be okay"

"That's great"

"How did it go with Amy"?

I frown and take a deep breath

"You know how you wanted cocaine last night"?


"I want a cigarette"

I just quit and it's was the last of my addictions to concur so that's what I have been craving since about 9 this morning

"I wish that's all I wanted. Your so strong when it comes to addiction. you also have been sober from the hard drugs a little longer."

"Yes. I don't have much advice other then to stay strong".

"What happened with you and Amy?"

"I will tell you on the plane"

"Yes we should get through security".

"Lady's first" I say as she leads the way.

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