His best friend

This is a Mariana's trench fanfic about josh Ramsey and his best friend. In the story his best friend Lauren finds out her mother died and it's struggling with the loss. Well josh is struggling with his break up with his fiancé. As the move Ina bf start to heal do they see the feelings they have for one another or do the ignore it ?


10. 10

Lauren's pov

I sit in the airplane and think of what led to me moving away.

It was the 2 days after after his mom was diagnosed with Lewis body dementia. We came back from visiting her.

"My mom can't be going through this can she ? Is this a dream ? Can it just end?" He asked graving a bottle of rum from the cabinet. He grabbed it because it's my favourite. He pored some in glasses and grabbed Coke for me and Coke Zero for himself in with the rum. He always has A few cans of normal Coke here for me because Coke Zero gives me migraines.

He hands me mine and I take a sip.

" I know mom remembers me and so much stuff but she didn't recognize songs she wrote. She remembered you but didn't recognize your face at first. What will happen when she didn't remember me at all? I don't think I can handle that."

"It hasn't happened yet. If you visit her often she won't totally forget you."

"It's going to be hard if I am in another province or country"

"Josh it's going to be hard and I don't know what to say other then I am here for you like you were her form me when my mom died. "

"I know my love and I am happy your in my life" josh says leaning in and kissing me.

Josh and I started dating a week or so ago. Not that long and he isn't 100 percent ready to make it a big deal and we went getting serious any time soon.

"Josh" I say pulling away from the kiss.

"We are drunk we can't do this tonight. I want to but not tonight"

"Okay. Let's go to bed then" he says running to his room.

I follow him there. I go into his closet and grab one of his t shirts and put it on so I can sleep in something comfy.

"How do I look I say as josh is taking off his pants and shirt.

"Beautiful in my guns and roses t shirt"

"Thanks" I say strutting to the bed.

Josh jumps in and cuddles up against me

"Do you ever wonder what would happen if we never meet again you know if you never came to Brandon with your band?" I ask.

"I would probably be lonely in bed right now and cold"

"Not just that. I think if I never went to the bar that night I would be stuck in the small town living with my ex boyfriend hating my life"

"You had a boyfriend before you came to work for me?"

"Yes. You have me a reason to leave him. I loved him with all my heart he was my first love we started dating after I came back from rehab he and I dated till 3 weeks before I move here. He was boring never wanted to live anywhere other then Brandon but I wanted to and you have me that option."

"With out you pushing me to focus on when fighting ever after it wouldn't have been such a great success. Also if you hadn't kept me awake it wouldn't have been finished in time. With out you I don't think I could of handled this part of my life as well as I am. I am barley handling it to begin with."

"I know and I am here for you I am here to help in any way."

I then turn around and kiss him. We then fall asleep in his arms.

The next few weeks went by fine until one night I am out with some girls from work and I get a call from josh.


Josh on the other end

" you look so hot right now"

"What are you talking about?"

"Take that off for me sweetie"

I just listen And immediately knowing what he was doing.

"Alright josh" a girl on the other end says.

I hang up and storm out and go to my car.

I cry the whole time there

I park and run to joshes apartment unlock the door and storm in drop my keys on the table and run to the bedroom were I know he is because i can here them fucking.

I storm in

I slam the door and scram


His face went white and the girl scrambled to get her clothing and ran out the door.

"I ah it's... fuck."

"That's all you can manage to say ?"

" I guess. I am really drunk Lauren I know that's not an excuse. I went to visit Mom today and she couldn't remember the song stutter the one she came to help sing with, I was telling her how I was greatfull for her help with my career and then told her about that song and she couldn't remember."

"And that lead to this ? Fucking some other chick ? Breaking my heart"

"I am sorry Lauren I don't know what I. Was doing"

"You weren't thinking josh. And this means we are over" I say walking to the kitchen picking up my keys and walking to my car. And drive off. When I got to my house I start packing I am planing to go back home for a week or two let this cool down.

The next morning I am on my way out the door when he showed up

Knocking on the door and I open it then slam the door immediately.

"Come on lauren was that needed?" He asked and I open the door and look at him and slam it again

"Are you done yet ?"

I open the door one more time.

" NO" I say slamming it one last time

I then open the door and let him in

"I am done now" I say

"Why is your suit case packed ? "

"Well i am going home to see my family Christmas is in 2 weeks any way I might as well start be there early"

"Lauren don't go. I won't do it again. We can talk about this"

" I am not moving I am visiting. Oh and there is nothing more to talk about."

I say grabbing my bags

I grab my keys and we walk out. I give him a hug and hit the road. I decided to drive there and stop in Calgary to visit some family and same as in Saskatchewan.

I never returned till now. Matt, Mike and Ian sent my important things to Brandon and the rest went into a storage room. I got a casual job at the hair salon in the mall and work there when some one calls in sick.

It's something to keep me busy but I miss Vancouver I miss josh and I miss my other friends. Times like these I wish Mom was alive to give me advice. She would tell me what to do.

We soon land and josh is waiting for me when I come out from luggage claims It takes everything in me not to run an hug him.

Keep calm your still pissed at him.

"Hay Lauren how are you?"

"Fine." I say not wanting to tell him I have missed him.

"Just fine eh ? Can your come to my apartment I wanted show you somethings that are new and maybe explain myself"

"I want to go to that hotel and settle first. Maybe you could drop me off there and come back in a couple hours"

"Sure the hotel booked you is just a block away from my house, so you could just walk over when your ready"

He soon drops me off and I am alone.

I unpack because I am going to be here at least a week. I decide after sitting so long to go to the pool to get some exercise.

I swam for a hour and a half.

Swimming as always helped me clear my mind of my problems and calm down. The ocean and sea waves do that to me as well. I think that's why I live Vancouver so much. I missed it here but this time away has given me some time to heal.

I get to my room and shower quickly then pull my hair into a ballet bun and get dress. I head to joshes, I go to open the door with my key then think maybe I should knock. When josh answers he is nearly gets nicked over by Bennie who must of recognized my smell. I walk in and let bennie

"Hi there did you miss me ?" She then licked me on the cheek and that wandered my question.

"You made it. Thanks for coming"

"Well I missed this big baby of yours"

"Clearly. Anyway the rest of the guys are here we were recording for are new

album. "

"I can't wait to hear it. So what did you want to talk about ?"

" I miss you Lauren. I miss us talking every night before you go to bed. I miss your sarcasm. I miss your hugs and I miss your voice. I miss who I was with you."

"I miss you to josh but I don't know what to do"

"Just come with me I have to sing you something I have been working on. It's partly about us partly about the fans and partly about family and relationships in general" he says grabbing my hand larding me to his living room.

He picks up his guitar so does Matt and Mike picks up his base well Ian grabs his little shakes thing that I can never remember the name of.

"1.. 2.. 3.." josh says and then starts playing. Then soon starts singing.

I listen to the lyrics carefully

"God it's been so long?Wide awake that I feel?Like someone else?I miss the way that you saw me!Or maybe the way I saw myself?But I came back to you broken?And I've been away too long?I hear the words I've spoken?And everything comes out wrong?i just can't get this together?Can't get where I belong"

This part seems to relate to us and possibly the fans of the band.

"Who do you love? "X 3

"Well I've been deep in this sleeplessness?I don't know why?Just can't get away from myself?When I get back on my feet I'll blow this open wide?And carry me home in good health?Screaming"

The song goes on for a bit and I can see he put lots of thought into this.

"Everything goes quiet?It's like I just can't move?You say I might as well try it?There's nothing left to lose?Nothing will change if you never choose"

Then the song ends with a simple

"Who do you love?"

Josh puts the guitar down and stands up. Then he comes and grabs my hand and starts talking

" I am sorry I did that I will spend the rest of my life apologizing if I need to. I wish I never cheated on you. I know we had just started dating but I was fallng in love with you and seeing your face after what I did, it broke my heart I wanted to go back in time to when I walked into the bar and just turn around and come see you. You would have made me feel better with out alcohol but I hate bothering you with my "problems, that's going to change. So here is my problem right now Lauren, I am in love with this girl and I fucked it up by cheating on her. I have made a grand apologies do you think she will forgive me ?" He says with puppy dog eyes.

"You made it hard for this girl not to forgive you."

I say walking up to him I sweep the hair out of his face and kiss him softly.

"Josh I love you"

"I love you too"

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