His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


12. 11

Joshes pov

She forgave me. She said she loved me. This is the best day of my life.

"Lauren are you hungry?" I ask

"Kinda starving."

"Well I have eggplant lasagna in the oven. I made it and froze it a 3 days ago because I forgot about it in the middle of recording."

"It sounds amazing. You know how much I love lasagna." She said smiling

I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful hazel eyes.

"Can I have some I live your cooking" Matt says

"Yes please stay I have missed you all. We need to ketch up on everything I have missed." Lauren says

I go to the oven and check on the food as Lauren and the guys talk. I hear Lauren talking about back home.

"Back in Brandon my sisters have been so much fun to be around. It's gonna be hard to leave when I move back here."

"Please move back here. We all have missed seeing your face" Mike said

"You want to move back here?" I ask sounding excited and walking to join the conversation.

"Well yes if we want to make us work. I think being 3 provinces away is kinda hard for a new relationship don't you think?"

"Ya I guess your right"I say running my fingers through my hair.

"I thought Could look for apartments tomorrow with Jade."she says smiling

Jade is her friend from when she went to high school here. She helped lauren try and quit her drugs and clean up. She was the one good friend Lauren had back then next to Carleigh in Brandon.

"How is jade I haven't talked to her in forever"

"She is great she is pregnant with her first child. It's a girl she is do you to have the baby in 3 months."

"How come I haven't heard of this amazing friend lauren?" Matt asked always wanting to know everything.

"Jade was my bestfriend when josh and I were young. We have kept in touch and when I first moved out here after finishing school I lived with her. I guess you never meet her". Lauren says smiling

I walk back and serve the food.

We sit and talk.

"This is so good josh. Your such a good cook. I wish I could do this. I mean I am good at cooking what I know how to but it didn't compare to you" lauren says playing with her fork.

"Thanks. Next to playing music it's my only other talent. Also your cooking is amazing. I love your cream cheese chicken and spiced asparagus with rice. Remember when you made it for my 24th birthday?"

"Oh that was amazing I remember that" Ian said

Lauren had everyone over she had just gotten her own apartment and wanted everyone over to celebrate and having my party at the same time.

"Lauren can you make me some of that tommorow for supper?" Ian asked

" josh do you want that for supper tomorrow?" Lauren asked

"No I was kinda hoping I could take you on a date."

"That sounds lovely josh"

"So Friday night supper then ?" Ian asked hoping to get some of Lauren's good food.

"But isn't that you date with kim"? I ask

"Oh yes it is that's kinda important if I want her to marry me right?"

"WHAT your going to propose to her ?" Lauren asked seaming excited

"Yes. She is the most important thing in my world. I can see my self having kids with her and growing old along with so much more."

"Aw Ian your so sweet.

I will make you it when ever your free"

"Thank you Lauren. I am counting on it. I better get going we need to be at the recording studio early tomorrow. See you soon guys"

Every one left and soon it was just lauren and I.

We were siting there watching a movie and Lauren just starts giggling out of no wear.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh I was thinking about Mom." She took a deep breath and continued " when I was 15 before I was sent to live here mom took me driving because I just got my learners. She told me to turn into this part of the keystone parking lot. So I did and she started freaking out because there was gofer holes in the gravel.

"Lauren watch out for the holes don't wreck my car" she screamed and I ended up doing doughnuts to avoid them. I had to stop to breath because of how scared mom was and how hard I was laughing"

"What make you think of that?"

"The girl in the movie holding keys. My mind likes to wander when I am bored"

"Mine too. Why are you bored?"

"I hate this movie." She says grabbing my hand and dragging me to the door.

"Get your shoes on I want to go to the roof and look at the stars".

"It's going to be cold out tho" I whine wanting to go back to snuggling her.

"No it won't. I am from Manitoba remember, it can get colder then Antarctica at times"

" dammit I guess we can but only for a little bit right ?"

"Yes big baby"

We we are up there she just stares at them well I stare at her. God she is the most beautiful person in side and out.

"The stars are so bright tonight"

"And yet its you who lights up my whole world" I mumble



"Thank you".

"What for?"

"That sweet comment." She said as she came in and kissed me. Starting of slowly and gently soon turning rough and passionate . Then she pulls away.

"I know this is random but I like to come and look as the stars when I miss some one. I feel like if I am out here under the stars they can see I am missing them"

" so who are you missing tonight?" I ask knowing the answer.

"My mom. Did I tell you she left shae Doug and I letters for us to read. She updated them every year. We got to read all of them but the one from when I was 22 before mom new about Amy she wrote that she could see me dating you one day.

She loved you josh. She is grateful that you offered me my job. I know we haven't been great to each other lately but she saw somthing in you that she didn't want me to pass up."

"She was a wonderful women Lauren. Strong and brave. To be able to have you at 16 and raise you alone in strange city hours away from her parents. She passed the strong and brave parts of her on to you. I also have to add you look just like her Spitting image. I know you don't like hearing that but it's true."

"I know I look just like her. People thought she was my sister some times. When I was 19 I posted a picture on Facebook of her holding me as a baby and people on my dads side of the family who never meet mom asked who's baby I was holding and yet I was that baby"

"I know you are still struggling with the loss of her and I am here to remind you she isn't truly gone until you forget about her." I say tucking some of her hair behind her ear.

" those memories of you and you mom won't truly be erased from your moms mind until you stop telling her them"

If we keep talking like this I am pretty sure I might start to cry, I think the same goes for Lauren.

She ends up going to the hotel at around 12 am that night. After she left I start to plan the perfect date.

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