His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


6. 6

Lauren's pov

We are 30 minutes from my home town when my moms favourite song comes on truly madly deeply the original singers were savage garden which Mom loved but when cascada re released it in 2006 that became our new favourite version. When it came on I sang it in my head for a moment then moms favourite part came on and I cried,I couldn't hold it back. I thought about when Mom Shae and I were going to Winnipeg for a day and Shae had fallen asleep in the back so Mom and I were choosing music and I put on this song. We were singing and then Shae woke up. The song Mom always played in the morning before she woke us up but Shae got so use to the song playing in the morning that it became her alarm clock. She woke up because the song was playing Mom felt so bad because Shae was so tired and when Shae was tired she was grouchy. Then josh grabbed my hand and starts speaking so I remove a ear bud

"Lauren it's going to get better, not today not Tomorrow but it will these are going to be rough days ahead but you have your step dad, your dad, Shae and I here for you. I haven't lost my mother but I know grief and sorrow, I know what it's like to feel so alone even if you have the worlds best support system."

I didn't respond I simply just nodded my head and pulled my legs up on the seat then pulled my knees to chest. I do this when I don't know what to do to make myself feel better, I find it comforting in some strange way. Josh then pull to the side of the road hugged me and I just cried in his arms again. I feel safe in his arms.

I then hear him sniffle I know he is struggling with the break up and I just wish I could make it better for him. They were together off and on since 2007 I really thought that they would get married and have baby's together but I was wrong and I don't know how he is going to handle this.

I then pull away from the deep imbrase and Josh pulls of the side of the rode.

After 20 minutes of silence we pull in to Brandon and I direct josh to the hospital.

"Josh pull in here. The parking lot costs money here." I say handing him change from my pocket. we pull in and he pays and puts the parking ticket in the corner of the dash bored and we get out.

"Are you okay Lauren"?

"I will once I see my sister so hurry up"

"Okay okay lets go"

Once we are there I go to the Front desk.

"Hello there miss I know it's just past visiting hours but my friend and I have been traveling all day to come see my sister she was in an accident last night and I need to see her before I can sleep".

"Who is your sister I can see what her doctor says or the nurses say about you visiting for a little bit."

"Shaeryn Robertson"

"Alright I will call up to the second floor. "

After a moment of silence she hangs up the phone and nods her head

"You may go see her but not for to long. Her room number is 30 A"

"Thanks you"

Josh and I then walk up the stairs and go to her room.

I knock as I walk in

"Shae are you up"I asked

"Yes come in" I could tell she didn't recognize my voice

Josh and I take a few steps in. When she sees me she smiles.

"Lauren I was worried you weren't coming to see me today. Though after travelling I would want to sleep."

"I am fine how are you ? Did they tell you why you were in a coma ?"

"They said I was in a Medically induced a coma. This type of coma, is used to protect the brain from swelling after an injury. I received a dose of an anesthetic, which causes lack of feeling or awareness. Doctors then closely watch the person’s vitals. This happens only in hospital intensive care units. They eventually thought it was safe for me to come out of it as I was healing at a unusual way."

"Well we know why Mama was watching over you."

"She was Lauren she really was. I feel so bad maybe if I didn't insist on taking her out to see that movie with me maybe she wouldn't have died or if I took the back lane like we always do we wouldn't have been hit."

I inturuped her

"Shae I know you feel guilty but it happened for a reason I know it hurts and I know you wish but that's not bringing her back all we have to do is move on and never stop loving her."

I hug her carefully still unsure if we're her injuries are and hug her.

She then starts to cry in my arms and I just stand there trying not to cry again. I need to be strong around Shae I always feel

I need to protect her.

After a moment I look at josh just standing there awkwardly.

"Shae do you remember josh?"

"Yes. Hey josh I didn't see you there sorry."

Shae said wiping tears from her cheek.

"It's all good you needed your sister i understand"

Then a nurse walks in.

"Sorry but it's time for your visitors to leave". Said the nurse. I nodded.

"We will be out in a moment.

"I will come see you tomorrow. Has Katie come to visit?"

"Yes she left just before you came. She only leaft then. She slept here last night knowing that's what you would do if you were here."

"I have the best sisters ever. I hope she is at home sleeping."

"Me too. She is the best friend I could ask for". Shae said smiling.

I give her a kiss and josh and I leave.

Once in the parking lot I take the keys and drive to Shae and Katie's were we are staying. Shae and Katie live in the house Shae and I grew up in. When my step dads parents passed away they moved to the farm. Mom rented out the house to people and once Shae was 20 she moved there and now rents to own the house. Well Katie just rents from Shae. The house has 4 bedrooms but shae and Katie live there together and have 2 spare rooms.

I pull in the drive way.

"Well here it is, 10 Deer bay."

I say knowing josh had never been here. He has been to the farm before. When Marianas trench went to Winnipeg last they booked 2 days off for everyone to go home. Josh, Matt and I went to Brandon Right after the show was done. My mom and sister had come to the show and we drove to Brandon after. Shae had just turned 19. We ended up geting to the farm at 2 something am. We all crowded into the house. I slept in the same bed as shae well josh and Matt got there own rooms. Those 2 days were amazing. Josh didn't like having to help me with the Chickens. On the first morning we went in to collect eggs for breakfast and josh stepped on one of the hens and she skwaked so loud, then the whole time the roster chased Josh around the barn.


"Okay I will try" I say giggling.


"It kinda is Josh" Shae said coming into the barn.

Shae and I chased it well the bird chased josh it took 10 minutes to catch the stupid thing. By this time Matt was standing there watching the whole thing go down.

One I got ahold of him I flipped him upside down and held the rooster upside down.

"Lauren your going to kill it" josh said concerned about the thing that just chased him for 15 minutes.

Shae and I giggled

"This is the easier way of holding them" Shae said. I couldn't stop giggling at the memory.

"Earth to Lauren" josh said waving his hands in front of my face.

"Sorry I was just thinking about how you have never been here before and then got thinking about the rooster that hated you."

" is that why you were laughing ? Your a ass hole Lauren"

"Did you know what my grandpa would have called you?"

"What would he have called me?

Which grandpa the one from around here or the one who lived in Saskatchewan? "

"Grandpa from Saskatchewan would have called you a city slicker."

"Your grandpa seams mean."

"No he wasn't he was the best guy in the world. He was patient and smart. He never judged until he knew a bit about you." I say

"Sounds like my grandpa as well"

We then get out of the car I go to the door.

I knock as I walk in.

"Katie are you up?"

I call

"Yes just in the kitchen do you guys want cookies. I am making them for shae."

"I am helping" yelled our dad.

I run up the stairs with my bags in hand.

I then drop them on the couch and run around the corner to hug my dad and sister.

"I missed you guys." I pull away from the hug and introduce josh to my family.

"Dad this is josh. Josh this is my dad John"

Josh shakes my dads hand

"Nice to finally meet you Josh. Lauren tells me all about you and the rest of the band".

"I have heard about you as well" Josh says

"Katie this is Josh,Josh this is my sister Katie" I say

Katie hugs Jish with out asking. On my dads side this happens a lot.

"Hi josh it's nice to meet you, Shae and Lauren have told me all about you."

"Lauren tells me about you too. My favourite story is when you were 10 and Lauren did something to bug you, it made you mad so you chased her down the stairs but Lauren' slipped and fell at the bottom and you couldn't stop laughing and forgot what made you angry."

"Lauren is a clutz "

"I agree. When we first meet She was living with my friend Chris and we were going up to the kitchen from my room in the basement and she slipped up the stairs how does one do that ?" Josh said giggling

" when Lauren graduated high school she wore these huge high heels and I swear she walks better in heels then in any other shoes" my dad said chiming into the conversation.

"I am not that bad" I say as I walk to the living room and stub my toe on the kitchen table. Every one giggles at me.

"That just proved,you are wrong." Katie says handing me a cookie and milk.

We talk for hours and eventually turn in at around midnight. I slept in Shae's rom well josh and dad took the spare bedrooms.

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