Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


8. 8

When we pulled up to Hashes country manor, which he was staying in till we got married, I had a hollow pit of dread in my gut.

“Go and get him,” mom told me with excitement.

I got out of the carriage before the footmen could get to the door.  Mom just could not seem to grasp the idea that I did not like this one bit.

“Sylva would you like to come in?” asked Hash.

“Actually I was hoping that you would be okay with riding around seeing farmers,” I answered.

“True but it is hot out, some tea first,” he said crushing my chance to escape.

“Sure, but the carriage leaves now,” I said instantly.

“We can go for a ride later,” he said.

There was no bickering with that point, I marched like Shara into the doorway.  A footman opened the door before I marched into it.  I kept marching too.  Past the servants, through the halls and straight into a sitting room.

The room I chose had windows all the way up to the walls.  In Between the windows were shelves and shelves of books.  There was a fireplace in the left walls and four chairs made out of wood in front of it.  The chairs hands claw feet on them and where made of fine oak wood, with The rest of the room was bare, except for a rug covering the polished hard wood flour.

“This is my house,” said Hash entering the room.

“Yes and I am soon to live here,” I replied climbing the ladder to get to a higher shelf.

“You read?” he asked changing the subject.

“My dad showed me,” I replied leafing through a book.

“Girls aren't supposed to read,” he stated.

“If you have a problem with me you do not have to marry me,” I answered.

“I do not want to marry you,” he said.

“I could not tell at the table,” I retorted, still mad about it.

“I thought girls like that,” he barked.

“I thought you thought girls could not read and I do!” I shouted.

“So!” he said testily.

“Do you not get what I am saying, I hate it others like it but I hate it,” I explained.

“I’m glade you hate it because we must do it for the family,” he said.

“So you're glad that I will not ever be happy,” I said only half on the conversation.

“Who care’s,” he said coldly.

“I care!” I exclaimed.

“I don’t and I will be boss,” he said with iron hardness in his voice.

This conversation was so olver.

I found two books after he sat in one of the chairs.

I asked, “can I have these”?

“If there books no,” he replied.

“How about some tea now?” I asked while just chattering nervously.

He pulled a tiny bell out of his pocket and wrong it.  A few seconds later a servant came up and asked, “What do you need sir”?

“Some tea and a few french pastries,” Hash answered casually.

“Anything else?” asked the servant.

I climbed off the ladder and said, “actually yes, could you show me where to get fresh air”.


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