His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


2. chapter 2

Lauren's pov

I wake up in Josh's arms and remember the events of last night.

I get a call from my auntie starla

"Hello how have you been?" I said excited I haven't talked to her in a long time.

"Not good sweetie I need to tell you something are you siting down" when she asked if I was siting down my anxiety went thought the roof.

" y.. yes"

"Your mom and sister were in a car accident"

Oh my god oh my god Breath Lauren.

"Your sister is in a coma and your mom died insanity I am ..."

I dropped my phone and started crying

My mom can't be gone this is a bad dream.

"Lauren Lauren Lauren you there"

I snap out of it and pick my phone up

"sorry I got to go thanks for calling love you"

I grab my keys and I drive I don't realize i was doing it but I drive by my old drug dealers house and I park and stare at it.

I can't do that to myself. start the car and go to Josh's. I start the car and turn it back off I get out and walk to the door and knock then turn around and bolted to my car and start it and drive off spinning my tires. Next thing I know I am in the apartment knocking on Josh's door.

"Who is it"

"It's me Lauren"

He opened the door and ran into his arms and want to tell him everything about my mom dying and going to get cocaine but Then I saw he was upset and I couldn't put my needs before him. I ended up staying the night and falling asleep.

I still need to tell him we promised to tell each other when we think about are drug of choice.

"Josh wake up"

"Grr go back to sleep Amy"

"I am not Amy it's me Lauren".

"Oh right sorry what's up ?"

"I need to tell you something"

"What is it ?"

"I went to my old drug dealers house, sat there for a minute and then went and knocked on the door then bolted to my car and drove here in a blur that's why I wanted to stay here last night so I knew I wouldn't want to go do drugs."

"Wow why didn't you tell me last night?"

" I saw you were upset about Amy . I wanted you to be okay over my needs."

"I am so happy you think of me first but you do realize you almost relapsed because of your moms death your needs are way more important."

" but Amy is your Fiancé she is more important than me you should have been fighting for her"

"Yes I should be I really should be but she might be done with me this time and I can't face that she means to much to me I don't want this to be over."

"Then go tell her that you big dummy. Try and fix this your wedding invitations are still sitting on your table fix this send those out and celebrate the love you guys share."

"Okay book those flights and I will meet you at the airport to go to your sister."

"Okay go and I will text you the details"

We get our shoes and jackets and are out the door so fast.

When I get home I book the flights then pack. I then think about my mom.

I think about when my sister was born

She was born on June 6th 1991 I remember holding Shae and sitting on moms lap with Shae's dad sitting beside us. I remember when Mom and grandpa and I went to Florida and we went to universal and rode the E.T ride and got pictures taken with him. I remember her sending me away for my own good I was so mad at her for sending me to live with my aunt and uncle. In the end she was right to do that I had my fun,met josh went to rehab and got a great job after I finished school. I owe her a lot and I couldn't even tell her that I couldn't even say good bye. I sit down and I write a poem like I always do when I am upset


Mom hold me one more time,snuggle me one more time

teach me more and help me learn one more time

Mom watch me play and watch me grow one more time, But please don't go.

I may be all grown up but I still need you

You are the only person I could run to for help. You are there every time i needed you. Even if you couldn't make it any better you made me feel better. From little scrapes and cuts to my addiction and any little thing in between.

With you gone who do I run to ?

Who will help make this easier ?

I put my pen down and cry.

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