His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


7. 7

Joshes pov

The next morning I wake up first. I never sleep well to begin with but when it's some where new the first night is basically hell.

I get up and have a shower and then go make breakfast for everyone. I made omelettes for every one. Katie, Johns and mine have onions peppers ham mushrooms and cheese well Lauren's has ham tons of mushrooms and lots of cheese as I know she hates peppers and onions. I had wanted to put tomatoes in there as well but couldn't find any. It's about 8:30 when I am done and John walks in.

"Morning josh. How did you sleep ?"

"Morning. I slept like crap. I always do when I sleep in new beds or places. How about you John?"

"I slept great I even slept in."

"Slept in ?"

"Yes. You sound like Lauren. Her sleeping in is 2 pm."

"It is" I say then I hand him the omelet

"I made breakfast"

"Thanks smells great." Then he grabs a cup and fills it with milk and sits down.

"I will go wake Lauren" I say walking to the room she was sleeping in.

I stand at the door and knock

"Lauren wake up its morning and I made you food" I don't hear anything so I open the door and walk in.

"Lauren wake up I made you an omelette special for you."

"Grr … okay I will get up"

She sits up and stretches.when she does I see her and then I am thinking about how beautiful she truly is. Her long curly dirty blond hair all over the place, her smile that always cheers me up and her eyes that always see through the walls I put up. I am so happy she is in my life.

She gets out of bed and walks by me and goes to the kitchen so I follow her.

"Wow you got her up with the first try. Josh your a Miracle worker" her dad says

"Hey he had food made for me., His food is way better then anything I make in the morning. "

Then Katie wakes and we all eat breakfast and chit chat till about 9:30.

"Katie do you work today?" Lauren asked

"Not till 3 I asked my boss if I could come in later so I could see you and check on Shae. He knows about what happened because I didn't work yesterday and I normally do on Wednesdays."

"Okay well do you want to get dressed and we go visit Shae"

We get dressed and ready. John and I had to wait for what seemed like hours well Lauren and Katie got ready.

When Lauren comes out of the bathroom

Her hair is now straight and her makeup done. Then I notice for a makeup artist she barley wears any.

"You look beautiful" i say then don't realize I said that out loud. I not only said it out loud I said it loud enough every one in the house heard. Why did I do that ?

"Um thanks josh." She said awkwardly.

After we are ready katie,Josh and I go to the hospital. When we get there Doug is visiting Shae.

"Dougie" Lauren said running to hug her other dad. "I missed you so much" she said holding him.

After a while we are all talking and the girls are reminiscing about there mother and old times.

After the visit with Shae, Lauren and Doug go to the funeral home and plan well Katie and I go back to her house. I felt she didn't need me when she was with her dad.

When we are at the house I excuse myself.

I had a song idea earlier and I get my song book out of my bag.

I jot down little lyrics to a song I have been working on.

"With a car, and a chase, and a drug test

These days they don't want to be near that

Cause if you're selling records they don't want to hear that

Clean cut, we do it like Disney"

I don't want to think about amy and i my past right now I just want to write a fun up beat song for a single or for our next album. It's in my head so it goes on paper.

I then think of a bear and write it but it a slightly rough draft for that.

"And every misfit and all my" ?

Up and downs ? Not down and up ? I flip flop between these two for a moment and just put then pencil down. It's not like I need to be writing now. Then I get a text from Matt

Matt : Hey man I came by your house to drop of some stuff I packed thinking it was mine from the tour bus but you weren't home. We're are you ? You with Amy ? If so hope your having fun.

Josh: no I am in Brandon with Lauren. Her mom died and I wanted to be here for her.

Matt : aw tell her I am sorry and send love. What did Amy think about this ? She is probably pissed at you.

Josh: nope she isn't considering we broke up. I wanted to tell you all at once but i haven't had time. Don't tell the others and please don't tell my parents or sisters.

Matt: aw shit man I am sorry. You know I won't tell any one. I don't Want details till your ready to talk to all of us.

Matt is a great friend he is the only person in the in the band who know of mine and Amy's rocky part of the relationship. He know of my commitment issues when Amy and I first started dating and then how we broke up for 4 months. To her wanting to live together and we did for about a year then she moved out because she felt we were moving to fast. So many things that weren't right an so many things that were. I love Amy and this is a different hurt then little bumps in the road.

After a couple hours katie knocks on the door.

"Hey josh you hungry?"

Not really but I should eat something.

"Kinda what's for lunch did you make it?"

"I didn't dad did. It's just soup and salad. I didn't know what kind of soup you like and all we have is mushroom."

"Mushroom sounds great."

I take some salad and a small amount of soup. Then Lauren comes through the door in a huff.

" leave me alone doug I am sick of talking to you" she screamed runing down the stairs and slamming a door.

Then I hear the doors shut again and then a moment later a car door slam.

I look at John and Katie.

Do you want to go see what is going on or shall I" I say to them

I am worried and don't understand why she went down stairs and not to the room she is staying in.

"I will go see what's going on maybe she will open up to me" John says

This makes since because when Lauren and Doug are upset at each other Lauren talks to John. I just wish I knew how to help her with all this.

John returned 2 minutes later shaking his head.

"No luck" he said "she is in the room your staying in josh." He says basically telling me to get down there.

I go down and knock on the door confused why she is in my room.

"Can I come in? I want to know what happened. There is somthing wrong because you turned away your dad you never do that."

I hear foot steps coming slowly to the door, But she didn't open it.

" they choose a date for the funeral and have it planned out April 13th. Doug is just taking his sadness, anger and grief out on me. He does not do it very often anymore but he is heart broken. We are unsure if Shae will be out of hospital by then . They might let her out just for a couple hours but it all depends on how she is. I don't want her to miss saying goodbye to her mother."

I then hear her unlock the door. I then open it and walk in.

"What else is bothering you ?"

"This why did you come all this way when your relationship just ended you were engaged josh you must be in pain yourself"

I step closer

" I am here because I love you and you need a friend some one who isn't family and tied to this through blood"

I say I love her all the time but this time it felt different. I push my feelings away an focus on the now.

"What about Amy" hearing her name hurts.

"What about her I can't change her mind so what's the point." I take a deep breath. " why did you run down to this room"? I ask changing the subject and giving into my curiosity.

" this was moms room when I was growing up, my room was Shae's and Shae's was Katie's. The room dad is staying in was are play room/ extra bed room."

That makes since she wanted to be some were her Mom was a lot.

" every weekend shae was with her dad Mom and I would watch a movie and eat popcorn in bed then I would pretend to sleep at the end of the movie so I could sleep with her. That stoped when Douggie came around, But started in a different way."

"You never told me that." I say grabbing her hand she then hugs me.

" I wish this was over with." She said looking up at me. I get a good look at her big hazel eyes an I go in and kiss her.

She then wraps an arm around my neck and runs her free hand though my hair. Her lips are warm and taste like raspberries. Then she pulls away and has a confused face.

"We can't do this josh" I know we can't but I wanted to. she was into it too I could tell. That kiss was better then any one I have had in years.

"I agree. I let my emotions get the better of me."

"I am starved" she said and went upstairs leaving me to my thoughts

Before Amy and I started the fighting that lead to are break up our last kiss was so dual and draining it felt like work.

Then I think about the very first time I kissed Lauren.

We were at a party just her and I none of our mutual friends came. We didn't want them knowing we were going to get high.

We played spin the bottle with 7 minutes in heaven. I spun it landed on her I remember thinking out of all the people to land on it was her ,my best friend. I remember it being one of the best make out sessions I had. We almost had sex until the cops showed up we managed to sneak out with out getting caught we got Lucky because Lauren still had coke in her pocket. If she got caught she would have been sent to jail.

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