His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


9. 9

Josh pov

second of October the day before what would have been my wedding day. Also the day we returned from tour. It ended 2 days ago but we stayed a little longer and explored a little bit of Montana.

When I get home I unpack some stuff, then take Bennie for a long walk I missed doing that.

We run and play for a couple hours then return home. I am so tired I end up making a easy supper and going to bed a little after 8.

I wake up in the morning feeling like shit. God I miss her or maybe the thought of us I don't know. I get up an go to my liquor cabinet and grab the first alcohol I find which is Tequila see the time as I walk to my bedroom I drink Half the bottle at 7am.

I open my lap top and google for no reason tiny horse purchase. I find this tiny horse on line and I mean small it 40 pounds.

I order this small thing. I could keep it on my patio and I think I will name her Lindsey.

I text my friends and tell them what I did and I am feeling excited but they are not.

"Don't do this man your will regret it." Said Chris.

Then I texted Lauren

Josh : I own a horse now

Lauren: congrats

Lauren: this is going to be a weird winter

Lauren: I call dibs on brushing the mane

Josh: holy shit I've made a huge mistake. I immediately regret this. Where the fuck am I gonna keep this horse. I actually bought it dude.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur still Amy shows up drunk.

"Josh I can't do this any more we should of never broken up. Can we please try again. We don't have to get married. We can just try dating again"

"I can't Amy. I can't go do this with you"

She then leaned in and kissed me and I pulled away.

"Your with Lauren know aren't you?"

"No. I like her but I can't do it I am not ready to move on. I still love you but I can't come back to you I told you that when we split up. So if you want I can make us some food we can hang out and catch up or you can go back to what you were doing before you showed up."

"I think I should go, but I walked here and I don't think I can walk back"

I grabbed a glass of water and handed it to her

"Drink. After that I will take you home."

She listened and I took her home.

I walk her to the door and she invites me in.

"No thank you Amy. I hope you have a good life I am sorry I couldn't be who you wanted. " I then leave and end up home.

I end up writing, I dont Remember doing it till the morning because of all the alcohol I had when I got home but I manage to right a decent song called dearly departed. All I have to add is the melody and such.

2 days later I google information about my tiny horse and Learn they are not smart enough to go down stairs . I would be able to get her up to my penthouse patio but not down. Shit this isn't going to work. So I tried to cancel my horse but it wasn't working so I had to call visa to try and cancel the order

" Hi ah um I got pretty drunk and I impulse purchased a tiny horse"

"I am sorry sir did you say you got really drunk and purchased a tiny horse ?" The lady on the other end said

"That's correct"

"I am looking at your credit card statement here it also says that purchase occurred at 7 am"

" also correct"

"Okay sir your purchase has been cancelled is there any other purchase needing to be canceled today ?"

"Nope just the one.thank you very much and have a good day."

A few weeks later my mom was diagnosed with Lewi body dementia and my world was turned upside down. My mother was sick and I couldn't handle it I lost myself and went down the deep end. Lauren and every one in my life tried to help me for a couple months but it didn't help I just ended up pushing Lauren away. I pushed her so far that she moved back to Brandon and now lives with her sisters. We tell her what's going on and when we need her to work but that is the extent of us talking. I feel like a complete ass hole. I also became really sick and ended up in the hospital. When I was in the hospital I worte a bunch of lyrics and when I was sent home it turned into are new album called Astoria. I write certain song and the whole time I am writing it I think about Lauren my family and my band. my ex fiancé. I am still not done all the song and I am still writing some but the most important once are done. We won't start recording till April. This is the fastest album I have ever wrote.

February 12 2014 I get a text from the lead singer of Headly

Jake: Hey how have you been ?

Weird we are not close unless we are talking about upcoming award shows.

Josh: I am good. Been working hard on new music.

Jake: speaking of music I am shooting my new video for heaven in our headlights in a week in California and my head stylist kinda just had a baby. Do you think Lauren would want to come down with me and help with that. We start filming in 4 days.I know it's short notice but I am in big need of her help.

Josh: I will text her and see. I hope she can She is normally able to do things in a pinch.

I then call Lauren but she didn't answer. So I called Shae I know she will answer because she doesn't totally hate me right now.

"Hello Josh what's up ?"

"Hey Shae are you with Lauren ? I need to talk to her about a job opportunity".

"Okay I will get here"

A moment later I hear her voice. It's nice to hear it.

"What do you want josh."

"Well hello to you too. Look jake from Hedley needs you for his new video which is being filmed in California."

"Really ? I would love to when is it ?"

"4 days"

"4 DAYS"

"Yes it's. The original girl just had a baby."

I give her his number.

"Thanks so much josh"

"Lauren I was maybe hoping you would come back here after the shoot and talk. I miss you I want to tell you about other stuff coming up for work as well. When you come I will have a hotel booked for you.

"I guess I should. I will see you then Josh" she says and hangs up

The next couple of weeks I perfect my song that I will sing to Lauren. I get Matt mike and Ian do help me with the song so it is ready by the time Lauren gets here.

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