Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


7. 7

“Up!” order a loud voice.

I curled up in a ball wanting this person to get the hint and leave me alone.

“Your mom needs you to help with the mail,” instead the voice.

Not that I thought with dread.

“Do you want the sheets pulled of you!” gave the voice with order not question like most did.

“I’m up,” I mumbled

“Are you though,” said the voice which I had just realized was shara.

“Yes!” I shouted with the blankets still on my chin.

“Good,” she said with authority and marched out of the room.

I caught a glimpse of her brownish green dress being kicked up by the ankles.  Shara was so powerful, sometimes I wish I could be powerful as well as gentle.

I got up and got into my normal night cloths before the handmaid that helped me dress got here, then I sat on my bed.

A few moments later Shara came back with her trannie.

“What would you like to wear?” asked the trainee opening the closet.

I looked at my stuff, there were two nice ball dresses plue the one I had worn last night.  Then other stuff.  I wound up choosing a purple skirt with the standard top.

Shara was cleaning my flour when she found a corset that I had thrown in the trash bin a week befor.

“What is this?!” she demanded.

I was technically the boss of her but now, she was there in lead with an edge over me.

“Midnight rant,” I said with my voice small.

“Your mother would be furious if she found out you did that,” said Shara.

“I know,” I said feeling like a child again.

“I won’t tell, but no one said you still fit this,” said Shara.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well you might need a new corset and that could take a while for me to sew,” she replied with mistife.

“Ok I outgrew it,” I agreed.

“Good,” said Shara.

“Did I just see this?” asked the trannie.

“No,” barked Shara and I at the same time.

“The mistress will not like this,” she pointed out.

“And you don’t have to tell her,” said Shara.

“If you get caught it’s also my name at stack,” she again diligently said.

“True but you would do well to keep your mouth shut unless you want some nasty rumors in the kitson to spread,” said Shara darkly.

The trainee snapped her mouth shut and moved on to helping me with my hair.

“I do not usually do that,” said Shara after the first braid was in.

“No you do not but when you do I keep my mouth shut for knowing that it is passion,” said the trannie.

After that they switch to normal conversation.  I liked the talking, it mabe the room seem busy but not crowded.  Witty conversation about silly thing such as crushes and visitors to the manor are what I enjoy.


“Did you hear about Boston?” I asked the two as we walked out to the carriage.

“They dumped tea in the harbor,” said the trannie.

“Right but do you know if it’s true?” I asked.

“We aren't up there with all that,” said Shara.

I nodded distracted with thoughts of my story.

We got up to the carriage.

“Hurry up Sylva we are going to see your boy,” said my mother flustered.

“Can’t I go with you for the other farms,” I practically begged.

“Only if Hash want's to come with, you need to be in love by wedding day,” replied mom.

“Mom why do I have to get married?” I asked getting in the carriage.

“Family tradition,” said mom without looking at me.


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