His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


8. 8

Lauren's pov

It's been almost been 2 month since my moms funeral and I haven't been home. Josh and the rest of the band are getting ready for there American tour. Well they do that I have been getting joshes birthday present ready.

I am getting him stuff for the tour bus. Josh gets bored easily and I don't want to have to entertain him from the other bus. So I have gotten him a new Xbox game. Metro: Last Light Some post apocalyptic single player game. I also got him my favourite movies from the 80s 16 candles along with Gremlins and E.t. I planned for a small surprise supper. The band his mom dad and sisters and there kids but only his sister Sara and his parents could make it along with the band. We are going out to the restaurant bishop's

It's Josh's birthday 🎉

Josh and I have plans for me to color his hair at 2 and dinner is at 6:30. I get up and have a shower get out look in the mirror and play with my hair. My hair is currently long and no bangs. I need a change. I go get my cutting scissors and a cutting comb,walk to the bath room and cut side bangs that start on my left side and blend in to my right side. When I am done I blow dry and straighten my Curly hair. Have lunch and gather my bleach, blue hair color,clippers, scissors, couple of bowls and brushes , a cape along with a spray bottle and head to joshes. I get there early and hear josh on his guitar he must be writing

I open the door with my key he gave me and sneak in but Bennie his dog hears me and comes running. Josh didn't seam to notice and continues

"Hey, ho, where did all the good go?�Baby this is where you're dead wrong, alright�Hey, ho, here's to all the zeros�And every misfit and all my down and outs�Hey, ho, where did all the good go?�Baby this is where you're dead wrong, alright�Hey, ho, here's to all the zeros�And every misfit and all my down and outs"

"Hi Ben hi are you being good for your dad ya" I say scratching her ears and loving her.

"Hey Lauren I didn't hear you come in."

"Happy 28th birthday" I say giving him a hug.

"Thanks Lauren. Did you do something different today?"

"Yes I just did it before I came here" I say wanting him to guess what it was.

"So what did you do differently. I have a feeling it has to do with your hair. Is it your bangs I feel they are different they are shorter and all fluffy"

"Yes when I got out of the shower I felt like doing something different."

"Well you look fantastic my friend. Now let's make me fantastic"

He then puts on some Aerosmith I sit him down in the kitchen.

"Let me cut your hair first I use less product that way." I say putting on the cape to protect his clothing.

"Sure same thing as last time but making more layered in the front part with a little more spiked look"

I spray his hair down I know what he means and get to work when I am done his hair cut.

"Go look in the mirror and then blow dry your hair well I mix the bleach. I will come finish it when I am done"

" aye aye captain" he says walking to the bathroom

I mix the bleach and Then wash my hands before going to finish drying joshes hair.

"Josh how does it look" I say walking in.

" I am brining sexy back." He says fiddling with a piece of hair.

"Sit down you make this look hard to do but it isn't." I say taking the hair dryer and finish drying his hair.

"Look 5 minutes and hair is all done. You don't need to style it when I am about to reck it with bleach".

"I know I just didn't want to do it when I know you do a way better job than I do".

"Ya ya get back to the kitchen"

I start and then my fingers start tingling and I realize I forgot rubber gloves at home. I continue on and don't complain

"There all don't that. Can you set a timer for 10 minutes on my phone" I ask

"Sure thing why are your finger tips so white?" Josh asked noticing what the bleach did to my skin.

"It's a chemical burn because I forgot gloves. It will go away in a day or two."

"Lauren I have rubber gloves you could of asked."

"Ya well I normally don't wear them any way. Unless I am doing the colours blue black and red."

"Do they stain your pretty little hands "

"Yes they do and I would rather not be a smurf on your birthday but I will have too"

After the ten minutes wear up I checked his hair but it still needed more time so we left in a little bit more he then washes it out in the shower and I dry his hair again

He sits down and I put blue on sections just how he had it before.

"How come when you do my hair the blue lasts so much longer then when the other girls do it on tour ?"

"Simple they don't listen to me and my tricks. They think that because I never worked in a salon for long I don't know what I am doing. I learned lots from my mom and grandma."

"What's the trick they won't listen too ?"

" instead of mixing the blue with developer I just use the colour straight up. The developer makes it not so effective. Developer is for opening the hair cuticles but if it's already blown open by the bleach what's the point. The developer also waters down the blues darkness and or brightness."

"You just started speaking jibrish but I think I understand"

Then we talk and let the blue sit in his hair for 45 minutes. By the time josh washes out his hair and comes back to the kitchen I have things cleaned up.

"Style my hair please." He says handing me the products he uses and the blow dryer.

"First get dressed, I am taking you out for supper"

"Were ?"

"Bishops. Go get dressed" i say pushing him to his bedroom.

He comes out in black skinny jeans a black and white striped t shirt and a leather jacket with his favourite silver high top shoes.

I style his hair and we gather my stuff and head out the door because I still have to get ready we head to my house which is close to the restaurant.

When at my house it's 5:45 and I go to my room and grab my new summer dress. And put on silver strapped heals.

When I walk out I think joshes mouth hit the ground but I don't care I was wearing it because it was hot outside.

"You look amazingly beautiful, Lauren" he grabbed me and whispered " am I going to have to protect you from guys on the street"

"Possibly. Now let's go"

As we walk out I text Matt, Mike and Ian to tell them we are on are way.

When we get to the restaurant we walk in and I head straight for the back where I see the Rest of the people in our group.

"Lauren where are you going ? Don't think we have been seated yet."

"Just follow me I have a surprise for you"

He follows and then sees his friends, sister and parents.

"Lauren your the best"

We sit an eat and drink and talk and celebrate. We have a great time. Eventually Sara and Josh's s parents leave and it's just us. We head back to Josh's and continue drinking and talking. Eventually every one leaves and it just josh and I.

"Josh have I ever told you about the first party I went to"

"No was it fun"

"No it was fucking terrible no one wanted to hang out with me. I ended up getting so drunk took a cab home had a bath passed out woke up then got dizzy and sat down and passed out into a dirty pile of laundry. I was so drunk by 10 and Doug didn't come home from work till 11 shae was with her dad and mom was out with my auntie. So I was home alone, when Doug came home he found me naked and passed out. He said it took him a long time to wake me. I don't remember that I just remember fighting him on getting me dressed and I proceed to tell him how much I loved him"

As I tell josh this he is trying not to laugh.

"Then shae came home. I got up to go to my bed and I tripped and shae started laughing and I turned to her and said "shae shut up it not funny."She thought it was hilarious" I say laughing and josh finally does too.

"How much did you drink Lauren?"

"Half Mickey but I was on pills to prevent my migraines and it made my alcohol tolerance really low."

"Mine was so much fun I was 14 I think but I never got drunk"

"Soon after I became friends with Shayla and she was the one who got me into drugs.l but you knew that part."

Josh lays down on the couch and I crawl on top and kiss him.

I know what I am doing but I am tired of hiding my feeling and if he denies the kiss I can just say I am drunk.

He runs his fingers through my hair as the kiss gets heated but then he stops.

"Lauren we can't, I am not ready yet"

Well at least it wasn't a complete rejection.

I get up off of him.

"Your right I wasn't thinking."

"I want you Lauren just not now I am mentally unready. I have feelings for you and I now know you do to"

"I knew you did when you kissed me at shae and Katie's but I knew it was to soon for you then. I guess I just hoped you were ready now but I was wrong and I can wait till you are." I say

Josh got up and grabbed water for us. He passes me my glass and I take a sip

" oh josh I forgot to give you your gift. It isn't much but might keep you busy on tour"

I go grab it out of my purse and hand it to him.

" awesome Metro: Last Light I wanted this it looks so fun." Then opens the movies

"Sixteen candles , e.t and gremlins?"

"All my favourite 80s movies. I figured since we were born in the 80s and you didn't have these in your collection I would give them to you"

"Aw Lauren that amazing your so thought full. What movie do you want to watch first? "

"You know which one"

"16 candles it is" we sit and watch the movie and I fell asleep in the morning I wake up with a blanket on me and josh gone.

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