Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


24. 24

“Time to saddle him,” said Jane with a grin.

The summer was almost over.  Every moment I had been forced to be with Hash I had someone with me, even if it was his dad.  James and I did not talk, but we had mutual respect for each other.  My dad would come home soon to find his daughter gone.  He would fan a search out and come up dry.  He would morn and come out to the barn.  Then he would find my note of explanation in his old racing cart.  Maybe he would be mad, but more likely he would understand that this was not the life for me.

“Let’s go,” I said eagerly.

We got the saddle on okay.  Then we put him on the track.  I led him while June sat on the saddle.  Neither of us had been slow mounting.  Once Reble was calm walking around Jane said, “unclip the rope”.

I did.  They did one lap then Jane asked for a stop.  Reble bolted once she asked.  

I knew what was happening.  When the jocks had asked him to stop on the track it had been roughly.  He under the racing saddle was panicking.

I got off the track.  terror helped me move faster than I thought possible.

Jane relaxed in the saddle.  Instead of calming him it made it worse.  “Get in position!” I yelled at Jane, with a wild idea.

Jane got in the position that jockey’s used.  Reble panicked more.  Jane’s eyes were wild and her mouth was screaming.  

“Hold on,” I breathed.

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