His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


13. 11

Lauren's pov

"Lauren you look gorgeous" josh said when I answered the door to my hotel room.

It's six and josh just picked me up for our first date back together. I have no clue what is in store for the night.

"Is what I am wearing okay ? I didn't know what we were doing so I just went with this" I say twirling. I have on. High heel boots with black leggings and a knitted dress that comes to just above my knees.

"Perfect. It doesn't matter what you wear you always look amazing to me."

I grab joshes huge hand and smile.

"Thanks. You don't look to bad yourself."

"Why thank you I believe my girlfriend bought me this jacket when we were in Florida last summer".

"Well I knew there was a reason I got it for you." I say grabbing the collar and pulling him in for a kiss. I have to go on my tip toes to reach him even in my heels.

He kissed me softly then pulled away

"I could do this all night but I want to take you on a date first." He says we leave the room and walk down the hall

When we get to the restaurant I see that is the pourhouse restaurant that we came to on my birthday a couple years ago.

"Josh why did you choose to come here?"

"When we came here a couple years ago and you walked in the room and were so surprised that Amy and I planned the supper for you made me think how beautiful you were. I started to develop feelings for you back then."

"This way sir" the host said showing us to our table. We followed.

"That was a great birthday tho. Shae had come down to see me. That was the first time she visited or any one in my family."

"What if I told you I paid for half of her plane ticket here ?"

"Really ? She never told me that." I say as we sit at are table

"She was planning on coming we had it all planned and arranged. then out of the blue she texted and said she couldn't come because she didn't have enough money to get here. So I payed for half she insisted on paying some, I offered to pay for it all. "

"She is stubborn just like me and mom it's in the Dixon blood."

"You stubborn ha funny." Josh said sarcastically. "You are stubborn Lauren it some of the things I love about you. Your also very argumentative witch can be a good thing at times but a pain in my ass most."

"You love that I am stubborn ?"

"Yes it make you who you are."

"Thanks." I say and smile I then looked through the menu "What aRE you going to have to eat ?"

"The cauliflower steak sounds good."

"That sounds good but I prefer real steak."

"Yes well since I got sick I can't eat much fat remember? Plus Amy was a vegetarian that is what she had on your birthday and I had a bite is tasted good"

" I will get it too. I will try it, I love cauliflower anyway might as well try something out of my comfort zone"

"Sounds good" josh said smiling.

After supper we walked to the car

"That was actually really good."

"I am glad you tried something out of your comfort zone."

" but the cheese cake for dessert was the best part"

"Do you feel like going ice skating ?" He says as we get into his car.

"Really you would go skating ?"

"Yes because you like it and it's a beautiful day today. I don't want to be cooped up inside."

Josh hates skating because when he was a kid some one else on the ice slipped and ran into him josh fell and broke his leg. He just didn't want that happening again I guess.

I on the other hand i love it. I have so many happy memories of skating. Like teaching Shae how to skate on New Year's Eve in the rink at the town my grandparents lived near or going with my best friend every Friday after school just because we could.

"Thanks Josh but I don't have any skates"

"This place we are going let's you rent them. Which is good because I don't own a pair. Haven't been skating since I was 10"

"That when you broke your leg?"

"No actually I broke my leg when I was 9. Mom made me go when I was 10 but the whole time I was on the ice I held onto the bord of the rink I was so scared. Mom and I eventually left. I never went back never needed to,mom gave up on me ever doing it again."

"But you will do it for me ?"

"Yes but don't expect it to be graceful or anything"

"Josh you do relize I am any thing but graceful so if your not for a bit it won't bother me"

He giggles at me and I smile.

We soon arrive at the skating rink. The one he brought me to is in Grouse mountain. I have never been up here to skate.

"Wow we are skating on a mountain? That's so romantic, no one has done anything like this for me before"

"Really no one has taken you skating on mountain in Brandon ?" Josh said Being sarcastic

"No josh considering there are no mountains in Brandon" I say rolling my eyes.

We walk up and get our tickets so we can enter and go skating.

Once we are through and at the skate rink we go to the far side hut to rent our skates.

There is a line when we walk in so we wait. Once we get to the end of the line and its our turn to get served the young man at the counter greets us.

"Hi there how can I help you guys?"

"Yes can I get size 13 hokey skates for me. Lauren what size are you"?

"Size 9 figure skates please" I say as the man hands josh his skates.

"That with be 16.95 please" the worker says handing me my skates.

Once we get our skates on, we walk onto the ice.

"It's been such a long time since I did this." I say skating fast then turn around and go back to josh who is slowley moving. So I grab his hand and help guide him

"Just slide one foot in front of the other."

"I know I just don't want to fall"

"If you fall just get back up. Your a big famous rock star Josh you weren't afraid of failing so don't be afraid of falling plus I have you if you fall.

" alright I will try"

He starts picking up speed. Not as fast as I can go but he is trying.

"Wow your doing great. Do you think you can let go of my hand or even loosen your grip on it ?" I ask

"I am sorry I didn't realize I was holding on so tight." He said loosening his grip on my hand. He then brings my hand to his lips and kisses my hand.

We skate till about 9:30 ish until josh notices me shivering.

"Lauren are you cold? Do you want to go to the fire over there to warm up? I don't mind getting away from the ice. We have been out her for about a hour or so"

"Yes please. I don't get cold easily so why aren't you cold yet?" I ask looking at his red nose.

"Believe me I am cold but you were having so much fun out here." He says as we walk to the fire.

We sit down and he wraps his arms around me to keep me warm.

"This has been one of the best night with you. I wish that I hadn't gone of the deep end back in December. I missed you Lauren."

"I missed you to Josh. I missed your long strong arms around me." I say grabbing his hand that is drapped around my shoulder.

We sit there staring into the fire for about 10 minutes before we leave.

"Josh can we go back to your place?"

"Definitely. You never told me if you found an apartment when you went out with jade"

"I did its quite small but it will do for now and the lease is only a year so i don't have to be there long if I don't want to.

"That's good. How close is it to my place ?"

"10 minute drive."

"Kinda far don't you think?"

"It is but it was that one or living just in a apartment that I can afford."

"So when are you going back to Brandon ?"

" Tomorrow I guess I will fly there and start driving back Saturday "

"You will notify me were you are and such?"

"Of corse I will."

Once we are back at his place we end up going to watch a movie but I fall asleep.

I wake up at 4 am ish with a Blanket on. I sit up wrap myself in the blanket and look for josh I find him in bed on his phone.

"What you doing ? Can't sleep ?"

"I am just looking through twitter at all the fans who tweet me because I can't get to sleep."

"That happens to me too. You should invest in essential oils and a diffuser. Diffusing lavender before I go to bed helps me relax and fall asleep faster when I can't get to sleep." I say crawling into bed with him. Josh then rolls over and we start to spoon.

"You never have issues falling asleep when we are on my couch or in my arms snuggling me so why do you have so much issues falling asleep with out me ?" Josh asked

"That's simple I feel safe when I am with you. You protect me from all that could happen. All the scenarios that go through my anxiety brain. I simply think josh is here so if that happens he can make it better or stop it from getting worse"

"Your holding me to super hero standards there Lauren. It sweet that you think I can keep you safe".

"Josh you have always made me feel safe. Ever since I moved here at 15. " I take a deep breath "What If I told you I had feeling for you back then. when we played spin the bottle at that party and had to do the 7 minutes in heaven my feeling were confirmed by those kisses from you."

"Really because I had feelings for you back then too. We were both to fucked up for a relationship I guess. I was also focused on the band when I wasn't getting high with you"

"That is very true. Us dating back then would have been bad. Well at least worse then friends. We are in better places in life now and I know we can make This work if we try hard enough".

I turn to look at josh.

"We can make us work as long as we try."

We eventually fall asleep.

The next day I get up and josh and I have a lovely breakfast of eggs Benedict for him and scrambled eggs with cheese for me. I don't like any eggs unless they are hard boils or scrambled with lots of cheese.

"Your so weird and picky when it comes to food. With your parents owning chickens why do you not love eggs as much as them?"

"Never likes eggs even before they had chickens. Them having chickens helped me like eggs more tho."

"Weird." Josh said kissing me on the forehead handing me my plate.

"Your eggs are the best i have ever had tho."

"I am truly honoured."

After breakfast we go back to my hotel room and I pack my things up and I check Out.

We go to the airport for me to go back to Brandon and get my stuff so I can move back here.

"I am going to be back probably Monday I hope. Don't know what time but I will be here. I talked to Shae and Katie they started packing some of my stuff. So I won't have to do a whole lot of that."

"You will text me when you land in Winnipeg right ?"

"Yes I will. I will also text you when I get in Brandon."

He gives me a kiss and we say our farewells and I go through security and all that other fun stuff and fly home.

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