Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


1. 1

“Come on,” I whispered to the mare, whose coat was slick with sweat.  The dim stable always spooked her.  It was one of the things that had to be fixed about her before the manger could could sell her, on my mom’s orders.

“Hurry up!” barked a voice, that I knew and hated.  The Stable Manger.

“Be patient!” I ordered.  He had to listen to me, I was Mary’s daughter.

“Fine,” I heard him grumble.

I ran my hand alound buck’s cout and whispered encouragement.  When she was leaned into me I stopped coddling.  Buck perked her ears at me.  I squared my shoulders and marched into the stable.  The lead rope in my hand got tighter.  Buck took a tiny step.  I stopped.  Buck slowly took another few steps towards me.

“Good girl,” I praised.

Then Buck started walking by my side all the way to her stall.  I shot some of the grooms, that though you could always play rough, though cocky looks.


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