Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


5. 5

The next day at dawn I got up.  A thin stream of sunlight filtered into my room as a reminder of what awaited me.  I changed into pants, that I wasn’t supposed to have, and a shirt that I was again not supposed to have, boy cloths.

I walked acrossed the dying brown grass barefoot.  The sharp tips brushed uncomfortably if I put my food down to hard.

“Hey there,” I whispered to a sleeping Buck.

Her ears turned in my direction.

“Come on we gotta work,” I said picking up a halter.

Her breathing stayed the same.

A snort from the aisle prompted me to go pay attention to a horse that was interested.

I walked down the dark way.  The sun only lit so far down the dusty barn isle way.  I put my hand on the wall and walked towards the nikker.  

Once I was almost to the end where the cross ties were I heard the nikker sound right by my ear.

I squinted in the lighting and saw a palomino sniffing me.

“Ed mister you always want affection,” I chilled in a soft tone.

He turned and stood by the door.

I giggled at the carriage horses hint.  “After I do the groom’s chores,” I promised him.

Once I was past the ten cross ties there is two wells.  Both are for water to the barn, and both are from the same spot.  As far as I can figger it’s so two people can pump water at the same time.  After the water area is the hay part.  On the ground is one stack that leads up to the rafters.  On one side of the rafters is a staircase, and on the other is the entrance to the carriage house.  Once you're up in the rafters you can see a pulley for lowering hay to the ground.  Also in the rafters in more hay.

I climbed the hay stack.  There was a good yard to jump.  I looked at the space.  Not to high and if I fell short there was a very good chance I could chach myself, I was strong enough to pull myself up if I had to.

I bent my knees and jumped.  I had jumped high, too high, and far.

I was catapulting through the air.  I looked around franticly.  I had to find something to catch myself on or at least to slacken the momentum.  The pulley!

I reached out and grabbed the rope system.  It swung wildly and I was lifted higher.  Wind raced in my ears and made me nauseous.  When I was right over the rafters with my back to the ground my grip gave out.  I had less then a second till I hit the rafters, time seemed to stretch out.  I had enough time to think how I could have just taken the stairs and how I had fallen when I was learning to walk.  The thing that stayed the same was I landed on my hands.  I just had time to think of flipping over when I got the wind knocked out of me.  

I layed on the rafters gasping for air for a moment.  The first breath hurt but it slowly got easier to breath.  

“What do you mean you purchased the stallion with out telling me!” boomed a voice.  The stable manager.

“AGG!” screamed someone.

Panic jumped up and forced me to move.  I flipped over onto my stomach and crawled to the edge of the rafters.

A boy, one of the grooms, was being lashed by the manager.

“You are not to spend the master’s money!” the manager shouted.

Blood was flowing down the boy’s back, as he was curled up in a ball on the flour.

“Hear the stallion’s track time,” he whimpered.

I felt sick.

“I don’t care!” bellowed the manger kicking him in the side.

Panic flooded through me till I had to say something, anything.  I tried to talk and I got a shriek from my mouth.

My hands started to shack.

I reached for the pully to get down without being seen, my hands were shaking so much though that I knocked it off.  The pulley dropped to the water pumps with a loud and defined bang.

I dropped to my knees and layed down again so fast that I banged my nee in the process.

Both the boy and manger looked towards the noise.

The boy came out of his surprise first and blurted out, “400 meters in 19 seconds”.

“How fast?” asked the manger.

The boy scrunch back and repeated himself.

“Good now never spend the master’s money again and I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day, normally I would have more of a punishment, now go!” ordered the manager.

The boy got up and the manger lashed him on the calf as he ran.  Even though he was holding his side and limping he still moved as fast as a dog that is trotting, which is fast.

The manager put the whip down on a trunk and stormed off towards the servant quarters.


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